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Bo you know why you are here*

Queetlon will you

. Office Tientsin, Secretary HSIAO of the ChineseL8CM and. LAYTOKj ssa^ijCapt.

hins: so. give us your full nnaef FRITZ XHHE. Wort IB your'HITZ iHIWjJ

Where were "oil UUfflT

Xborn onh March, WIS Intheor your birth what oltltenshln had,

I had German dl 11

What la your f

. went to eoiiobl for one yto Berlin wherehe Hldenburgntered the Tachnlcrl Unl aiplneprlnc. UpS to FelolnK t" a"he two Governanota. *

erslty at Berlin aneCh t. This wPe arranged JJ^JJ^.

, fromentKnarae" ae

iVent touppor

I atnyadigned on board aat Ban Pedro ana

Inisit with introductl arrived In the States at the Than signedhat did you do during that yeart

i waa staying with frlende. you have anyT.

Where did you receive your money?

And your Vher*

a had noriey and did odd Jobs. Inarrying scrap iron and lunSer to Japan

oopra fron the Phllllplnes. ound .



irth with DcPiur Factory narvUe at tS and of November or midden ly^tr'Sntng at Bertenetein innfantry S:

Japrn,hen bpck to San Prancleco then after Mr years abannce from Uemnny got orders to go hoae eo this suited aa nicely. Got hoae in9 to Berlin. Aa sooneachedntered theniversityad not prseed ny final expmlnptlon. Prepared for that exnmlnation and gredueted with dlploeee In War broke out let Beptenber. At the end of July and beginning of August aadetrip to ay fatnar and Bother in Drntlg. Caae back than got *Demng Fnotory at Dulaburg. as "Blind for allltsxy

_ e

flm was eppOBUed by tbo German Gove rat l< t( Siberian ehlpaente froa the Far frat and vies-




Introduced to title firm and entered It with training for three or four weeks in general enloping matters. Thay than sent me hut to toe Far East to Shlpraento aoatly

went to Japnn. at thatenber of the Oamanasie there and theyad to go andedical

examination. aa not wearing uniform.


.ere you

1 waa dlschargsdnterad. ave la ay

paecoort. They did not allow me to tska eny paper* with ae.



inrrlw at thia In tbe beginning ofeft Berlin. In ay capacityof Shipping to the Far Enat and arrived 8th"In Konchull .win. travelled, viahere Ia regular shipping clerk on tha platfora and In thaotoyed there until end of October thea went for tba1 ra to Dalrena atsy In Harbin where thefloe ofra la situated. In LVlrea, during-ot In contact with ay former friendsanxious to enter my proper line of profession agflIn soto Berlin to see If they bad eny ob^eoteions. refused. Bo ontuitay own fromof HAHACriERt CO.frorf tbe letwentto Tientsin. SincelBve done theend business her*. First tha flm Intended to putKnncuuris. to build up their technical busmen* there butnot work out as very soon the laport rnd export buslneMvery auoh interrupted eo there wae nobuild up anyualneeathis plan waa given up f

Old you

Meloners staffegularft Go. werellybig egg powder factoryof

.then were

ever leave Ohlnat^-ite"

I waa in you in Japan*

taa* aoea an*wwaical induatry and ooal

nisited our officehad taken up connection'withAluminium Wqr>a.

epeclnl woriTrTg' huTTpTanf for* oM11

ainee and ateel. how long did you reaaln In Japan'

Stnyed two weeks. Have you made any otner vlslte outside Chlnr'

I stayed In Shanghai? only ten days or two veeka.

*Mt was the purpose of that vlsltf

That wasinished my tern as nn exchange student end want

to Shanghaihip to go boae.

nhen were you narrled?

I narrled In

citizen of Oeraahy. 1


Here, In Tientsin

U^nd to whom'

I aet ay wife shee-cretnry In tbe

"7* You live with your wife an

naae waawTJHMSr^ChgBjsind sheave one

Srlfc Shell.

