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to your vurbal request, this auto, the followingprvpm in clarification of tho "pnony" Amt fuoroperatives directed by the Specialideninterfering witnources in an effort to obtainthe KID, and the alleged revival of the German Abwehr or German army

.intelligence, .possibly.under ihj.aagls.b military,intelligence agency.

first setter, that of tJie Special Delacnaent,KlK'a attention in July after reports hao1artiie effect, that representativeso-cailec*were attemptlug to recruitources tothePD.

1 August Colonel .JiSMHietter to Ur. STLWiTtht confusion resulting from the activities of theseoperatives and recusation the Special Detachment tooperativesthe KID misslor..

answer to this letter lias beer, received to date: toit would appear that the contents of tnla letter were anowito the Special Detachment operatives, *no thenthe

ource Tor reporting tils Information to ClC.

second matter, that of the alleged revival of thoor may not be attributable toCLiflficfction isthat organization. The facte of this second matter are aa followai

a. Priedrich IVilhel*with whom SAD has previously admitted "occaalonal" contact) ia operating an agency in BaD GODRSBcHC (BOWi) knoan aa tne Archi* fuer Gegenwartaforachung (Archive for the Study of Present Day Problems). According to KJMZ himself, thisover name, and the "Archive" is nothing more or less than the "unofficial birthplace" of the

German Abwehr. Thia effort la supposedlyaraooal supervision of Graf too SCrWERIK, recently appointed "advisor on technical question* of security" to Chancellor ADtNAlfcA.

* gathering Intelligence information fromand from the Soviet eatellite countries,

is described as an "employee of Time-Life, Inc." office In FRANKFUhT admitsut would notnot give details of hie employment.

is visited by an American by the name of HOVIMG"do isield representative of Time-Life, Inc. possible, tnerefore, thatN^ "axoolve"op-leveleffort.

A. While these two cases are unrelated Incidents, they do emphasize an acknowledged need for coordination among CIC and DAD and other US intelligence organizations in certain fields of activity in which conflict and confusion are becoming increasingly apparent. Tiw; following factors'importanti

recruitment of CIC sources by Special Detachment operativee.

lack of security consciousness displayed in making known

the contents or the Colonel's letter to the Special Detachment operativee. p'

embarrassment involved when CIC exposesof other US intelligence


automatic delay imposed on CIC investigations inas the HLIKZ case, where agents Involved oust draw back and wait clarification.

a. The increasing interest of DAD In countep^lntejilgence targets in general and in assigned targets of this organization and particular.




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