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Tbe Intereepartnental Intelligence Gosmittoe for International Comnunleahich la functioning under an IACegotiated inerewithtatus report together^ with certain recommendations.

Since lta initial meeting onhe JIGSAW Committee has made modest progress in planning and coordinating the production of intelligence on international communism,

The problems of duplication and overlap in production, and of exchange of information, are being metetailed survey of production, and by an agreement for continuingof data and programs. Inub-committee of JIGSAW meets frequently to discuss related matters.

In regard to intelligence production, the JIGSAW Committee has drawnriority program (attached asomposed of ten projects which are believed to touoh upon the most urgent reeulrementa of the OS Oovernment In thia field. The program was established after an examination of some one hundred proposals which, in turn, were basedraftsubmittedub-committee of JIGSAW, (attached aa

of the Importance the Committee attaches to theproduction of these ten priority projects, it isI

i be presented to the IAC for informationB for review and comment;

members of the IAC be requested to haveundertake,atter of priority, productionof the projects listed ina fall within their of rosponeibility.




The Committee does not feel that future lists of priority projects, such as that given in Tab B, need be sinllarly forwarded for specific approval by toe IAC, Instead, it ls beliaved preferable for the Bombers of JIGSAW to exercise negotiating powers for their agenoies onof allocation and production oommitments.

Assistant Director Reports and Estimates

Attachmentst 2

Tab A

Tab B

Tab a

Brail Franimrprk and Plaids of Inrostlgfltltm for

ftg-AU FrvdusUftn nan of Ifctt* -


A continuing analysis of tholr develop aant with particular raspoet toi

CenBunlst doctrine

Communist organisation

(o) CcBcunlst strategy and tactiea

and tho USSR

(To Include tlie role of the DSSR in the modification and interpretation of Marxist-Lanimlst principles and doctrines; the use of doctrine for Soviet political purposes) and tbe function of the Soviet State in the growing Communist movement as represented in Connunlst theory and documents.)

theories; especially "Titoism-

psyohology end sociology of Communism and of


The nature, activities, and personalities of the variousorganisations In which Ccesninists are in total or partial control; DSSR sponsorship and utilisation of such organisation.

Overt International Communistominform

Clandestine international Communist organisation and activity)

Control of national or regional CPs; espionage'v"


(o) International front organisations and Coarianiat-InfUtrated ororganizations (labor,tb, student, professional, ethnic, ate.)

(l) CooDunist penetration of stretegio Sndostries

Coaanmist oporatlona in internationalst agencies

International Connunistrganisation, analysis and effects, ate,

The over-all network end integration of (the above) inter national Coominist organizations end activities; and the relative importance of their respective capabilities and vulnerabilities

Leadero and personalities in international Communist organisations

and eouxAer^omnMnist elements inand movements

nr. ffATioHAL axassam parties, arm couhter acttvttt

Organisation, activitios, personnel, and relative importanoe in Soviet-Cestronist power politics.

a. eries of country^by-oountry studies of Individual

national Coonunist parties eaeh in its own setting.

lanning viewpoint. It would seem advisable that the atudy of aaeh national party be more or less comparable with the studies of the rest. This would permit, for instance, an analysis of the relative prevalence offeatures, and might give dues to the variations expectable under various emerging or prospective umber of individual party studies are concerned and no Coomitteeingle party would he responsible for drawing an outline for possibleeatures of any study, it would seem wise for JIGSAWhole to peas upon an outline for national parties before reconnending priority for any single party study. Such an outline which tbe eub-cossdttee will submitater date may be accepted for both lntelllger.eeand production.)

