Created: 7/24/1946

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cia historical review program release in full


analysis of


soviet-controlled german broadcasts


1. Kncloaed, aaupplement to OR*s an analynta ofGermanubject nothaiof Ibe Enclosure are summarized below.

i. Broadcasts from Soviet-controlled German stationa

marily to -domestic- affairsolitical and economic character. They see* to demonstrate the superiority of Soviet administration and theof life In the Soviet zoae as coitpn.eo with -he Brit.ah and American, with particular reference to food supply, reconstruction, tnduitrial rehabil!-latton, and denazification. They autively support the Communist Party In reporting Its ac-.lvitlea Ir. the British and U. S. aa well aa In the Soviet

3. Coverage of -foreigna United almost entirely. eonsidr.ation of toe German problem. activities in other cour.trle* are rarely reported, eacept to point up the perfidioua machination* ar the Br.tiah.



The NUrill carried on the network of Germana within the Soviet

icn. of occupation llne'.udinglir.follows the twmmntl

propaganda f Radio h an the f Sovi.l

foreign In addition, there la Rate, lal

that la designedor the population In the Soviet occupation rone.

Thia aiateilal ror Germans in the Soviet zone la concerned'. with "domvatlt- affai... On the political front, .re Included lengthy sad commentaries on the activities of German political partita, ti*<je anion organisations, speeches by pr - - figure., wordy polenic. on thef German political parties in in* Western ^ne* of Occupat.on. local eU'.-Unn resuUa, .nalyais of partynd long question*n the Issues of land reform, nai lon.Uzatlon,the need for political activitiese Individual Cermaa. etc.

On the economic front, in the category of

ationing new*, the need to wipe out blacktivl tie*, land reform measures, prospect*ood harvest, nal,oftalirationalks by trade union leaders, worksleciiono, fuiure economic for Germany, and details of Soviet agncul'.ural andor. aid.f cultural activities gets comparatively Small play, although Treqgeni -ention ad. nf the reopeningchools and the purge of Had profcasora and teacher*.

The genera', conclusion to a* dr*-n fro* the examination of 'domestic* broadca.ta 1* that the Soviets slant ctcrlal for the purpose oftne advantageommunistapitalistan. In the field of Inter-zonalonalderable attention Is given lo -om-partaona of adninl*trat Ion between the Soviet zone and the British, on the one hand, and the Soviet and the United States znnea, on the other. The .dvanl... of Soviet control as that of the t.rn Power.- are constantly illustrated. Per .sample, the rationing difficulties and ihe shortage Of food in theein zones ar. sharply com naiad with reported increase, in the Soviet .one. Tne failure of th* British andans to .radical* the Hill.rites In their tone- is cmphaaii.d. Contrast* In theeontiruc-.ion and industrial activity arc also described. The need ror onal economic unity onstantly mentioned and ay of report, from the British son. of occupation help to railed German, in theon. nf their advantageous position.

to buttrea. lht poaltlon of the German

lommunut Pai ly. Speaker, representing ihely.

lh# rat'iC'

" m.rU*. zones also, there

detailed accent, ofParty activity. vnich clearly favor this

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