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I. Scope of Activities:

As indicated in Tab B, OSSfa CE. activities in tha Iberian Peninsula as well as all other OSS activities are under tbe direct control unci supervision of H. Gregory Thoaas, OSS Chief of Mission.

A. Spain: The scope of CE. activitiesbeingin Spain is limited to activities inwhich aay be curried on. aen in that area. Thecounter-espionage branch of OSTs such has one representative io SpainC

^ Heaan tho has hud many years experience in Spain and on the Continent^

is principal mission is to useQ

jcontacts for discovering thu operations of enemy espionage. Ihtane tine tie till report positive intelligence received turough his legitimate

^activities. He hue been in Spain onlyonth and his identity ia known only to the fit

OSS representative at Madrid. The Brunch alro has rJo ccess tof" nformation and reports(.neay espionage activitiesftin.


Reports of counter-espionage character prepared by

S.I, agents in Hpain are furnished to Algiers, Washington

and London.

B* Portugal: CE. activitieo inave been built uperiod of the last year byof. br nch. arge network ofnd informers is functioning, and is making an contribution. At the moment, thewho was formerly nandling the CE. work in Lisbon has been removea and his assistant is handling the work temporarily. Arrangementsn made for Uie appointmenti:ined representative to take thest in Lisbon. He is well known to Minister Fish, the State Department and ONIulifled agent. It is contemplated to appoint him as Aasistiint to the American Consul ut Lisbon, managing passport control and security matters. Trained assistants are being prepared for hla. Herk under the OSS Chief of Mission and in close cooperation with the Leg-.tion, the Military and Noval as well as with tlic. rep-

resentative. In addition, OSS CE. representatives in London aalntain close liaison rlth the British.

H. Internal Control of CE. Activities:

CE. activities in Spain and Portugal srs internally controlled by the OSS Chief of UlssiOQ, as in the CMC ol all other OSS activities.

III. External Control of C. E. Activities:

The control and direction of CE. activities in this area ore presently exercised cirt-ct fron OS: headeuurUrs in rVashington. However, it is contra-platedn the near future suchll be effected,e continental base of its CE. operations is being csUblish-d.

At the pre; cut tiae no direct control is exerciser: by the Corn-Ending General, North African Theatre of Oper.tlons. However, copieseportr ure fumirheu directly fivja Spain and Portugal to the Kortn Africanf Operations as nt.ll ai to Londonninguon.

(c) Close coordination among the fiold officoi in Basin and Portugal,te Commanding General North African Tlw trs of" Operations, in


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