Created: 8/22/1945

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SUUZCTl It. axiiais Visiter

Co.i'iumiineJsv-utrichti Holland

1. it to int.rorii co Lt. William Vlsaur ofther landis Atuq vho wus employed by this organisation fro-

r, ; . t an observer.

Lt. Vi&bor 'then Sergeant) demonstrated unusual Mykitude l'or this type cf work. He rerfomed overy aeeigm^nt ^iven to him, not only to our complete eatlefaotiont but with distinction, or thef which he hex been recommended by ua lor theService Cross.

r. Wo recot^endoner to all Unitwl Jtuteenstallationeoax iu ooabact-in theia present ii.tieu.

letdnin. Officer

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