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REPORT FROM "ANZIO" I. Chronological Summary4I. Intelligence. III. Assistants. IV. Installation of tho seta. V. Interesting Anti-Nazis. VI. Suggestions for tho continuance of the Operation.

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L. Chronological suraraary4

The peo^fte landed perfectly,but the sets wore dr-meged in the fall.

^BBlendedarmyard;the first, package betweon

her and BOB, end the secondete rc behind the yard.The -tirylnt of the

parachutes could only be flnlched0 ln eplte of atralnln. work,

tfc ^ 3 was cut aeeoinsly bod on tho hands).loth sets wero hidden ln the <oVl>

t woods. Departed An direction

Arrivalbout noon.First dieappointiDSnt viaej^older

rolatlve was sickospital atas arrested by tho "Orton-diener" and brought before the Ortagrupponleiter and tho Pollicolwacii-nonn; luckily on the wayJ,had teen able to dispose of hiadocuments, end after beliv- interrogated by the officials waa eet free. Meanwhile ^fj^'hadnd "I" evaln, and bothood olpce to stay cvcrnl htemW% lr.but it would beroua.Atlnj of tlie evening "Cfl went backnd waa able to got all hid docu-aents except tho

The latter servedoy 'or children end wss later turned ln to



JUL m ^-

of STUTTGART via ULK,since lt was absolutely impossiblestay In this vielnlty.Many transportation difficulties,railroad die-rupted in many places,no chance for using trucks,and geatest caution CeTxs) used in view of ibregoing events.PlnBOB travelling further in direction of STAKBUL,with purpose of testing situation with Frsu "tf'.frora whom we expected help.Greatin connection with costly loss of time,since promises were not kept.Hurried continuation by BOB anddirection;nt,where the first contact for JE5 was to take place. B-

Excellent boarding; as expected withFirst contact tried/ contact could have hem medo,however, instead of,"Hallo WILLEY hier sprichteard,"Hallo PAUL lcleceived thla perfectly and tried to speak in order to correct the error,however was unsuccessful.New try at contact3 againaltho plane was heard.During the whole timen heard no BBC reportfortrictly followed the plan.Evenasad defects in my JEried toew contactmsf STAMBUL where the reserve JE set was.The countersignever got,andecided that future JE contacts could be arranged thru the LORELEI circuit.


^t'v> over-strained stayed in CENT,while BOB"

went in direction "B" to aet the reserve set hidden in the woods.In "I" we found outarachutists,one who was injured on both hands,and the other in women's clothes,were beearched for in the terrltrory Bince we had departed fromThe mission in the woods succeeded with

s help.Departure in direction "P" and during this time recruiting

- 2

of tba first agents for boarding possibilities for LOREIEI east of STAMBUL.

D. 17

Further travel to GENT,new contact tried with reserve JE seth.,all unsuccessful.Return trip byfJU^and BOB toiret work with LORELEI set onnsuccessful.First try In woods.

c second in "El",thirdfourthfifth onhe antenna was set perfectly,base withhe first intelligence,partly personal,partly by amenta,was veryecided once again to try contact with JE set in GENT whileher reserve set from "B" and brought it to "El".


JE contacts onndnsuccessful,round-trip with #L" between Rot. -KARKOW-and MADRID, continuing march in direction "El" in the hope that meanwhile the reserve set of LORELEI would be in use and that the passage of much assembled intelligence would be possible.a1 ujVii followedthe plan strictly and from our side tried everything possible, ahe could only receive,and not send.

Deperture for GENT where the three lastcontacts for JE wereby BILL foreard "Hallo PAUL ici JACQUES",could not however reconcile myself to answer.The contacts onndere alsoould not explein to myselfot no BBC reports atad lost everyecided

Perronally with "L" to coros thru the 7th. Army fronj;

oSbvlth one of the best agents end her sets in the direction south ofould Rive her instructions Troia BASEot.thru alright.


The crossing of the front north ana: northwest of STUTTOART wee practicallyry ln MURBTAL waa sucoeaaful on the night. Unfortunately Into tho French lines.The first assistanceotadc mjiaelr known waa acceptable jhowever, for two days long we were anuttled around from bureau to bureau with more or leos correct handling,in finally arrive ln "D" on the night ofh. (Note ln pencil in margin: "security'TNDEHV'.') II. Intelligence

See report "PETER" for tte intelligence which is still uaable.All other intelligence was handled in tho above. III. Assistants

A. Still in Actionlth SOB.

with PM in "B" contact poaeible in name. }wlth GM ln" B" cont--ct possible in name of BOB. In "El" WALDWORH contact possible ln nane of BOB. }ln) contact possible In name of



f ^mmWlin STAMBUL contact possible in oarae oflLW&Vin "El" contact possible in name of BOB. B. No Longer ln Action.

hose helpers not mentioned here ere already compensated as far as we are concerned,and we ere no longer- obligated to them.These above mentioned people must bo in some discreet way compensated, according to myations. (BOB)

C. Safe Houses

n "El8 contact possible in name of " " 11


' " " " EORT-ES.

in STAMBUL contact possible in nams ofElncontact poarible in name of METZGER.

"p" " " . (only with good cover)

"I" 11 " " only nightly)


1 LORELEI set lnORELEI reserve set lnE-set lnE-set ln GENT

Both LORELEI sets ln "B" (butE-setE-aet.

V. In'eresting Anti-Nazis

The following people,more or loss secretly,have never dared openly po

help us,but in spite of thst cgn be useful to us either immediately or

after thoir respective areas are occupied by allied troops:


VI. Suggestions for the continuation of Activity.

The general retreat of the enemy from the territory RASTATT-KARLSRUHE-


outheasterly direction brings the following to mind:

there willefense lineowill occure for to date abdolutely no preparations forin the vicinityave been planned;

a defense line will be made betweenUaSBUBfif

in order to prevent thehe troops now in HA DEN and


With this ii. mind,and altho the eets were defectiveoped thatsent from BASEenable her to fix them) Iwith the aets in ttie company of the most Interesting assistantlace south of ULMeft.

1 feel capable of,erfect cover for myself and my aaoistants and hold the territory UI&*NE>fMINGEN-XEMPTEN as the most appropriate area for myselfray assistants.

BOB,Eisenbahnin9pektor,railwayhifted toeeks ago shifted from latter to ESSLINGEN, andgain moved partly to ftEMMIVOEN partly to KQHSTAWZ.


original papers. /bei der Eisenbahn.

Exact patterns for the making of thedocuments were able to be procured byecessary forras.prlnted ostter.or stamps,according to hid belief must still be available in STRASSBlTTr, and will be found there by me.



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