Created: 12/21/1944

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headqUaRIsrs seventh, 8ss station


DAILY report

l. In view of posalhi* maritime onarntionB OTer thej^^MMMBBBBflaWat uutzig, whoafe housei he rr*7Ji nourg, trnlch will turn out voluble for the oanson Operation, and one ln tho region of(The full detals of the cafe houses are kept ln our files).

Contact wasde olthullerhof. lie

lOul knows people la .irnetein, who are faci^^wTTft the Rhine between ** Ersteln and Dlobotcln. Those people ore flcheraen and oervice des Porets. An appointment has been taade Kith hln oneceuber.

Went to tho holding area In aanaoutler to get Robert in

contact with Kax and Jrita. Robert is still in conference with theo. He confirms pur opinion that they are only interested ln ' politics, but both parties eooa to enjoy the gabbing, and Max and frits are gettlng'a lot of information frou Robert, which was Henry's ala la sending then up here.

tc Daily. over the operational supply store-room, now that Lt. parsons has gone off* He is getting the "aOAH" packing into shape, an^ he hus alreaay efficiently uudo out the inventory.

_iho Klndl engineering documents have been sent to Lth Ariay.

Lt. Hoguet visited CuDIC in the morning andnotified that the one lieraon potential agent rscocjaonca yceterday by that organization to SSS was not for the uoae.it available as CoLlC have changed theirend decided that this man it of such luportance to warrant his being held and possibly shipped back to taeshington becauce of his technical knowledge.

Lt Hoguet also interviewed with agt Ocl.io another potential German agent recomc.eue.ed to us by CSDIC, but altor lengthydeoiced he could not rill our requ iremonts.

Lt Hoguet also interviewed uapt Corbctt ln Strasbourg at lunch, end received his suggestions on iau-edlt>te future of agents uax and frits sent to us by Lyon.

o contacted. Cdt Hernuiu and boyfriend in Strasbourg and received jjin-poiifct location of luel dump in vicinity of ZtUa Odt Bernard has located two fcualoc to UBed to,do woxK In concentration camp at rtothau. They will bo lnlorviojygdy Lt. Hoguet. Lt Hoguet visitedtrasbourg


as suggested by Uaj Crosby*

given to UaJ Crosby by ti/Lt Aicard)*

Leaving tomorrow: early for Marseille to check on Uichelcover activities* Lt, Willard is still In Uulhouss.went Strasbourg .toclen and Koger with






In view of possible maritime operations over the Rhine, contact was nude wlat Lutzlg, whoafe houses in the region of Offenburg, which till turn out voluble for the oaason Operation, and one in tne region of(The full de'.ulo of the safe bouses are kept In our files).

Oontact was ilbo aade witl ^Btimmmtbin feullerhof. lie knows people In Lmeteln, who are familiar witnthe Rhine botwcon Ersteln and Blobatoln. These people are fishermen and Servico dee Eoujc Porets. An appointment has been made with hla onecember.

Went to tho holding area in Uarmoutlor to get Robert la oontact with Kax and Pritz. Robert is still In conference with them. He confirms our opinion that they aro only interested in olitics, but both parties seem to enjoy the gabbing, and Uox and Prlls areot of information from Robert, which was Henry's ala In sending thca up here.

Pfc Daily lc taking over the operational supply store-room, now that Lt. ^arsons has gone off. He lo getting the""NOAH* packing into shape, and he has already efficiently mude out the Inventory,

The Klndl engineering documcnto have been sont to Lt Ourre, 7th Army.

Lt, Uoguet visitedn the morning and was notified that the one German potential agent recouaoned yesterday by that organization to SSS was not for the moment available ae CSJlC have changed their mlndc and decided that this man is of' such importance to warrant his being held and possibly shipped back to Washington because of his technical knowledge.

Lt Hoguet alco Interviewed with Sgt Gel-Is another potential German agent recommended to us by GSD1C, but after lengthydecided he could not fill our requ lrements.

Lt Hoguot also Interviewed'orbctt in Strasbourg ut lunoh, and received hie suggestions on luu-ediate future of agents Lax and Pritz sent to us by Lyon.

He contacted Odt Bernard and boyfriend In Strasbourg and received pin-point location of fuel dump in vicinity of Zell. Cdt Bernard hae located two females to used to do work in concentration camp at Hothau, They will be lntervlewoa >riqay. gepgabejgy Lt.visited home-iiaabourg

as suggested by KqJW is the can ^buse nun was givenj Crosbyt Alcard?

Leaving tomorrow early for tiarselllo to check on iiichel and Theo cover activities. Lt. Willard is still in liulhouss. Caeser Uoretti went'Strasbourg toclcn and Kogcr with their documents.


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