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Subject: Plans of ColonelNo:f "Il0i5

CASTILLO Armas for Armed

Revolt Against the Government Dale of Information: ugustAcquired: GuatemalaAcquired: 0

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Source: Controlled American

Carlos CASTILLO Armas states that be has been workingseveral months perfecting his plans for an armed revolt which wouldthe AREVALO government. Be states that at tbe present time he hasthe military zones in tbe western part of the country committed to Mm, that tho Important garrison at Queaaltenango was Included In thesethe capital be said he would be able to count on the Quardla Civil, onof Matamoras and on part of the Air Force. Be said that he hadon his side in the Military Base and the Guard La de Honor, thestrongest military garrisons. Be said be did not count on these twobeing on his side, but that he would expect his men withinto commit sabotage. As to tbe Fort of Matamoras he said that it hasbut that it doesood supply of arms. Be said be would be ablethese arms at his disposal.

Carlos CASTILLO Armas said that tbe proper atmosphere wouldby first having civilian disturbances, probably another seriesof silence0 demonstrations. Be said his plans dependreatthe element of surprise and coordination in several places at the sameplans to seize cemmnnioatione Immediately. His first big objective would

be to take tbe national Palace. Be hopes that the revolt would end successfullyew hours. However, he states the probability always exists that the Guardia de Honor and the Military Base will recover from the first surprise and start fighting, which might last for eomo time. Be said that his plans call for capturing the leaders of these two military units at the very beginninp of the uprising, and be hopes this will disorient the units to such an extent that they will not be able to react quickly.

case the revolt does not succeed immediately, he said it mayfor tbe rebels to withdraw from the capital. He said, however,of the western part of the country (whioh is the most heavilyof Ouatemala) would be in revolt and that the rebels would reorganizewest and march back upon the capital.

A. Colonel Carlos CASTILLO Armas is worried about Intervention froo Mexico and Cuba on behalf of the AREVALO government in ease the revolt does not succeed immediately. He said that of course he would not expect intervention in the form of manpower but that It would be quite possible that these two countries



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might Bond planes arid wax materiel.

CoraaetrUi It is as yet difficult to say hov serious Colonel CASTILLO Armas' plans are. Heuiet, soft-spoken officer who does not seem to be given to exaggeration. Be has little respect for such professional plotters as Colonel Miguel HEHDOZA and Jorge TORIELLO. The downfall of most plotters in Ouatemala has been that the government, through its various intelligence services, has been able to learn of the plots before they could be brought to tho point of execution. It would seem that this is the greatost danger to CASTILLO Armas1 plans. If be should be able to avoid this, it is believed that his plans may have more chance of succoss than any of the attempts1 tried previously.

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