1 liveriends* house In Edinburgh Roadhad tc move. ived beforeetrlngyou lived al eny other address eince you lived st Detrlnghad to leave moot of sty furniture there.


Did you stsy last night, Edinburgh Road' lea.

one or tlj

Ie that nil -ou want to tell ua*

You are mostly Interested In ny work at the

exchange etudente, he worked at. He waa very alok and died at Harbin.Ma nean wee VULLWKBEH. When he want baok to Berlin tnere was nobody in the office who knew anything rbout the Par Eastee supposed to stay nut here and writ* for Instructions. oo Ins. -n Tokyo I

BaU^ tcld bp bluntlyA

He waa Representative between the German tof Japanese Oovernients in oonneetlon with the Antl-Ccaanltern Pact, 'here you told to see hint


build Inge

N'o. aa curriedee not surehould aek for sked hlnid not know what ay statue wne. rote an epplloatlon to Mr. Melelnger to ask if there were any objections for me to marry and he telegraphed haok "Inothing to do with you but there is no objection? "hat le the neme or nle circle?

, and Xr. Helslnger belonged did you know hie

Everybody you know hie nane


much were you paid '

Iiuch were you puld

X an not euro. In Berlin there were twoaetnpo end one wre the'Gestapo/. There were two different

Did How How

Coining at ofho wna In oharge of the


He wee killed In Prague. Voo waa in chary* of your eeotlont

and wne

th- first relieved by

Thecoaprleedeer Cast andwaa by ths nnne of

ther people were there In the ofrioe at that tine?


There were two people who were coverlnr the Russianthe Balticvera theirrnawer.


^Idd any reports Trap C'tlnr to Gemirnyt

X did send one report about theede on ray- trip through Soviet Rueelaaae out here. Vo wnon did you aend that re-port*

I gave It to tha Oarnnn Ambits aador In Japan Mr. 8

. did you give It to

In AurvBt or

Where did yau give it

In Kanchm.ia?5hi^ pacing nn^ii Mhft

i -.

addressed to

I don't roaenbar. a verya excited, 1nana*..

Were you told to nend tbat report and how nuch were you paid by


Nothing, 'no asked you to do It'

. asked ae to do it. What wee hie name?

r ofble to reoall. Are you

tooky etrong fellow auo There ar* about elx naaee which you have acquaintedna named

In hla Tn^eung. then did you ate hla flret"

In Pekingd you never eeen hla before'

What were hla relatione with the German Government? Who pointed hla out to you' Mr. MUELLER. /

What la nia

Ho answer.

Have youHTverseenpapere referring to CHARLES SCHMIDT? Who talked ebout hlaT

Tho Germann aald heestapo man andad nana for

d smoking andastou knowIBMOEH'

I met him In Tokyohen did you aeet hla again?

of Josflfaw. name

HKMCL vaaSeere! Where had you over heard hi

Don't renember, now did you know that was his nane?

Weot sbout tnese peonle nnd heery good linguist. Do you know Miff Km?

I know hla. What la nie firston't know.

hAVoa kA/UKKf

aet0 In Job then'

He was connected withaatapothinkknew heknew he was going to be sent out to the PVr Bast.

"Do you now remember Mr. NUKLLEK's first nsae'

* Oentaoo Chief in


ou know the names of any. nen in China?

Tnere wee HUDOU CLAVA/who died Inon't want to know (MM who died".

nle euooeeeor from Berllnwhoeena WOUXKIM, Chief of* tarnant the nente, sen here In Cnlnr?

Tne Oestspo?taoo oen then.

-AJOR bOMS wre in Snnivhel. Old youhla'

net hla, "he eent records to Berlin. Vhn alue vaa thera here In Tientsin? s

In Peking Mr.L^fl na lived Inoan Is he'

He IBa he tnere now'


lid you neet hla aany

Did you Band any reports to hla?

Dla ou ever reoelve any instructions or money?

pay ay expenses,ember of

He said be whs told you that you

Did he tall'you thai tea.

