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rxijarUvs published la Chile, i article ia oatltlod "Tho liystery ol*ontribution V> He possibla oxplarv.tlonn.



Attaorrvjot 1


A contribution to its possible explanation.

By Dr. Miiord Ludvig, Santiago, Chile. iv. Cristobal6

Though the continuously reappearing report* on the oppoaranco of now, EystorSoufl aircraft of unknown construction chould bo considered with eovero ckopticlcn ac the resultort of mass-hypnosis, noTOrtheless eorc of tho dotsiled and coinciding accounts of technically trolnod observers dosarro atton-tloa end pomit one to drov conclusions as to tbo probable classification of thaw -new aircraft.

ftlnco oo far tho observations havo boon nado ratnly in tha dark, vhlob mansy the luninoua parte of the croft are visible, every report brines the description of chining discs or olrelee. Tf one should discard tho absurd conjecture that these aircraft origlnsto from beyond this earth, then It is easy to orrivo at the conclusion that the shining circleselationotary cas-turblne. The possibility exists that the rotorur-tino lo used at the sane tlootabilising top and Is thoreforo fixed vertically to the level of the other turbine rings, vhich in thotha effeot of the "rings of Saturn'*.

These observations rouind toooplotoly new typore raft which vas developed during thoorked in the research plant of Professor Junkers In Dossau, vhich vas attached to the airplane factories known all over thoo nat know how nany of rry eo-uorlare aro still alive today,o know that Dr. Dock, Professor at tbo Tochnicolchool of 3orlin, ond who vas at that tlno ny cbiof end friend of oany years, has boon doportod to tho Soviot Union.

Tho nano of Professor Dock vas never widely knovn due to bis oodest Chirac tor, but he my have boea tho greatest genius of Gcnvan airplnne theoretics, and later, In view of hie extraordinary faculties, ho was nanod head oonctructor of ths lanistry of Oenwn Airways and Dlreotor of tho Canaan Institute of Airways nosoarea in Be rlin-Adle rshof

I should like to submit firstthofO' I Tho first^iysicladjand Mthemticlan

In order to explainider circle of readers the boelo idea of tho newI should Ilka to submit fira^thofol lowing explanations!

who considered tho nov Science of Aero-dynanic6 after Ihe cojartneeoont of purely exporirjoatal developments of aircraft construction vao the Russian Professor Jukovekl of Moscow. Defore tho first World War aed together vtth'ny esteerod teacher, Dr. fcitta froa tho Technical High School of Stuttgart, Cprunny, be developed the theory ofrofossor Kutta succeeded In establishing the faro us "Differential equation of the/boundaryptratuaj vhich for the first tine throwsn ths processes in current particles snd which in any caoo explains for tbo first tiro theoretically tho rvooonlaDcuing oanoad while novtng forward through the air. Sinoo then the "XutU-Jufcoweki Theory of AirplAne-wiagboan" has boon tha foundation of oil aorc-dynanles. Ao already rjontloDod, tho core of thle vork Is tho so-called "boundarywhich consists of tho thin layer of air in virion tho transition of Volocity 2oro to tho Velocity of tho roving Object takes place. If tho objeot is streamlined then tha boundary stratun vill ondoavor not to eovor, no vhlrlvlnds vlll occur, nnd theroforo no loss of energy vill take place In that stratun. Since nature always functions root eoooonicoUy, It olways tries to avoid loss of energy.

Though tbo oontinoouoly reappearing reports oa tha appearance of now, cryptorSoua aircraft of unknown construction should bo considered with severe ckopticirsn as tha resultort of nsae-hypnoaio, rovorthcloas eoao of tho dots.led and coinciding accounts of technically troLncd observers deearvaend perrdt one tc draw conolueloiiyaB to tho probable classification of thoco .new aircraft.

