Created: 2/17/1950

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Sino-Soviet Pact By concluding an ostensibly benevolent

treaty with the Chinese Communists, the USSR hashree-year period of grace in which to tighten its grip on Communist China. The treaty will at once confute the "imperialists" outside China and conciliate internal opposition to the Communist regime. By notrelinquishing control over Dairen, Port Arthur, and the Manchurian railways, however, the USSR willcontrol of strategic assets in China, while continuing to advance the process by which Soviet influence in China becomes Soviet control. The USSR can be expected totrengthen its grip on the Chinese Communist Party apparatus, on the armed forces, on the secret police, and on communications and informational media. Oneresult of the treaty will be the strengthening of the Stalinist faction of the Chinese Communist Party for action against the rather sizeable bloc of nationalistic Chinese Communists.

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