Did It notoluntarily unde

member'oft'. iv*

Nothing. elkedKISIKOER he tolr, ne to obtain information aboutd send it to Tokyo to hla. Old he offer you any payment for doing this?

Whet In the

So you Tel

as a

neon't kn Have vou ever heerd

*ttft Is .'is first nasie?

X don't know. When did you eeo

Two years ago at the Semen Club. Did you know heember of the Gaetnng? Ho.

Where doeB he live?

X don't know, only erw hln In Peking. Can you none some other nen in Slmnghni who worked for. or GcGtaoo?

Just from hareaay, KAhribB,are the namea. of Bone of the Oernen offloera who have beennot in German Army but paeelng through fromonly remember thereilitary Attache from Toklo who made

A Bpaedh-lri?tha GeroanIntelligence" here or lii Shanghai? ' Shanghai, only in WM,

ot know b, pun

his rank In the GermanWE^^F"

I don't know whether he badrany rank.

lo ma first naee? ZZli

Z cm not eure. aw nia) lest Spring of thlenhat waa hla street addreeet

He was living In the compound of the SerpenWhen vou cane to Chin? were you given any card or letter or Identification of youraelf by


Were you Instructed to reoort to certain oereone after lenvlni* Germany' Ho.

Where did you learn to soeak English?

At thechool and out here In China end in the United States. Did you have any Instructions from any officer of. to make report* or Mr6 eny part of your expenses paid?

enenber my boss in Berlin. Zt wsndid you flret Beet

Only saw him onoentered. ruildlng, $id not

meet bin personally. Who else did you ceet in the building*

Just the fellows withas vorMng. Others were working

with the Russian Section did not meet ne ve were not allowed to

go to the other ofricea. Is there any meaber of. here In TlentBln now?

m eure. Did you ever visit offlceB of the Japanese Oendarnerie?


Did you ever receive any money to send any comnunicntlo.-ifl?

you acquainted wltn Kr.

When did youHtBfrrwy

Z aet hint on the tram oft By way out. In Moscow.

You saw hla in Moscowt 'V",feirMilL^ kiftii

i met hits when Uie'trein.,left Moscow. en travellingind ClassSV^niojhree days after leaving

Moscow. The train was full' of Jews exoept for two or three.

One, on offloer of the Oerman Lutwaffe, heery fpmoue

flyer and travellingourier to the Embpsey Inwas the other

Iemember. Have you seen Mr. BISKKIK sinceime'


Hove you heard about him? What have you heard nbout hie?

He was once in Peltalho. Did he use hie own name'

They called him SIEVKIN. What did they talk about hla. Why did you ressemher his nrne' nave you seenKIH In Tientsin?

I don't know. When was he In Peltalhof Last year.

What about Mr! BttHnKDT? Hihsl other naaWTfoee heunawer.

^on'J you'lfBoW mat TiB CSUe plmwelf EIsBHTRAEOSfi?

never heard.xofo Inojr Mr. FRITZ WEIDEKAmV Did you ever send him resorts?


Did you-ever attend rec^tlone, meetings,it te svr'vlri: you*




Did rou ever writ* any lnforoation. to his or did you receive any lDforMtl< from bin'


you dlemleeed from. before you loft Germany*

red Hpmacher. Mr. VTEIDEHAM knew youatriotic Oornan clolien eo did Dr. ZOK!.

They knew that you were doing work for Oeraany In the war and IWIL IH"*"

f they wanted raporta you woula" prepare then. How many reoorta have you aede to Hr. WF.IWMAJ*


Did they ever aek you to sake reportet No.

Would It surprise you to know that Hr. weidehan eaya dlffeBantlyf Tea.

Wm you deeorlba your physical condltlont Are you In eood condition*

n. What lnflraltlea. If any. have you*

I an rather near sightedt eyea,ear glaaena. Do you suffer from eny other-phyeical Inability*


How have you been treated*

1 have been treated very wall.

Tha stateaente you have given to ue were given voluntarily* Yes, were given voluntarily.

