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Madrid, Novombor

V-oi^orandum on Understanding between Embassy and OSS in Spain


(As Agreed Uponeries of Conforenoos, Oct.ov.xons the Ambassador,

Colonel Gridley, Messrs.Tnnni.

qmrnander Luek)

Steele, Beaulao, Haerlng, dnd, itttteapaoJuiCttCE of SeotionandoJono$;Ufl^ntb,al

I. Functions

Intelligence (SI) "wlli ue cocdtro^ and at the'prosent time will be dirootod primarily tomilitary information from enemy ani enomy-oooupiod territory. So far us dlreot lntelllgonoe froa Spain is oonoerned, SI operations will cover only such Intelligence as mayrequested or agreed to by the Ambassador and the Military and Navalr bo required by the Joint Chiefe of Staff with tho concurrence of the State Department.

oonneotion with any possible intelligenceSpain, lt ahould be borne in mind that thebsen authorized by Washington to giro tho mostof tho United Statee Government to theHiaistor that "none of our personnel in Spainin uotivitiea which are directed against Spain".

Espionage (CS) will be developedby OSS uo soon as adequute tralnod personnel is

eithor Moraleor Special Operations (SO) will be undertaken Tor tho present.

epresentative of the Research and Analysis Branchnd A) nay be attaohod to the liadrid office of OSS for the purpooo of preparing bettor-evaluated and morereports on SI materiel from this area.

SS in Spain will not become involved in anyembarrassing to the Embassy. Tho deciolon as to what is or is not embarrassing rests with tho Ambassador, who should be kept ourrently Infornod of the nature of the activities ln which OSS engages or plana to engage in Spain.

II. Orj-unlzatlon and Personnel,

OSS in Spain is coordinate with the offices ofAttache" and Moral Attaone, *md like themart of the Embassy. Just as each of theso offioes ishief whoso duty it is to keep the Ambassador informed aad to seek hio ooitnoel and rollow his general instructions, so theof the OSS ln Spainiko duty.

Ux. ThonaB is rooognlzed as Director of OSS in Spain, and, under him, Mr. Steele as Aotlng Branch Direotor of SI

ln Spain. Raocnnondation will be made for the bringing of an additional offloer, satisfactory to the Ambassador, to 3poin, and as soon as ho arrives it la contemplated that he will bo designated by Mr. Thomas as Branch Director of SI ln 3pain und that Mr. Steele will then be naned FieldOffloer und will henceforth spend much of his timeand supervising the uotivltles of the several SI agenoles in the field.

number of American agonts now in Spain will,present, suffioe for its SI work when the additionalis added, togetherinance Officer, threound four stenographers, the noed for whioh tho

U. tor CS work, OSS willranch Dlrootor (under to. Thomas) and, at the outset, ono or two othertrained agents. These are not now available in Spain

but should be brought from Washington or London as soon as possible.

No further OSS personnel should bo brought into Spain us Petroleum Attaches. Further additions orshould bo made under tho oovor of Embassy Attaches or clerks or private oitizena or possibly, in the case of CE personnel, of Vice Consuls. Any such Vioe Consuls, however, would, be regular members of consular staffs andot to tho same supervision und disoipllne as other consular

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have agreed unequlvooally to the immediate withdrawal of any agent causingto tho Embassy. Henoe In cases where the Ambassador has reason to believeertain individual is oonneoted with OSS and that his activities in Spain aro likely to oause embarrassment to the Embassy, the Dlreotor of OSS in Spain will, upon the Ambassador's request, inform him whether or not the individual in question is in fact connected with OSS.

Agents of OSS have the usual responsibility to the principal oonsular officer of any consular district in which they may be residing or operating.

III. Security.

The oonduct of OSS porsonnel in Spain will be sub-jeot to proper disoipllne and sanctions.

