Created: 6/7/1950

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tsasusxat roi chalraan, Jinc

Chalraavu JBCC

Cbairoan, JSC Chairnan, JuVXO Chairman, JU3IC


Tbets fl th meeting onpprovedropoaal for preparationeal annual report oo SC accee^MHhaanta for tba period froa lta aatabllahaent through ISD.

Taa purpose af taa report la to bring together, for tha laf ornmUon of taa DCI and ether Interestedoopilation of aotloao taken with respect ta- Tao information mill alao ba usefulonsolidation of taa carahl letter! aJaa aad procedaroe of tha SIC aad lta working eoaalttaaaV

3 Taa sola body of taa resort will consist af taa record of oataMisrawert of tha 0X0 aad Its alas, objectives, sad ao-coajillahaqata aa noted in tba SIC mlnotss and accompanying papers. This report also ref arm to tba srtablioioont of tao working coaadtteaa and notes that individual reportsimilar nature for each working eoandttae will be inclosed as annex.

dla tba Secretary of tba SIC aaa derive moat of tbe information required for the Individual working eoaoltteefron tba records of minutes and other items submitted to tba SIC, It ia faitere aaarrlngful report can beby tha workiag coanlttaas themselves, since the basicisatter of record, this ehsold not be tao difficult,

5. oggested forest ia attached. Tbe coananta after each item are included aaua guide and are not to be construed aa pertaining to any particular eoosdttee. It will bo noted that committee erJilsioaaiiU are patterned after tha ardor of renporrrlnilltiss for working eoaadttaea (paragraph U,

approved fob date:7

6. An additional paragraph has bean added to Indicate tbe accfopltahaenta anticipated for the next six swath'a period. This nay be consolidated with theo provideif desired.

7* It ia recreated that working ocostttees submit drafts of their aenrt annual reports to the Secretary of tbe SIC oa or beforeD. These drafts will bo incorporated In the SIC cealamuBl report, scheduled for rp1 larftj flat on or

h. a. cBuma,

Chairman, SIC

awls Draft of fcsswU



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