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L Praject

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"PECIFiC Partial Progress Repert ef


SOURCE; Fleyd H. Johnsan


STOPS!*! artial repert. aiOCCASiW

are subject, remaining operations to be eubaittot at a- date. tvtuv<


inill^ Hrport (iiteehed)



CI OTICE"CH'Rrs Neuville




SUBJECT; Projeot Report

TO : Chief, SCI, Berlin

1. Tho following projects ore being utilize d. by SCI, HQ Berlin District.

reference progre so

and project report of SCI, BorllnDistrict doted .

vettlngma llod


Hqs OSS Mission for Germany in the flrat part of

To date the form has not been completed and/or

rouults havo not boon sent SCI, Berlin.

over, has completed tho first of her. she has established contact with thofT

Jend now workseporter fo? theirpublished in the Russian zono.

voryne of tho

heads of JQnd through this friendship has managed to become a wory active member of thla political organization.

During thia period

SCI Berlin with Information which enabled thoo apprehend Col. Rudolph, former head of the Abwehr


Subject, since his ontry into Berlin, hoa been in contoct with two organizations of the NKVD. One is an independent unit and reporto directly to Moscow, and the other iu the hoadquarters HKVD in Berlin. Subject discloses the following information concerning the OB, of tho NKVD ln Berlin.

'1QS HKVD BERLIN r_ V Tddrosfi:tr. Grunau

" cnwol Kajpraaond ln command

1st Ltnterpreter and opa.

V Moccasin is on very friendly terms with General MIKELEWITSCH and with Col. ANTONIUK, and can visit them socially or otherwise at any tine. Subject states that ones brought Dr. Sauorbruch to Grunau for treating the General's girl friend for gonorrhoea. According to Moccasin Col. AMOBKI'JK la the better known of the two. All Moccasin need do at anytime to travel

mm r

in Hussion ter.-itorj Is to mention Col. Antoniuk. On one ocasslon Subject loft tbo cityivilian car Just by mentioning the name. Col. Antoniuk was also in charge of the penetration ofhrwolf organization in tho firot days after tho fall of Berlin. Moccasin was offered ikely prospoot for this penetration, but he refused to do this work. Subject statea that the Russians did havo many contacts with this underground wovercnt, but he doesn't know how ie Mnal outct

He, KuVKUGKABM STB, Iierlln Hit toRoporta dlrecTly to BR8IMajorhief Mn lurnil

Majorin command

ivilian who is an independent operator and is not responsible to anyone in Berlin. Hls reports go directly to. are not routed through Major ORLOPP. According to Subject he Is one of the very old members. speaks several languages, is olways in civilian clothes, and woo in Berlin when the Russians first entered.

VD unit on Buporgrabm Str. is one of the many independent units which operate in the Russian


zone,s statedre rea-ponsible to no ather unit in. the channels aro to ^oacow. Fhese units not only sond reports on tho regular work, but they also send reports on the other units. According to Subject each uniten to spy on the other units. After the reports arc compiled ln Moscow thoroorm of efficiency report on all units working in tho Berlin area.


Thefo has not, as yet,omplete Order of


Battle*prepared on the NKVD troops in Borlin. Porpart of Koccasin's mission he is attemptingan On of tho NKVD in Berlin. Thothis con not be accomplished through any oforganizations, but it can bohis connections with the HQs NKVDGrunau, headod by General *ajorio going again on the 5th or 6th of OctoberHikelewitsch. rief is being preparedmission, and the resultsbe posted inproject

^ -

was arrostodh of Sept aftor being denouncederabor of the NKVD in Schoqnberg.

f I subtief-"wlna Vith Frl

(1 j. Upon first interrogatldn by the under-

denied> any connections with the NKVD, hutore aovere interrogation Subject admitted hla connections. 7? Jgave the addrosa of the wg. rendezvous point fn Schoenberg, which la the Hoto Kaehlojlght club, and black-marketnner of the club, had alroady been picked up questioned by CIC because of his activities vJlth the NKVD, but had later been released.

copferlng with Col. Berdlng it wasbe treated as an informant. If he


could"resume contact with the rhisslans (seo below) he woo to be ro^arded

8inco fcho entry of the Amerioans Into

(ty Berlin, has boon awaiting orders from Captformer chief. His attempts to contacj; THISner in vain; alsonot ono

of the informants who was to report to tho Rote Fuehle, contact was eomewbst difficult to arrange. uubxkz On thof Sept, however, the undorsigned had ono of tho loss important members of the Rote Muehlcr informant circle, arrested. This was Taaall KARAKASIDIS, Oreok PTi who wosC*^


eorklng fcr Capt SCH6flunoiA or the MID'through tho

pass just as the


agents had finished the arrest. KARAKASIDIScontact hia alstross and tell her thof. "Jcontootod the mistress, ond told hor that he had seen KARAKASIDIS arrested

y the amoricana, and that he had been questioned ctivities with tho Ruesicna. he should report this to the

Russians,however, told her that he had not

been in contact with his chief since the Americans hsd entered. HESCHK told/' to report to Alexander- latz _und.Qieji would direct hfm to she proper place tc. eport tho incidence. ^jh^htiLto?

Subject went to lj.ex&ndor-;la^ and wad'" taken to"efor on SchunaShfitr ll}'. "XZ " toldback the nextidoy. YfnenSubjecthe wasass and directed to Luisenstrreporting to Luiaenstr Subject told that hearrested by the Americans In connection with histhoWithout further

was escorted to ^MTlppstrTTl. While there Subjectln detail atf-nit"tTftTne'thod of interrogation,was taken to Kastanlen-Allee at the cornerStr. told to write

everything down which had nappened: i) who hod arrestedi) how did the agentll) whore was hev) how did the room look where the interrogation wasl) how long,the



importance himself.

The question of controlmostly to

our advantage since his business, Tiome, and mistress

in our zone.. fears tho worst from the

If. his mission is not successful, because from tho

wo were handle him rather roughly, ^nder

circumstanceon 7hos and will workthis Unit.

The best possibilitiesnaturally

spring from his future contact with Hamutow, his forraor chiof, If, however. Subject is not contacted by Mamutow in the near futuro he will be sent backthe address ^ivon him on his lost mission. Subject can accomplish this without complications since he ves asked to report any future developments.

latest developments is thst^ ,shedow'ed for on entirean inlaterd withivilian automobile. He hoo given a of this

The penetration of tho Wehrwolf organization by subjoct

iser vetting returns. In the meantime,


xw (is soon as the

sci Berlin will bo in the

still running the SCl rendezvous

position to utilize her contacts to ourmo->

te Via, **


. m house ana is also holping in many ways. As soon as

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