Kxoept for Petroleum Attaohes already in dualOSS will not seek, without the approval of thethe eervioes of or remunerate any offloor orAmerioon or alien, of the Embassy, of uny Consulate or ofother agency of tho Amerloan Government ln Spain.


Care will bo taken not to involve tho Embassy or any Consulate or any other agencies of the Axerioanin OSS activity which might be disclooed to their prejudice or embarrassment,

No Spaniah or other alien will normally be employed at tho Madrid office oronsulate ln any oonfidential oapaoity.

Duo preoautions will be taken to insuxo the seour-lty of oodes, oonfidential papers either of OSS or ofand confidential conversations.

No 3panlsh or other alien will be given anyof the use of the diplomatic pouoh or tho oourler servloe for transmission of intelligence material. The same rulos apply to OSS as to the Embassy and Consulates govornlng pouoh and oourier servloe.

Looal financing of thoith Spanish or other foreign curronoy will be done with prior knowledge and approval, in oaoh Instanoe, of the Kmbaosy.

IV. Coordination.

Properly to integrate the work of OSS in Spain with other work of the Embassy and to expedite needful andoollaboration, both the Ambassador and the Direotor of OSS ln Spain will oonfer frequently with each other. First Seoretary Haerlng will serve as Speolal Liaison Offloor of the Embassy with OSS.

OSS in Spain will endeavor to know and respect, and will be periodically informed about, the over-all polloypursued by the United States Government and the Embassy ln Spain. To this end the Direotor of OSS in Spain will par-

tlcipote in tho regular wooltly oonferences or tho Embassy'a senior officers and section chiefs.

ho Director of OSS ln Spain and the 3ranoh Diroo-tors of SI and CS will have acooss to tbe Ambassador, to sonior Embassy officers, and to tbo military and Naval. Other agents of OSS will deal with the Embassy either through their own Directors or through the Embassy Liaison Officer (Mr. Haering).

U, OSs agents operating ln oronsulate will doul with the* prlnolpal ooasular offloer and not with anyofficer or employee of that Consulate. "Principalofficers will 'oooperate in affording securityfor OSS personnel and documents.

The Ambassador has boen authorized by the Statewith the concurrence of OSS, to examine ellund outgoing correspondence transmitted through tho Ho trill oxerolso thia right to the extent honecessary.

Full facilities of the Embassy pouoh and oourier servloe will be offordod OSS in Spain. To provide deslrablo addition to thiB, especially between Barcelona and Madrid, reooioendatlon will bo made to OSS and to the Statethat thoy Jointly arrange to supplement by one the present numberrid oouriors.

To effect proper coordination of SI of OSS with similar intelligence of our othor agencies in Spain, it is proposed that periodic meetings, preferably weekly, be holdoint Intelllgenoe Committoo, oonsisting of theAttache, the Naval Attache, the Direotor of OSS and the Embassy Liaison Offloer (representing theith

tho senior military or naval offloer aotlng as chairman, for the purpose of dlsousslng mattors of mutual interest.

o effeot proper coordination of projected CE of OSS with similar existing intelligence of our other agonoies it is proposed that as soon aa CE of OSS is established ln Spain periodic meetings be heldoint Counter Espionage Committee, then to be constituted of representatives of the several agencies interested in oounter espionage aotivities. It is contemplated further that tho Direotor of OSS would de velop andentral oard index of oounter ospionage material in the files of tho eoveral agencies,'with tho coop eration of these. Each agonoy, however, would maintaincontact with its counterpart in the British set-up. for example, OSS would deal directly with the BritishControl Offioe ln CE matters; the Economic Controlwould continue its intlnute oontaot with the oorrespond< ing section of the British Embassy; the Amerloan Consulates would oontinue cooperation in passport and visa mattors with the British und other friendly Consulates; the Mllltury and Naval Attaohea would oontinue to deal directly with theand Naval Attaches of othor oountries. With eventual development of suoh organization and coordination, lt would appear unnecessary to seek representation of TBI ln Spain.


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