Created: 4/7/1950

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all'german elections initial treatment in sovietmedia ol us and west german statements favoring all-german electionsthat the ussr does not intend toormalof its own, at least until the western powers approach the ussr officially. realizing that all^german elections under conditions acceptable to the west would gain nothing for the ussr and would jeopardize communist control of east germany, the kremlin considers it more profitable to temporize


randing the WesterndlversionLst" maneuver stemming from Western iear of the growing success of ihe National Front campaign for German unity;ountering the effect of the proposals in Germany by constant references to the "truly free" elections to be held in East Germany in0 Having committed itselfropaganda line advocating German unity, however, the USSR, if approached officially by the West on the all-German election issue, will probably feel it necessary toormal counter proposal ounter proposal would embody conditions clearlyto the West and -would simultaneously attempt to convince West Germans that the USSR was the only true champion of German unity.

Berlin Morale Recent West German and Western Power

decisions and actions will improve the economic situation somewhat In the Western sectors of Berlin, bolster popular morale, and strengthen popularto Communist pressure. In the economic field Berlin will benefit temporarily from recent ECA grants of counterpart funds, additional allocation of funds from the Bonn Government, and special trading privileges granted to West Berlin business concerns. Various propaganda proposals now being considered will further improveestern proposal for all-Berlin elections wouldcurrent Soviet propagandaxposing the insincerity Of the forthcoming Berlin Youth Rally if the USSR rejects the proposal;aving the way for complete freedom ofthroughout Berlin and the establLshment of Ihe Berlin Kommandatura (with the veto power eliminated) if the USSR accepts the proposal. Such proposed moves as the West Berlin freedom Fair, the moving oi some Federal Republic offices to Berlin, andpril visit to the city will momentarily encourage West Berliners. Basically, however, Berlin willa deficit area particularly vulnerable to Soviet harassment.

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