How does it happen that you were not oelled to Germany for Militaryave done ay tnree nontha compulsory Military la the rule for people of my agenow there wereew Oeraan people who left by blockade boats but were refuaed, not accepted, and aa farnow after they caae to do Military eervlea In Germany order oaae to keep then out here.

Wnon woe that order received'

X am not jure whether It waa ao but that waseard. Must

..beenAutuan of"

8 you understood'that'you would not be expeoted to return to Oai


How did you feoelTe that work* Has It official*

id not get any orrlolal notification, thla all went through

tha Oonnuaate .Did vou personally reoalva any oall to enter the German Hllltary aervloe*


What allltary rank did you hold*

No rank,rivate. Have you heard whether you were forcerly dlacharged froa the Germany Army or were you put on


Areeservist in the Oeroen Army* Yea.

Have you any paper**

They are ineft with ay oarents. Were you everoldler'a Book'

Yea, It le also In Berlin. You were eubjeot to be oelled for duty If you were recueeted'


You ware not exempt'

There are different draft statue; 'eubetltute' waa alne,

Why were

. ever fouiK. out the real^Mj

Mot bdo'auBo of your eyes. Thnro are nuiny men In the German army with' fjfiif; vision than yours. you exempted beoeuee of. oonneottfcfrneT

. took me away from the Army. They took stepa to eee that you should not be teken Into the Army* Mo answer Were youender of theo

Did 'you ever undertake any mleslona or errende for tbeever had any. y

What about Mr. rj^KKUST^

giT'al in mil about ay two weeke trip to Telngteo.

What did thie report concern*

It concerned the potentiality of the Japaneee forces In tbaof Tslngteo ae Tar ae defence and production plans and to forth.

When you thoee reporta you knew they were being made to the Anwr.HR wld you knew that the AB'^Hhranch of the Oeroan Hllltery Intelligence? Xee.

Do you know what eeotlon of the ABWKHH received theeeave no Idea.

I ahow you two note booke. Klrat onehiny black cover. Are theee your proporty?

My wife's. For what purnoae wee thin book kept?

As farnow, my wife wee In Germany for one year end put the

addressee of her friends in there,year waa your wife In Gere any?

Did you ever uee that note-book Tor any purpose? Mo.

iou never aade any entries In It? howecond note bookrown lnltatlon leather cover, and eak If thie Is you book? Xee.

Did you asks all of the entries In this book*

Tee, X'

I showaell slip of paper and aak you what

Expensesad and another slipou what that,la?

est report of Wcetlnghoun/ Rcgrlgerator and/Iftyentory^of

private belongings made nhpAt three days ago. See this oard of fr YPIT

Muot be my wltfe. Another card Trom soce/nan, can ehe write Chinese or Jepeneee?

Mo. . /

Card eatepo this Spring end hets;lng at

Feiplng. Did he rive you tile oard?

Wo. He gave It to ay wife. H> stayed with ua Inow long did be etay?

He etayed one week In Tientsin and then went to ShanghM. He

la now in Pelplng.

How long did he stay In Tientsin on hla way back froa Shenrhat to PelDing?

About one week. Wnen was that?

Beginning of MarchLTZ go under any other

NO,"notnow.told you that heember of the Oeetnpo?

Rat told me on his return froa Shanghai.


Didtell you whoie boss .in

cuTBBH. here >ie Mr. SULTZ now?

, He le In Pelpiag at No,o Yen Who did Hr. SULTZ aeet when he was In Tientsin?

He went to aee Mr.else did he

He didn't visit anybodymet hla old TatcnSt.

Ir. Harbin. Hr. FltASZ HARKS.t. mtu*here does Hr. HIMZ live?'

He lives on Race Course Road. What did Mr. SULTZ discuss with Mr. HIKZt


When Hr. SULTZ told you that heember of the Gestapo hla? Did you tell hla that you weret

He knew. He showed his paper Wps he surprised because you didaper.

Wo, he did not askhow you the cardY- RfiHr.ftBTfijf' i9 that your wlfe'b writing?

