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l President



Subjecti Referencei Enclosuret

rBBOiUi RSPrtss^fT acts cr rx*.

DelefBtlon of Authority ta Utilise Special Jortlnfi ?und

Letter. to to*of the Treasurythe Comptroller General feted6

Draft Letter froaA. to tha Comptroller General

In tha referenoa latter, tha national Intelllsenoe Authority requested tha establishmentpecial vorVini; fund to ad alula tar funda ande available by thor and Savy Departaunta to tho Cantral Intelligence Group. . atatetd that "Upon tha eatabllxhnant oforKlnf fund, It la proposed, ln addition to committing aueia funda of our respective Ceportaents for adainiatrttlon by tha Central Inteiliganoe Group, toto tha Director of Cantral Intelligence or hla authorisedthe naoaassry authorities for tha adulnlatrution of those funds, for personnel aotlons, forof equipment and supplies, Anda certification of vouchors."

Tha spoolal working fund haa no* bean established nnd tha analoaed latter la designed to provide tha additional authorisation* ehloh. propoeed In the above quotation. This letter has been ooordlnatad withof the "reasury Departnsnt and the Comptroller General, and has been aareed toeR ia prinoiple.

It la requested Hut each cezbar nf the national Intelligence Authority, in turn, sign the enclosed, letter and traneslt to tha next addrvaeee,the latter to tha undersigned when all the slgmturea have been affixed. Sufficient copies are also attached to enable eaeh mcber to detach one copy for file.



Dlraotor for Central Intelligence


ear .In

The ^attptrollor General 5thC.

In our letter ofequested that you

orking fund to assist In carrying out the Preiident'l wiiiheB In regard to foreign Intelligence tfsj proposed la that latter to authorisereotor of -antral Intelligence to directlalstratloo and fiscal snpervlslon oran its eatsoU ohnent. Slthf the Treasury >op*rtwnthe -cwutrolWr General,ar,lyuT, hse beenand 'its beentho syabcl number

In order to conrly with the) Presidential Directive

ofi6 lhat Die director of central Intelligence perforai such service* of cosKon .onccm x* the National In!<elll/<nce iuthorlty determlMK can t* sora effectively aococpllshad centrally, we now on behalf of tbewe represent, and In our capacity as wabcrH of tha National Intelligence authority, authorise tbs Director, suejoct to policies established by toe ^atlonsl Intelligence Authority, to control, aupervlfir.a'nlstor this working fund with full powers In reapxet thereto as sould otherwise have been exarolsed byovor the funds civttrlbutac to the working fund by our respectivelnclwrHag the powers ana sothor!ty granted by th* bllltary


Appropriation, and tho Naval Appropriation, approved July6 (Publichertaining to certificates of expenditurei and determinations of propriety of oxpenditurea.

lha director of Central Intelligence and hla authorised representatives shall arrange with your Uportawnti such proceduree, praotloos and controls an are woessary to Mot your ree(uireaente, andrking Fond, *er,l nhall be subject only to -recontrol of the "drector In aeoordance with pollalos oatabliahed by the National Intelligence Authority.

Actingof itate

.Vcretary of

of tbe Xaiy

oprenen'ative of the "resident.

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