Created: 3/31/1950

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Motif Soviet reaction to Secretary Acheson's

recent public pronouncements on US-Soviet relations not onlyontinuing lack of interest inasic settlement with the West, butthe Kremlin's ability and intention to distort andWestern actions and propaganda in support of the Soviet "peace" campaign. The denunciations of Acheson's proposals for reducing international tension, although designed in part to counteract their world-wide impact, were not defensive in nature,the contrary, theyart of the continuing Kremlin offensive designed to raise doubt in the Westthe sincerity of Western efforts toward peace and to intensify Soviet bloc hostility to and isolation from theMeanwhile, the Kremlin appears satisfied with the Partisans for Peace movement and will intensify its efforts to use the "peace front" technique. Eleven peace congresses are scheduledttesting to Soviet success in maintaining ateasure of non-Communist support and participation for this movement.




Military Plans Despite repeated reports that the

Chinese Communists are preparingarge military campaign aimed at gaining control over all of Southeast Asia, It is unlikely matampaign will be launched In the near future. The primary objective of the Communists In China0 continues to be'the complete elimination of all Nationalist resistance and the" extension of Communist control over aU territories formerly held by the Nationalists. Present international Communist strategy, formulated and announced by the USSR and endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party, does not envisage the employment of the regular armedommunist nation for large-scale operationseans bi^'ining control over non-Communist nations. Moreover,iliiary adventure by the Chinese Communists into Southea'sPA%la would contribute little to an earlyof tho'economic difficulties which derive at least in part fromWe^Na'tionalist blockade and air attacks. Despite reported Cbmmunist'dissensloii over such matters as theSe^elto the USSR, policy toward the West and me"mco^So%ueviate peasant unrest, there is noevidence of disagreement concerning the necessity for early occupation of Taiwan and Hainan and the elimination of the Nationalist Navy and Air Force.


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