Mo, leajmeonc elaeB'-wrlting. Does he know youestapo nan?

_Mrs. TAMSSR'.

oneoclol friond of ay wife's. Does your wife have any acqualnatancee in Jepan?

former friends who moved in to Japan. Any frlende In Hanchurla?

these entries' hese are

Yes, she was born innow you In the brown book at page Will These are acquaintances of nine; Mr. oheck asrke for Christines oarda. When did yo6 aend that card, last year?uot have been the rftf Did you aend 1 IBB. FUKLUCHlkl, did you Yea.


ent If entries have the sane ae

Sent separate Chrll

He la the Manager of our firm He la the only person whom youhrlstaae and


Why did you preserve thiseoord of Chrietaae oarda eentorgot about It.

You tore out nany peges. The entries In it ore ell In your writing. Did you tear theae pages out?

Theae of peoplfe you did notn Hulden. "Ft aee under

o .'he was with ^na-lftwa***

eend enrde to' Hainking the name o

He was an. "ther naae under Hal

He wae Secretary Do yoa know him well?

i metew tin le heember of the B.

id. Vt waa used in the offloe ae the book was not ueed eny moreut you hove preserve* these paget

WHAT le hie duty? rman.einkl


. on't iai What Ikret neMl

Start* with il W. Do you know of an/ other people In HBlnklngT Do you

XbS^^JHIJC. he la now In Pelolng. Do youany aooiei rrienda In HeInking'

nlyhort tine, only peering through. You din notard to then.

Perhape ay wife did. You entered these namee here. Por what purpose* Did you put theee name In the book'

I put ay eaqualntanoea In tha book to remember so that

How doe* It heppen that the check anrk*he names are In Ink and thee

nairiea nre In pencil'

i on'tjlfnow.

he died last year.

e waerla of


HAMir bQ

You kept hla on your llet?



I haven't seen thle Hot ror about two yenre. In Dalren: who le J, wiwsnA/f

ed.'by Hamac

He wee eleo ea ployed. KlhSHSAUM, who le he'

Heember oferaan Fl Do you know hln well.

I aet hla once'in the office; he waa heed of the Baal Party organiteUon In Hanebukuo.

Who la


What le hla

He leo you know hla betterhy did you notou knew many people 1

Hot rr =,

You knew aany peopl

Ky wife *ent Under 'City Tokyo" "

Manager of Do you know hla well He wae en

Thle nam* Dr. RICHARDhat la hie Job'

TIP ibnrrr,lin-Emb>isay Inttache.

Hllltsry Attache*

Ho HaealAttache- something to dowe pa. per. News Atinoae.

You did not aendhrlBtaea card'

I don't

Che next naae la the naae of XOEX1N, what la hla flrathink wvwra

Whet la hla

new from Berlin. et hla and Mr. EoeuLb pasting

apan at the end of

Whatr. KOEOM'a

I don't know what occupation he*V"

lie working for the Oeraan

ot "'

le this your pareonnl

Mo. Offloe accounta.


I nlow you tba entries made upe'Ega'down onill you explain.

Tbee* are weather entr'lea of baroaeterhen did you begin making theee weather reports*

I rot the baroaeterresenttarted asking then16th you made thane entries up to endh October. Vhy did

At thated tojaoate ay flat. Did you etUl bate thee*.

Whet other instrument* did you possess'

1 have the baroaeter andle your

1 didn't develop any hobby here, played oard gnaee with ay wire


Youtrap collector.

Did not collect for two years or more Juet collected them for

friends In Germany. Do you nave any hobbles in coensotlon with electrldl.ty or radio'

No,sed to eake all Installations myself. Did you everadio sending or reoelvlng set'

No, have no knowledge ofyou remember this; You went to. Sohool to study radio forand you learned how

Studied code sending andon't

these eigne, are you an experienced

X aaa You did etudy It for

Yes, .ending Whpt other subject* did

Ho etudw, Juel

nothing else. Later went to. School'

Mo eobool. When you went to. you said you


Wbet subject were you en authority on'

Ho eubjeot et all. Just general affairs. Since tie aurrender of Germany have you had any experience with any person* woo *sked you to help tbea oonceal property!

