Created: 9/1/1950

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Soviet Moves The latest propaganda and diplomatic moves by the USSR mid Communist China Involving the Far East are further tactical developments in theSoviet offensive ln the United Nations. Chinese Communist charges before the UN of US aggression against Taiwan and accusations that the US has violated Chinese Communistfall into the now familiar pattern of the Soviet campaign to picture the US as the aggressor ln Korea and other areas of the Far East, to divide the Western Powers on thequestions of Taiwan and Chinese representation in the UN, and to confuse UN discussion of the Korean situation.

These latest moves offer few definite clues regarding future Soviet and Chinese Communist moves in the Far East and.could be designed to pave the wayumber of widely varying Soviet actions. For example, charges that the US has violated Chinese territory in themselves are Inconclusive: they may be designed merely to maintain the Initiative in the SC and to promote Western fears of Chinese Communist Intervention in Korea in an attempt to improve the Soviet bargaining position in any negotiationsorean solution. On the other hand, these accusations may actuallVjbe the propaganda bul id-up for Chinese Communist military aggression in Korea orSimilarly, airing the Taiwan issue ln the SC does not role out an Invasion of Taiwan, inasmuch as branding the US as the aggressor might later serve as justification for an attack. Turning the issue over to the UN, however, could serve as an excuse for the present failure to fulfill the pledge to "liberate" Taiwan. Finally, both moves may be further preparationsater Soviet attempt toorth Korean withdrawal toh Parallel for some concessions on Taiwan and seating the Chinese Communists In the UN.


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