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Saddam Bpsaka

Saddam's latest statement broadcast0 EST reaffirmed his determination to fight on, labeled the US the aggressor in the current conflict, and repeated threats against Israel and Saudi Aral.a. ESW

Tvo Terrorist Incidents

A powerful bomb exploded today in anoffice in New Delhi, according to pressInterests in Milan also reportedly were the targetsseparate firebonbings. further detailsas

Updates on Official Reactions to Desert Storm

lo Europe:

Albania. The Albanian Foreign Ministry calledeasefire and the earl ljst possible withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait.


expressed support for the attack, but the need to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Denmark. Copenhagen regrets the outbreak of war but blames Iraq. The Danes have reiterated their willingness to join in any UN peacekeeping operations. |py

European Community. The EC has asked member states to educe oil consurptionercent--"

Finland. The government regrets that force has had to be used and urged only the minimum necessary to liberate Kuwait.

Prance. Paris participate in only.

reiterated that French forces will operations against Iraqi forces in Kuwait

Kohl blamed Iraq for the war, but the leader of the opposition Social Democrats said he will call in the Bundestag for an immediate ceasefire and Iraqi withdrawal.

Oreece. Prime Minister Mitsotakis reiterated Creek support for the UN resolutions and said Creek forces have been putpercent alert status.

Italy. Tha Italian Senate haa authorized ItalianGulf under us command.

Netherlands. Dutch forcea have been placed under US command in the Gulf.

Norway. Prime Minister Bruntland cautioned that developments elsewhere in the Middle East should be considered once the war ia over.

Portugal. Lisbon has publicly supported coalition actions. Pfl

Romania. Bucharest called the attack on Iraq "Justified.

Spalo. The Foreign Minister has said Spain will not send more forces to the Gulf. Prime Minister Gonzalezeaceful aolution is still possible if Iraq withdraws but underlined the unity of the EC and the international community.

Sweden. Sweden has not explicitly supported the UN-authorized attack on Iraq, but condemned Saddam's. occupal . n of Kuwait and Jtifcl him to withdraw.

Switzerland. Bern is dismayed at the outbreak of war but again condemned Iraqi intransigence.

Turkey. Varllament has approved the government's request to permit Turkish and foreign forces to launch attacks on Iraq from Turkish bases. An opposition leader celled for Turkey to stay out of the war.

United Kingdom. London is pleased with the progress of operations. The Ministry of Defense has publicly confirmed the RAF lost one Tornadoircraft in the Kuwait theater.

Vatican. Pope John Paul expressed his sadness at the outbreak of hostilities in tha Gulf, saying "war cannot be an instrument for solving problems between nations" and callinguick end to the war.

Elsewhere io the World:

Indie. The Indian Prime Minister said he hoped the war in

the Gulf would be over quickly.

Indonesia. President Suharto called for the war to end quickly so fresh efforts to solve other Hiddle Eastern issues such as the Palestinian problem could begin. y

Iran. Iranian President Rafsanjani reaffirmed his country's neutrality and denounced the US-led air strikes on Iraq. Rafsanjani said the US should not be allowed to extend its influence too far in the region and claimed

the American military was killing innocent Muslims.

Ivory Coast. Military headquarters' officials responded "God Bless America" when informed of Desert Storm by US diplomats.

Jordaa. overnment spokesman denounced the "brutal onslaught" against an Arab and Muslim people.

Malaysia. The Foreign Minister expressed his government's regret over the outbreak of hostilities and urged Iraq to leave Kuwait. BM*

Dorthinistry of Foreign Affairs spokesmanow-key statement praising thees for their efforts to restore peace and security.

Papua-Hew Guinea. Prime Minister Hanaliu expressed, his government's support for US actions in the Gulf. *

Philippine*. President Aquino addressed the nation0 local time to express her government's "support without reservations" for the US-led campaign against Iraq, according to the US Embassy in Manila. &kf

PLO. The PLO leadership accused "The US-Israeli-European coalition" of "cowardly aggression" against Iraq and said it should be opposed "on all levels.' LO spokesman also claimed his movement did not support terrorism, fjp^pj

Singapore. The Foreign Ministrytatement expressing its support for the military actions taken by the multinational force in the Gulf. f>

South Africa. Foreign Minister Botha pledged his government's full support for Desert Storm.

South Korea. The Information Minister statedsupport the United States-led South Korea also decided to

transportation of US-led multinational forces, kmtmt

Syria. Aa0 EST, Damascusottatement on the Gulf criaia. aaaaj

Taiwan. Taipei voiced full aupport for the US-led military effort and urged Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait.

Thailand. Thai Premier Choonhaven told the US Ambassador that he backed the US-led attacks on Iraq and said the tens of thousands of Thai workers in the Gulf region vould help the allied war effort. HBHB

Tunisia. President Ben Ali expressed his country's dismay at the news of the outbreak of war and called upon the Security Council to take actions to end the conflict in accordance with international legitimacy.

Vietnam. The Vietnamese governmentwift end to the Cight'ng.


Public Protests and Violence

Yemen. Yemeni radiorief report claii Israel was participating in the strike on Iraq.

Mauritania. Thousanis of pro-Iraqi Hauritanians staged an angry demonstration today against the US-led attack on Kuwait. hb

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