Created: 5/5/1943

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Accession Ho.ate Rec'd SA

Mr. Mayer




| Initials


Originals of attached ooplesfiled ineha'a office. 'a personal ile. Ho did-nottake coplea with him. One copy of each, la'filed InBow York-with Mr.

Hughes* 'HV-.


Ctc**f -

(should t* ouBberedbesheetijnatlons ahould be uaed^ahouldheck aactionaken'shoul 'Routing- aheptj&hould alwaysffleer' Designations see- separai



. Objootlvea In Iberian Penlaauls

end oontrol of the following projeotsi



o. Spainnd supplementhereto d. Spain. Spain #6


ncluding supplements

and oontrol of any. projects

and operation of faollitloa for transportingthings from tho Krenoh frontier to Gibraltar and Sorth Africa.

4. Development and operation of underground railway (lnoludlng the establishaent of suitable terminal faOilitiaa in tho Peninsula) into Franoe for tho purposo of maintaining two-way trafflo in persons and thlnga and for the transmission of Intelligence reports from France.

and operation of undorground railway (lnoludlngof suitable terminal facilities In tho Peninsula) through Francafor tho purpose of maintaining two-way traffic in parsons

rganisation end oporatlon of intelligence network on both sides of the Franco-Spanish frontier and tho provision of facilities for rapidof reports dealing with enemy ectlvltlea along tho French border.


Organisation, equipment end Instruction of SO groups at stratoglo points within tho Peninsula in preparation for Invasion by the enemy.

Cultivation of high offiolol personages (politioal. military, naval, olorioal, at cetera) for the purpose of encouraging end developing anti-Axle and pro-Aaerlcan sentnd laying tho boela for active oooporation in tho event of eneny Invasion or of internal ohangeafriendly relations with the United States.

rganisation and supervision of CI operations intended to unoover enemy agenta and thoir activities ln the Peninsula and to protoot Si and SO aotlTitles.

of eneny oosntunlcations by sail, courier orthe procurement of oodes and oiphera and texts of olpher nest ogee.

dluBOminatlon of rumors intended to disturb,hamper eneny activities within tho Peninsula as, for oxonple,doubt on the security of enemy communications, theoodes and olphers, the identification of undercover agents,. operations.

within tho Ponlnsula of plausible cover forpersonnel to be Introduced froa abroad in connection withcultural, technical or other forma of ottonslble activity.

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