B. Typo studies and ooaparetlva susoarles

Tha organisation of national Cooaunistype study

Clandeatine and underground organisation and activity suarary ocopaxiaon

and vulnerabilities of nationalrelation to their respective national or srea situation*ocrparieon, utilising espoelally data onvulnsrabUitieB in the rational party studiea

(d) Intor-rolatlons totweon national Coonunlat partioa (within and outside of tbo frs-jewovk of Intoriffltlonel orpani-2ations)

iv. coa-'uraa? as ak iigproaswr or soviet fcoeict policy

Based on continuous coordination of relevant sat oriel froa studies froa I, n, and TJI above, of aeperate study of Soviet foreign policy, and of other special studies. To Include for tbo tine being, but not to be confined tot

(a) USSR'a pronotion, direction and utilization of national and International Coronxalat andand activities for tha furtherance of its politicaloncede alaa

0>) Tha participation of Soviot eobeBsleo and alas ions In its pronotlon, direotion, and utilisation of Cotonunlsm

(o) Inpalmant to USSR foreign policy thru ill-advised Coccunist or thru antl- andoauuniat ectlvltlas

(d) Coanunian in colonial and seal-colonial areaa

(a) Soviet-CoDBunlst aabotage of strategic industries, transportation and ooc-aodeatlon systsss, and public utilities

seizure of politioal and ailitary power, androle therein.

Preset PrPnogBiB Staled b? the roOStf" Co^tt8Q_ PX. tha goals of the Preceding Draft Pranatrork


It la believed that with reference to thia field of Investigation certain special problems exist which oust be studied before any plena for intelligence production can be made. Therefore, consideration of plans for this fieH of Investigation was postponed: at this tie*.

n.oaniHisr cflotHmtTow fljg) ag-rt^gy A-Ug for Mf^tes^SpjmrAsa.

mechanism of Cotiaranism for controlconaunlcaticn with, the national Communist partiesdirectives, scans of communication, use of Coalnfarm andinternational liaison, mothode of nationalcouriers and other individual agents, ete.Jj

Finances In the World Coamninist Hovement (known and overt sources of Incogs within national CoraBunist parties; evidence of direct Soviet assistance in money and materials; use ofand national front organisations for raising end trans-adtting funds; known expenditures in the national parties, etc.);

Communist operations in the military end psra-Jdlltary fields;

and methods for the trainingor leadership in tbe foreign Coununlet parties;

Intelligence operations and orgenlsationa of the World Communist Uoveipent.

B- ftgregfAg for Cg-BDjg^ena^Yn toMtfat

ta. Operations and Tactics of the Sorld Communist Movement ond ite Basic Organizations) .

Detailed analysis of Ccconmlst objectlvea, strategy, and tactics in the;

Analysis of Communist objectives, strategy, and taotlca of the World


3- KrUmtlon of reepoosibilitiee and methods of tha


ef th. awu SgSjf Jlto and othw defections on tho coheslveaese of tha World Ccesaisast ttrreoont,

tTSWarship at top and secondary levels of the World Communist Zbvansntj

(b. Ceramist Operations Within and Through Political Front Orgsnlsatlona)

contra ard utilisation of the "Firtlaata

esos" movementj

operations In the World Federation of Trade Onions j

8. Coammist operations in the World Federation of Democrat le Toutb,

In the Interw tional Onion of

Students end -itn the student -ovesssnt, of ieportant countries,

n the secondary front organisations

loB of Journalists, International Fedora, tlon of Democratic Usrar-j, etc.),

?f Comrunlst operations and strategy In tne frontat Ions,

(e. Ccasnsiist Oapsbimies and Intentions for Sabotage of faculties la areas Vital to the OS Effort)

. 13 Par irpeot tree anl pre sent plans of the International Trade Federations of theederation of Trade On lone j

Industry^' tonlljvl8 oapahilitiss la the maritime

15. Coarainlst potentials Aid capabilities in the land transportation Industry,

The operational oeehanlsBis of Intromatlonal Cossoniom in tho antl-ttEAP strike movement!

Cosanuniat potentials and capabilities in the fool Industriesi

Communist potentials and capabilities in the eonarunl-cations industry;

19- CoaauniBt infiltration into con-Coammist governnsnts;

potentials and capabilities in the airindustry;

operations and organisations anongoutside the Soviet Union;

(d. Special Areas of Cosmunlet activity)

Intemational propaganda agencies and DschanlsiTB of the World Communist Covenant (news agenoles, special publications, dissemination of publisheblo naterials, etc.)

