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: PEPIOD M'D" eptember! Ens. HOTTER

BTjnX8)Ti fiiwi Operations

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T^ciric Semi Konthly Operations ; BREMEN for abovo


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s-wpsi": "While Division Germany" found toery smalltry at subversive activity CIC plans to arrestas soon as possible IGLOO has been, active andInformation. ORPHAN has been placed^^.

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AINT,AINT,aj. Grant, 7th A.


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2nd Lt., AUS ChiefCI



CI, Bremen





TO : CO;ermany.

SUBJKCTi Seoi-Monthly Operations Report.

j.. Headquarters of this Detachnent have been moved to, Hans des Reichs. Telephono number is Bremen Porth. Residence addressthoehor Heerstraase,his information should bo brought to tho attention of Registry and the Administrative Officer.

comprehensive report has been submitted duringinstant period ontrends in the Bremen area. This reportigost ofall sources available to this Detachment. Although actually an SI field

of coverage, the subject of political activity must of necessity become of para-aount CI interest. It is to be anticipated that aimer* any subversive potential will in its early stagebe inseparably bound up with some sort of political activity. For that reason political trends auat be carefully followed in order that such subversive potentials aay be detected at the earliest possible aceaent.

Interesting case ln the Enclave during the last month waa tbatFITT" of the "White Divisionermann BOLTERS, leadingin Bremen and Senator for Labor and Welfare in the Enclaveapproached by one Robertalias General PITT. This individualhe had come from Berlin at the direction of the Central Committee ofCommunist Party (KPD) with Instructions to coamisalon WJLTERS as headcomcunist organisation for northern Germany, the objective being theof the area first by parliamentary moans, and ln tho event ofsuch, then by armed revolt. PITT advisedeeting in September innear Darmstadt, to be attended by allfunctionaries of theand to ehloh WOLTERS was invited. In conjunctionwere nude to havo WOLTERS actually attend thin meetingIGLOO, agent of tnls Detachment. On September 2oth the two wereto Gross Gehrauivilian vehicle and with adequate covermeeting, however, did not live up to the advance publicity given itExcept for PITT and tbe Bremen representation, there were only threeother persons present. The conclusion drawn by BOLTERS and IGLOO andln by CIC aa wall aa thia Detachment is that PITT iscaaainiatdie-hard militarist attempting to sow dissension and discontent, similar,to the Frei/Korpe which emerged following tbe last war. The ideahave originated with PITT, and the movement appears to have littlethe precent time. In addition to the parties mentioned, only six othersto be involved, three of which have appeared in Bromen. For that reason

it is felt advisable in the absence of eny new developments not to give PITT any more rope but to arrast him upon his return to Bremen, thereby nipping the action in the bud. This matter ie boing set forth in detaileparate report.

b- IGLOO, io addition to furnishing information for the report on political trends and assisting in the cate of PITT, subaitted the following during the current periodi


List of KSOAP members employed at the Hauptbahnhof,poeltioos, date of entry into the Party and briefin each ease concerning their activity In th* Party. This information famished to Public Safety ofIC, British ASO, Bras en, and copyermany.

KSOAP members presently eaployed in the e'olinungsamt, Bremen, respective positions, dato of entry into the Party. Information forwarded to Public Safety and CIC for action, copyermany.

ePortl brwD of the Abwehr has been submitted, enclosing copies of reports by CIC and the Interrogation Center completed to date and smmmariiing the results of Investigation undertaken by all agendas Interested, nils was done In accordance with our policy, as staled In tho last operationso keep youabreast of all local developments in the matter,

6* stated in the report cited in paragraphecords of Nestthe Bremen marine Wenstelle were recoveredalt mine near theVcr**n- bes* record* hare been loaned by the Britishremenandcs*nt|ic:.

of all pertinent microfilm material on thehis in return for assistance to ONI ln the processing of the same. This willashington's request.

7. Interrogation has been undertaken of Friodrlch Wolfgang BLAUU, alias BAIWANN, Abwehrgent in Madrid, arrested in Bremen by CIC. His arrest was reported by cableondon toeply was received requesting Subject's interrogation re details of therganisation in Spain, and also re tho sabotaging of the Italian vessel CBSXA ln rhicfa be was believed to bave takeneport is to be submitted on this interrogation.

6. nothing of CI interest has been reportedBQ1 during the current period.

together with his ubmitted valuableInclusion in the report on political trends in Breaen.

has been placedf

the absence of any actual ,


subversive activity. ORPHAN hae been instructed toeekly report onis obsorvationsL

rJBand economic matters and any fecal points of

opies of CIC and Interrogation Center reports, alsoublications of interest have been regularly forwarded.

ALLANUNTER Ensign, USKR Cosmianding


CIal. GfiAKT,CI Breaen

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