Mo, nothing like tbat. what about the Company* have there been any book-keeping ahanges'


Have you made any effort to oonceal your property*

Did you own your 'Own hone*


Did you own your furniture* Tee.

.hat elae of value did .

I had tiotMng

Have you told any Jewellry


Did ehe have


Froa beFT>arent*.

Who did lh* sell than tot

Tohen waa the last euoh ltea sold*

It nust have been tbe beginning of tale year when ay aother-ln-lnw

was here*

Have you heard eonvereatlon aaong other Oeraan renldenta here aa to vbere and how they ware concealing thelr^property*

Ko, they don't talk aboutyou ever aeet BUQRH

Did you ever Meet Dr. i -

Ho,you ever aeet

He la wllh the/flrl of Kelcher* here, be waa ataylng her* lo

Tientsin, what le hi* wlf*'* nam*'

What wea nil cOHneotlon with tut* Geroen Oovernaeat'

I don't Know. Did he work for 8IFICIN*


He worked for SIKH. Would you tell ua If you did know.

ould Did you know

Ho, never Did youe Did you

Who elee anywt

Don't know any. Were youart of EHHHARDT'* organisation*

Mo, never. Did they ever ask you to Join'

Mo, exaept for Mr. FKULLKR'jg aeklng ae to nake reports of Tsln^teo, Those reports went to EHRHARDT'e Bureau*

on'tnly talked to Mr. FrULi*RUO. Did PEULURUG have anyrmy or Navy people working for bla*

I don'ta^a

cid rouear of tha RElCHBSircKlj-^lTBDiaaTT y

Tnls le thegbslbta.'Hftcurlt> IUH jlWeWtr parallei to Oeetapo. .hat le the group you worked for wnen you rerer to In*'


Whnt ABWKHH groupelohBBle"hnrheltedlenet part



Bid you


inone further up in Harbin

"lo you know the names of tbe Gergym agents of the EHRHARD7 Organisation


You toldn Ht

or lu '

Did you know the German Coneul in Harbin?

did he tfTtve working for hln as an agent1

Don'tid not ever hear of any. whs Dr.ember of eny Oeraan Orgaaaeation?

I don'ton't think bo. Did you

ByDid you ever talk to Ambneaador STAHKBR?

I did at Manchull, he oane passing through when he oonoluded the Paot with Japanmail hotel where all the Germane net hla. Did you ever talk to Ambassador STAMMERo.

Do you know eny of toe Sieaeneeople In Tientsin'

now Mr. What le hie riret name?

Xnow. Did LORENZENhinese name?

Every foreignerhinese name. on't know where henow where the offlco/ls. You mentioned Mr. WAUISii iiEIZH Yes.

What did- you tell ae hla flret name wae? Did you ever hear

X thinklo



HR? No,

jiow hiio. it


Did you ever neetjlRATKJE In Shanghai? No. Have you heerd of+fttaronyrrs puttkahfj?

T? Never heard of hii

Do you think heemberon't know. JJiiR&jlL Never heard of him. HAB^A

TV Yee, He le In Peking. TV What is hie first none?

I don'there did he live?

He llTed at the EX-Auatrlnn Eaboeey in Pelping/ Was KEHH11AHAW

hVe"heftrd oTrhlfflT-

You know what with Mr.

I. will aak

member of the EHHHARDTnow.

in. Did you deposit any ofi

s ii?eceipt for personal property

jDroperty with friends for

. Mr. L. JULIAJ. Bnare does

don'to works in our Coapnny.i left other property vltb other people*

Yes. Mr. CHI. Vbnt le hie first naae end where doee be live?

He has hla office on the corner of Brie tow Road end Rue Du

Chaylard. Whet did you leave with hla*

I left one caae of cutlery, case of Books,ases Have you left any property with anyone else*


Where has your wife left her Jewelle* She ha* thea with ber.

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