Created: 8/24/1944

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.'Soyroa Bald that Ithough Oeraany could not win the war, there waa no question of her losing it. In fact Germanyew secret weapons which would aoon he put into use and the Allies would then

-be glad too-tpromiae peace.

only be ready inonth's time partly also aa this time would be needed to remove the obstructionist Generals

'who were trying to avoid the use of these weapons. Once.

'Oenerale and* Nazia hbd got complete control it would be put Into uae...

r^ften-taxed with the practicability of gas, source said that it was FJfiraatioable and even burning gas vould be seen.

The invasion had comeeeks too early for Gemany as ittop to their final preparations on the Chaunel Coast. He agreed they night have to withdraw fuom Prance but said this did not matte

V *ould be able "to shoot just as well from the Bhineland as

, tfQ* the Channel Coast with the new weapon.""

reserves.had not yet been called only the. tefaraaoht reserves had been uaed as. was being kept for use in Germany (at the saae time source denied the suggestion ofrevolution and the need oi'. at ho:ae for that purpose.)

Source said the war would then end aa soon aa the Allies hadnough and made-compromise peaoe.

eJECtler would not necessarily remain at the headNazicertainly remain.

Oh intermediary insisting that Germanylose the

war, source maintained Germany hadouneconvinced

out and out Nazis, Alao they had proofs thatGerman

prisoners in Allied hands were morethanwas the basis on which they could build up.

Also they still had sufficient latent strength spread around the wprld in order to take up the war ag&ln inr at aosteare and' this time finally win it.


rtaneo informationestablishment or

dai.ce of fortifications on HaJtYS or further oast.

information on cefence lino UJOK-DOWB-JUn*.-

Any and all Information on ASKANIA wanted.

Particularly what components they are

manufacturing for flying bomb.

/.V C areao


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