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BC messages will be broadoast in German on dally pro-

grams at the' following hour* (always







Kaoh message will oonsiet of two sentences (see b,, (a) below for exceptional- The first sentence will be an identifier; the second will oontain the message proper.

(a) The identifying eentenoe will be: Die Apfeln

Koatenpfennig. The only variable In

the sentence willumber, to be found on the following calendar, beside the date on which the message Is broadcast" Any message broadcastarch will use any number, arbitrarily chosen.



2 1






. 7











b. The second or message sentence .will dootify of contaot flight,otify of supply drop,ancel either of these arrangements ollowuccessful oontaoteaningless message. -

oticeontaot. To notify the. agentontact the second sentence will have this form:

{indicating the

hour, as explainedood (indicating

r drink (tomorrowr clothing (day after tomorrow aight).


My father sold

My cousins drankottles ofontaot tomorrow night

His uncle hasontact day after tomorrow night


The first digit willthe hoursohe*second digit willthe quarter-hours,by substituting, orhus:


otice of parachuterop will be indicated by the additionrice phrase, to the second sentence of the message, thus:

food, or drink, or

rice. Harks, francs, or dollars will indicate oontaihers; pfennigs', centimes, or oents


wlll Indicate bodies.

My niece boughtlousesaraobute drop day0 hours; consisting of 3and 2

ancellation: *

. To oanoel any aaranged contact or drop flight, thesentence willention of ink.

It need not follow the form prescribed above; Anyof inkBC message will cancel all arrangements.

ollow-up message:

day after an unsuooessful contaot flighthe seoond phrase of the BBC message will contain

mentionird. If the phrase la negative it.willthat the"pfane did not take off, or for some reason did not fly over the pinpoint. If the phrase is positive it will indicate that the plane believes It flew over the pinpoint and from our point of view everything went as it should. This message will not be broadcastut will be broad-

oast0 and

> -.

case another operation ia to be mountednext three daye, this follow-up message will containphraae notifying of the operation.

(oj If the operation was suooessful. the second phrase of the follow-up message will resemble those of thedaya, except that the number indicating time will be less than) and therefore meaningless


First Contaot:

The first contact with Anzio will not be arranged by BBC message, but will be made aocording to the followingarbl- rary plan. The first contact will be attempted0 hours (GMT). "P" in this formula represents the night of the



parachute operation that actually drops .the agent Into the field, the whole night being lnoluded in the date of the day Just ending. Thus, If the agent Is dropped in theofebruary {or any timo during this same night) the first oontact will be attempted the evening (or ni^ht)aroh.

The place of tho first contact la Gems bach) near Gaggenau. This la point one (see 3 Attempts will oontinue at this samo point until con-taot is made.


operator in the plane-will be known as VIC.

agent will be known as LILLET (see 3a, below)


the plane suspects that all is not wellagent Or doubts the Identity of thelt will ask him to spell his name.if allell, will always apell his

* 1 ley, as glvon above. If the name io spelled in any other fashion, for example Willy or Willie, the plane will be alerted -thatis wrong. ubstitute operates for the agent, the substitute will likewise be nomed Sllley.

the agont has been taken by the enemy and being forced to operate, he will indicate tho

Tact by this variation on the regular procedure. Instead of olosing his speaking interval with: "Spreohen alee will eay at- the end of each speeking interval: "Ich bin fertlg, eprechen sle welter".

either the plane or the agent is obligedthe oontact because of enemyaignal will be the phrase: "Obrlgens.dloh tod Maria gruaaen."


If contaot has not been established withinays after the agent is In the field, three-final attempts will

beon the night, and0 hours, over pointeraabaob. These attempts will be made without being announcedessages. Contact will be attempted forinutes each of these nights.

ontaot Points:

The following points of. contact havo been submitted by the agent and approved by the Air Corps. Contoote may take plooe at various times at any of these points. They will be referred to by number as point one, point two, point three, etc.:

Remark: All map references are to

ontaot Rules:

a. The ground operator will send everything in the clear,

.b. The plane will send both clear and coded messages.

The latter will be encodedne-time pad tothe agent holds the decode pad. The agent willhelp to take down the coded message during Thus, if alone, he will be unable to taketho

c. The codod message will be read from the plane in the following alphabet code:



ode Names of Certain Cities:

Both the agent and the planehese code names for the following citiea:

Pforzheim * Paris Karlsruhe = Kharkov Stuttgart * Stamhoul Hellbronn alifax Badenggenau = Ghent Mannheim = Madridlorenz

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