Created: 7/25/1950

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Central iStolisekce /gcncy IWFORiWATlOW REPORT

ito CD NO.


SUBJECT Spilt la Cuatettalan Cr-anicei Labor











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Ojataeula aeoae resote. In feet,- svircerift eecus to ba wideninu, r airce tho resignations ofterrjel Portuny and "lotor Ilaffwl Cutierrot frcci the Partido Aider, "evoluelosaria (PAH)uno, sari tha ennouneeaact of tha foraniion of (be new organisation Parti dov.ir.:dohere hasor.tlnueue JoclesTlnc for poelticc. also, the split aeons to haw dwtdod the Pedoraelon Sindlcaltuatennis (JSC) and the Co-federacioa de inh-Jadorae Cei dntacals (CTO).

llanuel Ptr.le -asga. Secretary ^enerci of tho TT-G, iiao been eautloaolysituationwcr-JO be the best course ef action.

Source said that there aro soce Indications no* that Pinto 'Jaaga,i-auonel orkere Political Caoaitte* are workirc closely eith PAR into hoa fortuny and Gutlerroi in and see Uiat their Ms politicaldoee treat popular supports Since tho PTDC leaderehlpentirely CTO In character, this conns Uiav PAP. nnd

also probably direct thotr attachJis CTC. Source pointed out. however, that so far Pinto Usees doss net soca to haretrcetf, stand against tho CTO and that aoot of the opposition la cosine frou PAH.

Onesolution of PATt wao publiahed in the ncnopapors lahleh stated that PAlt was going to glee lta ccej-Oete aid and ousport tb the new CeDfederoolon Kaelonal Carapesina do Quotoaaifl This orgeniiatlonfounded in, and woo lssadistaly criticised by GuUerret asceinletely unneceoaary organisation rtiich was cuplicating the work of the CO.

Ca0 the CIXOtetoserit in tbo newspapers atronoly crltlclairc the CTO for havingulletin to an orgcnlsatiou in ChjquieuJa calledpeslna del repartaaento do ChiquInula, in "hlch the CTO warned that organiaatloD that it should beware of traitors and opportunists. Tho doelexetlon of the CDCC aaid that tho CTO had not been responsible forhe atovo-Mntlened organisation la CWnuiaula and thatad no authority to toll that cr-.vasstioa that to dc;

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Source LaXcod Kith 7ictor iWrasl Gutierrez an ;ifourd hin

ia ar.tni. d that he nod the CTO

renins the aordeit fiih; they had awn sine the Cpl nj oreanlaad inHe atsted that the end 7POCe-jad iiiensclTe* without tho nid of Presidentand of the PaS< Be said thatG traa trying to inende its ranks and that It bob began tothat pinto "aaja tauo use his irJluenco against thee* Cutierrea stated that Pinto Loag-tronger libor orraElaaUoa at bis coeeaaDd than tee CTS. lb pointed out thataa eealtaier end better orEarlaed uniens in reaaral tr.xi.

* .erros pointed out Uiat his sasifjoto addressed to the 'adorationdalda BtfajsiBBjs tad not boon printed in nay of theHaSJpapersalthough he had rcquaslcd thee to publish It, Co said, honevOT, that the reply of the to hitens sarriod in all the pro-go wrnaent nerispapero.

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