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SDBJECT i forth Korean Unification Prormganda

The basis for the present forth Korean propaganda campaign for tho unification of all Korea vna eatabllahedollowingiberation froa Japan, when "Peoples Committees" comprising all shades of political coloration were organized throughout the country. he Soviet aono of occupation, the Peoples Ceaoittees (Soviets) wereand utilised by the Russian oonoand as legitimate organs of local government. Anti-Coianunistg wore soon removed frommembership and Coarmxnist-type eleotions hold for permanent Peoples Cornitteos on all levoln to replace the temporary organizations. Since that time, tbe Communist, regime has consistently described tho "Peoples Conaltteco" aa the true democratic organs of government ond have always called on the south Koreans totheir peoples committees (outla-jed byil to ry Government5 after they were brought under Connunint control ond defied nUltary authority) as the first step in throwing out tbe "illegitimate" Rhee Government ond achieving unification.

he "Democratic Peoples Republic" vcn formed in northern Koreageneral election." eneral oloction waa actually held in Worth Korea and ballots wore distributed olandefltinoly In South Korea, followingupremo Peoples Assembly was formed withfrom both north ond south.

The pattern of "elootions" followed In forth Korea, which culminated in the formation of the Democratic Peoples Republie, la now being followed, althoughuch more rapid pace, in "liberated" areas of South Korea. As demanded by Commandst propaganda over the past four years, temporary Peoples ComcvlttceB were "re-eatobllshed" iiaaediately In areas secured by Communist troops afterune. Then onuly, Radio Pyongyang announced "rules" for eleotions for county, township, and village Peopled Comoitteea. Onuly, Pyongyang announced vigorous preparations underway for tba local elections andugust announcements eloimed that local elections

Notoi This report concerning current North Korean propaganda on unification uos undertaken in responsepecific request by theForeign Information Staff of the Department of State.

This aenorondun has not been coordinotod with the intelligence organizations of the Departments of State, Army, Revy, ond tho Air Force,


wore completed In all the liberated Provinces. ntra for ol cations roada so for do not go above tho county level and no plana for "general" elections tonified government for all Korea have been announced. roadcastugust addresood to South Korean farmers cautioned the farmers to render pooltivo auppert to tho Peoples Army and to prepare themselves for the coming general elections.

A review of the paat and preaent propaganda position of the Democratlo Peoples Republic on the subject of unification and general eleotions la necessary to an evaluation of recent "election" develonaonte.

The "Democratlo Peoples Republlo" has consistently nalntalned alnoo Its formal establishment In3 that it la the control government of ell Korea, formed in accordance with the principle of "aelf-determination' and representing all democratic elements in both forth and South. During the summer9 and again In Juneowever, It Indorsed the "peaceful unification" proposalson-governmentunificationhich called for general eleotions In all Korea toow supreme legislative assembly for the purpose ofew government, and dissolving tbe existing governments in both North and Sooth Korea. Ons an alternate method of unification, the Chairman of tho Standing Committee of the "Supreme Peoples Assembly" of the "Democratlo Peoples Republlo" also called for the combining of the Assemblies of North and South to drawew constitution, supervise general eleotionsupreme Assembly andew central government.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, the North Koreans have not mentioned any of the "unification" plana, which Include the formation of an entirely new government. Theirune line has consistently been that the ultimate end of tha "civil war* (provoked by Rhee'e invasion of the North) la the complete "liberation and unification" of Korea under tbe banner of the Democratic Peoples Republic. Onune, Radio Pyongyang announced the "liberation" of Seoul in theseSeoul haa become the oardtel of the Demooretie Peoplos Republlo of. yon are now oitineas

of the. you have been united under the banner of the

republic of citizens of the Demoaratle Peoples Republlo of

Apparently UN Intervention changed the North Koreanfor actual movtasent of tho capital fron Pyongyang to Seoul because references to Seoul as the capital wore soon dropped; but it may bo significant that such reference was made againugust. Meanwhile, however, every action of the North Korean regime In southern Korea is consistent with its long established line that South Korea and its peoples vere de Jure an integral part of the "Demooratie Peoples Republlo" merelyliberation froa) "D3 ijsporialiaaf" and the "ana-popular, illegal, DS puppet Rheo

On the basis of thed lone-range propaganda build-up, therefore; several courses of action are open to the North Koreans in referencegeneral election" annoancenent.

They moy refer back at any time in tho near future to the unification proposala made9 and again in0 ond state that in conformance with these proposals, general eleotions have boon completedor will be heldthroughout all Koreauprccn legislative assembly which will meet in Seoul toew government.

Again they nay announcemajority* of the South Korean national Assemblymen are meeting with the North Korean Assembly to draw

onstitution and supervise electionsew unified supreme assembly.

Or, they nay slnply announce the near coopletion of the unification and liberation under the Domocretlo Peoples Republic and claim that recent loccl eleotions in South Korea have demonstrated unanimous South Korean support for the "central" government. They might odd that national olectloosew Assembly will bo heldater date when liberation is completed and peace roBtorod.

A fourth possibility isormal announcemont on any aspect of unification may be postponed pending clarification of tho military situation-.

It appeero probable that some sort of announcement on tho general subjeot of unification will be made shortly, end this announcement will probably Include reference to plans for holding general oloctions. Although the exact date for such action cannot be predicted with certainty,he anniversary offrom theouldropitious date from the Korean point of viewunification" announcement because of the date's historical association with nationalism and independence. The form and content of the announcement will be diotated by the requlre-ments of the Soviet propaganda position on Korea. If the military situation has not developed decisively for either aide by that time and if the Soviet Onion foreseen the necessity at some future date for suggesting or assenting to return to the pre-hostilltlee status quo, tbe announcement probably will not clain the completion of allprocedurea and the final intcrgratlon of the "liberated- areas into tbe 'Dcnocretio Peoplesather, in following the lines of alternative three above, it willthe de Jure authority of the Democratic Peoples Republlo over all Korea, and will describe tho steps beingo Insure tho complete liberation of oouthern Korea. It will emphasise the line that the fighting


In Korea laivil war, that the Korean people nhould be per-raltted to settle their Internal problems on the basis of the principle of self-determination, and that the intervention of the DS and DM constitutes aggression and an attempt to suppress the over-whelming dosire of tho Korean peoples for unity and independence under the "Dcinoorati'o Peoples Republio,"

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