Comnunist operational nothods and tactics in tbo UTi;

Conmunist policiesrganisations in the Hosier


Cemnunist policies and actions in the South Pacific end KiddieJ

Coamunlst infiltration In tbe French military forces;

Comoanlat para-military forces in Italy;

(e. Anti-Stslinist Forces Competing *ith theoaruxdst Bodies for Support)

Anti-Stalinist International bodies coopetlnff with Coamunlst political front organisations (Internationalof Free Trade Union, World Assembly of Youth, ete.jt

The international ecve&ont of 7rotstylte organisations;

Anti-Communist plans and octiona of the International religious agencies;

- 6=


31. Social democracy and its intfunctional organsII. ACTIVITIESTI0:iflL flMD REGIONAL CCtE'DHISr OP.QAHIZ&TI0HS


Thereeed for farther consideration by tha JIGSAW Committee of tbe basic standards which mnst govern anyfor studies of nationalist Communist parties. This sogriont of the program =as therefore postponed.

Studiae ard

(a. Studios of Organisational Setups and Special Actisltlee)

Pattern of organisation in underground and clandestine CemmuDist partlesj

Pattern of clandestine Communist activities, of legal or Illegal parties, relating tot

and preparation for insurrection;

party penetration of armed and

and resistance operations;

(Communist party or Soviet control);



of Communist activities In theagitational fields;

A. The significance of the Cewmuniet party purges, methods for continuing them, and their results In the recent past;

The pattern of Communist activity In commercial enter-prises used for espionage and for financing of Communist work;

6. The pattern of overt organisation in tho legalparty (including work of the branch, regional headquarters, national headquarters, personnel training and cadre Lanagoment, etc.):


(b. Penetration Studies)

7. Tbe ocaparatlvw study of methods of penetration of tfovornnents, and of aoeunption of power oo reeled In the CsoehoslovaUan, Chlneee, Russian and other experience* [


lL Pattern of feesndst activity end penetration Inovernments;

10. The pattern of Coonunlst activity andnational and local youth

U. The pattern of Cocsurlst activity and oenetratlon in national and Icon} women's organisational

Pattern oftivity end penetration

in educational inatitutlonot

13. The pattern of Conusunlet activity andpjofeesional and intellectual groups

U. Tha pattern of Coenmnlat activity andnoa-Cccanmlst politioal iiibim

" att*rn of Coffiounlet aotlvlty end penetration in ethnlo groups;

. _ of Coonunist activity and penetration

in non-goverrjaantal relief organisations;

17. The pattern of ConBmnist activity and penetration

aaong peasant groupej

(e. Leadership Studies)

types, methods of selectIon, and chanpliw

^Vhoof the Cotavuniat perties of the advanced industrial countrlee of the West)

types, not hods of selection, andin the leadership of the Cocmunist partiesEuxopoj

types, methods of selectioo, andthe Com-tmlrt partleTof

Prereotathode ofandcharacteristics in the lcedoi-ahip of the Comrjnlgt oort'eo of the Klddlo Bast,

Present types, aethods of selection, and ohanrlr* chcractorlstlca In the leaderahlp of the CoErunist parties of the hoar feat.

Present types, oetheda of selection, and ehenglax characte -istice in the leadership of the Cccnunist perties of Africa'

ods of selection, and changins ehftva-jfcoriatica inerahAp of tho Ccvannict parties of Lex in Anorica*

0 BaelcnalS^noMg;;

Cwmanistination of Mtior-aliea and national Di/enertB inavj orcd-eolonlai areas;

Ccaawuiat uei o: united front toatlee In (e) colonial areae, lb) indi-ftrial

Mtrategy for tho prssent oerlod, as

revealed in Cornunlst taction In tho Llidile Bast)

,oawmlat strategy for the preaent period, ao -ewled InouV-iecst Asia;

Ba"tstrategy trlT the present period,In Ccanuniat tactics in '

c'aor vho present period,in Cono:niatatin

_ *lctrategy for the nresent period, as mailed in CfcemuSat tao.iee in che north Atlantic Paet area}

a- anla 'at intentions end eaoablUiles for cebotago In the WAP countries.

