Created: 11/3/1944

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jIro haslaluad why couriers have fcoen hindered withinnt,iu was due to tho faot that CtVHlli didrrive tc your place. Ee lo cr. officerad afcarxrri (ivon ft letter chcnalue the date of RVpointntr.ta at tho frrrti-,r.

vlir eorao tonext wool- and will nut hinselfTOUThroughiro.

I leave everyon to you end br.ly point outetherefore horsor who vonMhe courier to tho faontler end thua MOyii- to use:.r" o'J-or people, end not -i'Oice, usnderstand -ell he Ic one yovT bootand will then be able to g'vo hineulf up completely to information aerrioo.

Utwllyo if you ijrN, oHleTElStf "avalli scr.v bo needother .jroup an soonill heUna.

I expect to be there within next welll lookw :'ou. So will hive lo dleouaa

tof 3thfonnections,rt org-nlzinc littleWitt satisfying remits,lso future vr.rk "orto .Instructions I

hnvc to eabody your ir.activities of otheruSii1tacool*fertt:cii- lweve awy cmp

All your report! are rorwarflod in hi-.'* tto.asible poul* you



U artvirtulii. toier owaranl, snownahnut -heottor fron titr. he- subject.

I have also given the vnrlsttr lettsrs andu'uest vou

to >es" message of ^ui-scmaovrlor dlvidad. Ramn I'boHavt

is tho parnon who handlaa passage] of naople, nnd the ooMriar

service Must Vopt accrot" ox'. Tho only naonla

> Jt are I'.r. Soottl iind I.

?or yourvmr.loatarron mot no

o Itlithingf, for raasom unknown tc ria.

Jblesa anrothlng mwruotoo: till* ha In "ilan ne;:t

Kxnt wtollo.

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