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MEMOttAKDlHUSJECTi Satellite Railway Eqaipant Inventory


The inventory of locceotivee and rolling stock in thearea of Eastern Europe* aaanuaryla estimated to bet

(Excluding "Beyond impair")



The dotalla of thia Inventory are given ln the Appendix,

The aoxiauja number of cars capable of transporting madiun and heavy tankB,(or which could be converted for that puiposa,f the0 serviceable flat ears,ercent) have four axles,ead capacity ofona, tha weight range of ssdluB tanks. Heavy tanks woigh roughlyons, end-exceed thejhoraal lead limit of nearly all four-axle flat care in the?are*iu However, great overloading of rolling stook is now;ractice1 throughout, the areaj aost aajcr roll lines canxle-loading'ofons and most four-axle;'flat cars now in use cantrain^carry',weightsup toona. In addition1 tolat;paro,UK0 four-axle box oare^ccuU^ba^oonTerted to flatVuaxj&jrf^ for tank; transportation. There is sons evidenceelatively, sx*ll and not precisely known number of flat cera for very heavy weights are? being built- at this'tlme in the Soviet Zone of OartDany. too' low^slded cara with stanchions are located in Austria and possibly could be node serviceable for tank transportation.

* For tha purposes of this study, ths Satellite area ia defined ae ccnt-

prlsing Poland, Soviet Zone Geraany, Soviet Zone Austria,Hungary, Rumania, snd Bulgaria, as well as Yugoslavia. Albania's railway equipnont was considered too negligible to be worth Bantioniog.

HOTEi This BBaoi-aadua has not been coordinated with the Intelligence organizations of the Departments of State, Amy, Navy, and the Air Force.


locorotiye and Freight Car Inventories

A workinr estlnate of standard gauge locomotives and freight cars in the Satellite states is tabulated below. The prewar estimates areS except where,stated otherwise. (In Austria the last normal prewar year) Fifty percent of all Austrian rolling stock Is in the soviet Zonej the tablea, therefore, give one half the total Austrian inventory.

rthere posalblo, the serviceable, unserviceable, and. total inventories are given. Serviceable units aro in operation or in roservoj unserviceable units are repairable, either inor awaiting admittance. Irrepalrable units are listed as beyond repair, nulling stock is classified, where poaoible, according to type* open, covered, flat, and tank cars. Open cars include gondola and hepper cars (ion and high-aided cars) aa well as flat cars, when the latter arc not separately listed. Covered cars include refrigerator cars ta well as coscon box car8. Flat cars are listed separately wherever possible.

Table II lists only rolling stock estimated to be within the respective systems. No attempt is node to indicate tlie numberreign-onnod carsiven system nor tho number of system-owned cars abroad. These figures are constantly in flux anderiod of time approximately cancel out each other.

Narrow-gauge and Soviet broad-gauge units are not-listed]'that minority of rolling stock in Poland and Czechoalovakia whichdjustable to broad gauje ia counted as standard gauge. This paper does notthe problem of- dual gauge- stock but it la possible that as many0 of- the freight cars ih service in the Satellite area can beadapted readily for service-In'.the Soviet Union. An equal number of cars in tha USSR likewise may be serviceable in the Satellites.

Tho following abbreviations are used innd II:


(o) cars, including flat, gondola and hopper cars

cara, its. box cars and refrigerator cara

cars, when aeparately apeoified


I'ublo I

Satellite LocoaotlTe Inventory (Eat laa ted) (Standard Gauge)

Table II

Froirht Car


(SoTlat Zone}





(Soviet Zone)

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