Created: 6/30/1950

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The Soviet-inspired invasion nf South Korea and the prompt and vigorous US reaction have overnight changed the complexion of the cold war and will lead to the development of new and critical problems (or the US in nearly everyof the globe. It is not believed that the USSRlobal war at this time. It Is probable, however, that aattempt will be made to make the US effort In Korea as difficult and costly as possible. (The USSR has sizeable forces of Chinese Communist troops at its disposal for thishe implications to the US of defeat in Korea would be far-reaching. It would become nearly Impossible to develop effective anti-Communist resistance in Southeast Asia, andtowardtrong Atlantic community would be seriouslyS victory in Korea would also poseproblems for tho US.

Increased Demands The adoptionigorous stand by the

US against Communist expansion has, in general, been favorably received throughout the non-Soviet world. The adoption of this stand, however, Implies that any failure by the US to take similarly prompt and effective action to stop any further aggressive moves may have even more serious repercussions to US and Western prestige than would have resulted from failure to come to the aid of South Korea. The Korean Invasion has Increased fears that the USSR will take aggressive action tn other "soft spots" on the Sovietthus tending to create in these areas greater demands for US military and economic aid. The areas most immediately affected are Southeast Asia (particularlyran,Greece, and Germany.

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