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II Information. - Mt irA

fortification Doingm westitch, dragon's teeth.

BtntionNSIEDL5RIfOF he saw anno boing loadedtrain, mo waa broughtood couth of station, our

heorucks owning out of woodo to otatlon loaded withon-com in charge of loading told him pleoe had been bombarded oovoral tines, but only the otatlon, not the am mo durap, Durapceordinc to non-com. Ituilt into hllleldo and io Just oouth of crossroad.

traino orowded, mostly atroeGlere, few civilians -

th Londes-aohuetzon Bnttnlion, latkannhvixm, 2nd Company in haje, 3rd and 4th Companies In BINC'jk Ho heard tola from an armorer forth and also from

2 other people. The equipment ofthi lot Company hasenO. Ths CP ofth lo located ot tho VolkBChule at the corner of Waeaorturm end RoeongartonC-3)

e. Slgnalc platoond Infontry Roelnont in KANlfflUIMh Feby.

f. Agent saw Signal Company of Luftwaffe at old airport In KANNIBIM.

At KAIsiCRwTLH.'XM barraoks is on sohworo Artillorlo Ersofcz Aboetolung,at Company.

h. h0 hoarao trains that wont toward halle fully lo0dod.

.1. Horoop transportmmo trainsero fully loa-^od loft for HALLSh0 hours. They oaoo from DARMSTADT according to station master.

X- Station neater at yANHHEIM aaid in tranaportlng ftroopa, units, oven corp. ore spilt up and spread out Into various trains. :vory transport train is guardod by troops an!uadruploan Sun Just behind enginearn bohlnd0 mm solo flak and In mlddlo of train anotherm quadruple Run. On last oar another 3olo Flak. Tho sumo Is true of all trains oxoept roguler passenger trains. This agont observod himself, on eovernl oooaslono, and heard from ccny people.

k. Tho Volketrum In ifMimtF.IM not armedsed for dip ing.


In MANNHEIM no tanks, no StrumgeBOhuetz, only Unk. avoid

CHSFELD) trafflC Xrml "AWNHEIK andthrough FRIEDRE-

n. Ho traffic on Rhine River bocauoo rivor has been nlnod. Only shipping /yffuvr- la on NECXAR and tho Rhlro Barges areunloaded and 'goods put on NEC EAR bargee.

Loaded train reported above oame fron DARMSTADT. Agont knows of dump looatod betwoon EBERSTADT and SEHHEIM at) at the northern, point of tho triangle formed by RR and the KlERflTADT 8EE!!EIH road- It's an ammo dump where ie ammo for Howitzors and cannon,anzer Fauet, Hand oronadeo. (info loan who talked to workerB). Agont does not know how largo dump ie.

Agont oaw no eigne of unite from COLMAR pocket in MANNHEIM.

Ill Information

experiment to discover neane of protootlng armordlsooverod thatm of ooncroteotprotection,

orowdod with Volketrum end troops ooroing from hospital.

0. Sow nothing atorhape boceueo It was derk. Hoard nothing.

, The only troopsS FELOOENDARMERIE,

e. Two outarrrcko on route to the aide of road half way between HOOflSKXER and KAIOERSLAUTERN havo been destroyed byaboutlxs- barraoke oooupled by Volketrum and troops comins from hospital.

Troffio on road between HOCHSFEYER Bnd KAI8ERSLAUTERN fromr Agent saw aboutehicles ln both dlreotiona, ofore military vehicles,

Froontloltatollo In KAISERSLAUTERN is located at HILECOARDE XKXttxxkxtfxitxx kxxskiqtk KASERNE and they cook for an averageen.

h. No stationary troope in KAISERSLA TTERN o motor vohiclesorse drawn vohiolofl. All troope are trnneiont.

From KAlSERSL/'TERN to SAARBRiICKEN volketrum has been drafted but not armed.

IV Information Iff

only ono tank In KAISERSLA' ITark IV under

traffic froo EBISIEDERHOF dunp which was reportod above.

o. On road botween KAI8ERSLAUTERN md SAARBRUCK3N, earth and log road blocko ovoryran,

and LAND3TUHL, saw no tracked vehicular.

KAMEROLAOTSHN to St INOBERT hard surfaced road. INOBERT to SAARBRiiCKEN, hard surfaced road In poor condition.

V Information

NEUHKIRCHiM, muoh traffic, poreonnel carriers,civilian care, ellstragglors and casuals,


prisoners areen -atn the wood between SCLUFFWEILER and UNK IRC HEN

o. In LANDSW,ank repair depot atn north east eldo of RR oroaolrg from NlflJNKIRCHa). Thereumber ofe sawking Tiger.

d. Agent talkod to tank mechanic in hla shop. Kan said Baron Tank Division had been expeotod at LANDWEILER byt but had not arrived as of that dote. Theoo tanksew King Tiger whichto tho Baron Division. There worother tanks of various sizes, mostly Mk IV's. The raochenlo's stated ho thoughteing repaired would bo assigned foron Dlv. upon arrival. ochanlo thought Baron Dlv. would have It's CP at LANDWEILER and would bo committed byeb. CQ of this Dlv. is supposed to holdZ of the Iron Cross. Name unknown.

o. Thin tank ropair shopolloctionuildlngcnketch) fi

saw flanhcn and hoard sounda howitzerBotwoen bioyoie race courso sw of SAARBR'iCKENnd tho FOR'JACH Road. Agent saw no troops and no

LVU west of race oourse.

. Nightd00 hours, all troops SCinstfccKnd ZIKGSLHOFxcept HP's wore movod beck to SAARBiaJCiC-JN. Agont observed LFHmmo train supposedly, ofn.

ototlon at 8CH0ENECK In tho water tower. There laIn the tower

rch Is hoavily mlnod and guarded.

J^. Road running parallel and south of thocefi^ pproxljaatelys barricaded and blookedoy barbed/wiretone' wall about lj yds high andds wide.

fc. 0 hours, CP of troops in FOR BAG II was

1. Is CPren.ol Cmdg Is in

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