BgBaBStJ fs an (tiBwiaww f# SQVigrrtfcElGti fgjg

le Cdatunist-related activities ofet enbasalsa.

d ol,hor evert Soviet Sgonolef abroad, with particular


reference to (a) espionage, (b) political activities, and (c) subversive activities*

2. Soviet financing of Ocnnunist party activities outside the East Europeanaef

3* Nature and extent of relationship between overt Soviet policy atatecents end propaganda, on tba eno band, and strategy end tactics of international and rational CoGsinlet groupings, on the other hand,

The pattern of Coaruniot activity In areas under Soviet nilitary occupation, with particular roferonce to intelligence and security operetiono.

Tat B


ncc-^adsj Priority Proeran

Tbe priority program rocMowndod below me ootoblished on certain stnndards end criteria. First, it waa decided* to restrict ths priority crograawJl nuflbar of projects, eaob of which was regarded oetn'.to and orgont need. Second, in view of the uuroas reiuirononts of this government and tba nary-sided aeoect ofCorteuniera itself, on effort ttl node toariety of dL.eront types of projectc. The progrcn, therefore, contains area studies, oi-^cnlcetional end typo studios, biographical studios and others. Eherever possible,eries of studies cos aropouid tonly one of the series was accepted for the priorityhus, tbeof JICSAW ctrongly fool that- it ia necessary toetailed analysis of Cesoanlet intentleaa and cepabllitieo in tbe strategic industries of the world. Since all strctogie industries cannot be studied at ones, it was decided tc begin this of stu&iss by an oxeninatin. of Coeenmist activities in tbe international Oiritieo industry. In similar fashion, tbe eami-natic* of Cowmnisi camMlltiea for onbotaja and related activities in key oreao in Initiatedtudy of Concuniat caoobilitles for such danago in Franco and Italy.

Pinally, JIGSAW anenored toInto oecouut the various types of facilities available within the American Ocverscont for thoof its priority prorror in the arar future aad to UM OS tary of those a3 poosible. Thus, far example, it will be noted tbit agenaieo ec.-pocted to participete in tbe execution of the nitwM progran will be the Biogrophio Division of tbe Ctate Dsparcoeni,erml Rneecrch Staff of tlio State Drportrsnt, tbe Office of Speciallvj Control Intenigsnoo Agency, and other nectari tho JlEOijs Comcittee.

In proEerting this priority Drogreo, the JICSAff Coaclttoo has no- fcitcnpirf totho Individual projects aa to iraortarce or with roferoneo to the order in which they should be undertaken by thaanee' agenoioa. The JIGSAW Cccaittee bolievos that each of those projects is esoontial to tha logical development of an intslllgonce progran in the field of international Coanurdea.

The notations beneath each project indicate egsncy intorests aa expressed by tho individual members of the Ccnraitteo.

a. CoB-ninlst capabilities and intent lone for cabotage of important facilities in Jreneh and Italian areas vital to the

United States' effort In the event of war or other eoergoncloe*

efense Ago no lee contributing

b. Cocenirist organlsatlonal potentials end capabilities in the International narltlne industry.


0. The nechanlsn of International Consunisc for control of, corjEJunlcotlon eith, and financing of, tha national Comnunist parties. (An explorative sunnary).


operations and organisatioas anongoutside the Soviet Union.


isoact of the TugoelsT and other defections onof the World Coanuniet LJoveaent.


pattern of clandestine Conuronist activities, ofand illegal oartlos, relating to:

Insurrsotion and prenarotion of insurrection;

Cocnunlst penetration of eroed and security force?!

Partisan and resistance operations; (A) Espionage;

Intra-party eosaiunlcations net hods In these flelda;

Intro-party financing in these fields.


Cocnunlst strategy in tho present period,In Comnmlst taotles in Southeast Asia.



h, Prosent types, methods of selection, changingIn the leadership of tha Communist parties in Southeast Asia.

1. (Exploratory euBnary) Communist related activities of Soviet embassies, and other overt egenoles abroad, withreferenceolitical activities;ubversive activities.


J. Ceeporativs study of Conavnist methods for penetration of governments and assumption of power, as revealed in the Russian, Chinese, Czechoslovak and other experiences, (Tais is recmmendod only If it can be undertaken by External Research).

External Research

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