Created: 9/29/1944

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urdersterid ycur rHjm-stlrrhy to

assist In the transfer' oftut wedvise vou that"do not thinkw;nt efficient In really bed weathf.r. The loea ofline-run" Is alaooi nd but'feel that It could he dangerous and It Iseres-Ity.

your lnforr.ptlen we willhow re have carried

out tht operation of trensfe--lrg stores' ln really filthy weather In the North Sea.

stores rere Decked In water-tight tin boxes each

eight ofbs.

. When contact in made with the rendezvouseaving* cast from our boat com rind, to tbc other craft, whereupon our hawser or hawsers ere hauled on board the Tanlsh boat.

essel lies nt anchcr or driftingea anchor,

with the Danish boat moored to our stemistance-of, sev, 50

J* K*n fconriS, put ten tins In"(Vaadsackkfn) end lift it overboard with the fishthe whole- Is hauled through the peter to theackle, our lino (Var.dtov) lR

ettochec end, when he Is finished, we haul tsck the empty net and repeatperation.

been very successful with thl> method, having

transferred0 tins, losirg onlyue to our line breakingIn ourhe

It aecen to us that this method should be applicable for your operations, but It can only be used provided the stores ere ln perfectly water-tight tins.

.tins tr* enclosedmall sacklnr

attached, ptting It en easy "one man pack" to handle. The tins erethat they are Just negative bouyant, in other rords, theyslo*ly. This has been done so that ln tht event of danger,cargo can be dumped overboard, attaching each tinine-easier to pick up

you feel that this arrangement is acceptable, we

will packstores in future in suitable rater-tight tins.

J0# Hi gladly sendubber dinghy of.

lnough to cerry four wn, but you must visualise the difficulty in transferring the stores to and frea the dinghy.

ir^gby could beby^noraal "Creep" operat:


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