Created: 10/23/1944

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I enolose dats and Instructions you requested for radio transmissions.

are already told S. Siro, the in/passage through tha new road was hindered by an accident which luckily will have no oonsequenoos.

maro, instead of only orossing ths frontier and telephoning me*. he flrBt Bure plsoe, wanted to try and ooma to our orflce togetherolleague of his andar loaded with smuggled goods. All thia was blocked by the Swiss guard end although our man has been able to escape, the courier has fallen In the hands of ourops ln their kindness and amfor thsm to give it baok to ceign of sympathy.

For thsave have token exaot agreements withand given him accurate dispositions so that the documents


s!van to me at the netlace and hor settled beforehand, settle the meeting place and for next time let us sayoan have quiokly confirmation for radio "nsmission.

I think the road Is good end It la certainly quickerndhan tho road of Sessa, which we must use

for no roaaon whatsoever, toecauedoss which Bappned there with the smugglers.

'lease aak 3an Siro to separate always oareflully the in-xcrmaion cturier from every other thing, either goods or doou-f'J* they are for our colleagues, and thiserionnlly for the thing towards Mr. Scotti and nooonyeiae mist know of it.

communications, avoid the hotel where ou siro Hvec and collleaving communications for Ortello.

' Ali these precautions muot be taken because your work very much apireoSatod kkk by our Super-dors.

IIfowertain Cerese will oome toinformation on hime-

e Cfln dowork,but ooosuae of the veryhimcelf and also for reasons of

"UCh Uhtil

lt^WOj:ld b0 oould to have know of any of our organizations, and

Buteaps of communicating withr you tnln*can.tru^trsstn, you could eventually ^ive



him tho moans, although you keep^imcompletely aoart, of using your road for comnunlcating with ua. Password for Ceress is IL COLOMBO BIANCO.

A certain Ifartlnetl^.ttluaapp-a- eaaaaa and goes from Switzerland; rntTwr^hort, about SO years old, bald and fat. It seems heoctor and trades in pharmacy goods. He is very well Informed,annot find out his activity and for whom he isould like to havo Informaticns on him, although tr.ers sre nc reasons to believe that he is an agent or cooperator of the nazi-fascists.ave not been able to have further -totalis, but will koep you informed. It seems that Mrrtinelli lives In Corno.

Kindest regn-ds


Ithat reports for II llroon 3Iro and Ferrate bo sent with ou* bsmxbtx courier.

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