Created: 7/8/1946

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6 Jul;-

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Tha Secretaries ofnd theeed

Enclosure rA"ithout change.

dadral Leahy objected to tie use of the word "agent" inf that Enclosure because Its legal BeESOttttM might lsply unwarranted freedom of the Director of Central Intelligence to act fcr the national Intelligence Authority. The Director of Central concurred that theof such an interpretation of that paragraph was undoairable, end explained that it was intended only to authorize fcir. to act for tho Authority in enaurL-ig that its policies and objectives ere properly Implementedxecuted. It wasagraeJ that this paragraph should betot clear that the Authority la no- rsllnQuishlai Ita aupervision and control, and to protect free unauthorised interferencerights of departmental Intelligence agencies to collect, evaluate, correlate and disseminate cepariceatal intelligence. '

J. anelcsure "A"a therefore being circulated as

. Directiveith editorial revision cf paragraph 3

thereof to read as fol-owss

a addition to the functions specified Ir.r the Prasidan-'s latter and, l, the Oirectcr is hereby authorises ami directedct for this

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