Since oo for thoavo boon mdo mainlyart.maos that only tho luninoua porto of the croft arc visible, overy report brings tho description of shining discs or circles. If ono should discard the absurd conjectnro that these aircraft orifjinnto fron beyond this earth, then it is easy to arrivo at tho ooDelusion that the shining circleselation to tbo'oz-hiustotary gas-turbine. The possibility exists that the rotorur-bino ie used at tbe earc tirxitabilizing top and lc thoreforo fixed vertically to tb* level of tho other turbine rings, which in thotho effeot of the "rings of Saturn".

There observations renind roooplotoly now typo of aircraft uhioh vaa developed during theorked in the research plant of Profossor Junkers In Dessau, which vas attached to the airplane factories knovn all over theo nat know how nnny of ny co-'jorkore arc still alive today,o know that Dr. Book, Professor ot tbo Tochnicol Hieh School of Berlin, and who was at that tiro dj cblef and friond of rany years, hue been deported to tbo Soviet Union.

Thoof Professor Dock vas never widely known due to bis oodoathe my rywe been the Greatest (jeniuo of Gen-van oirplano theoretics, andview of hie extraordinary faculties, he vas nonod bead eonotructor of thoCerian ;Urways and Direotor of the Coram Institute of Airvaye llseeorcb


Jn order to oxplainider circle of readers the basic Idea of the nouI should like to eubait firs^thefolloving explanations!

hematiclan who considered tho now Science of Aero-

dynanies after the ccra^enooaont of purely experloontol developnonts of aircraft construction vas tho Russian Professor Jukovski of ttoooov. Before tbo firot Uorld War and together vith my esteenod teacher, Dr. Kutta froa tho Technical High School of Stuttgart, Co rainy, he developed the theory ofrofo6sor Kutta succeeded in establishing tbo"Differential equation of

'>'. ptratya} which for the firet tine throvs light OI* the processes in current particles and which in any caoe explains for tbo first tiro theoretically the rvotonlaneulng oanoad vhllo noving forward through tho air. Since then the "Xutte-Jukoueki Theory of AlrplAEe-vlocboan" has been the foundation of oildynanlcs. As already tonlioood, tho coro of this vork is tho so-called "boundary

hich consists of the thin layer of air in which the transitionZero to the Velocity of tha loving Object takes place. If the objootthen tha boundary stratus will ondoavor not to cover, no vhirlvlndsand thoreforo no loss of energy will take placo in that stratus. always functions cost eoonoeJcolly, it always tries to avoid loss of energy, laneviag would rathor boar weight thanisruption ofof tho current and 1st tho ving

The logical conolucions based on these thooretlo discoveries vere obvious! already in the5 Professor H. C. Baumn, also fror tho Technical High School of Stuttgart',atent on the "Splitwing" through which the artificial interruption of'the course of the ourront, tbe tearing of tho boundary itratun and tho consequent broking and dlniniching of the landing spood would be attained. This



aUMtato* i

procedure was later applied togreat extent to the fighteruster Ju. SS under tho nam of 'dlve-brato", Thio patent had toanded to tho IngUsh faotory Ilandloy-Pago oftor World 'Jar I, vhich oxplnlna that the nano of "Handlay-Page Splltvlng" in roro widely knovn.

However, dovoloprants prococdod. It was principally the AcredynariicInstituU of tho Gottlagen L'.Tiverrity, directed by tho renowned Professor* Frendtl and Bctr, and Constructor Plottnor, which drew Its conclusionsho theory of tho alrptaoo-vlag-boao. Flettner proved that tha conditionsotating object are elnilir to thoso which oppoar in arwvenent. Thus avalvad tho "Flottcar-Ao&or1.

Professor Junkars, head of thanown airplano works In Dessau, who In tho5 reosired hie pathbreoQog patent on the one-ploeo notil wing without Junctures,esearch croun, which was hcedod by Professor Dr. Dock, end toad the honor to oolong, to investigate to what extent the uplifting could bo increased through tho attachmenticttner-Soter In the shapeylinder turning at groat spe*d. The cylinder was two-thirds of the length of tho wing and vis Installed In tho nose of the wing, vhorc it could best be adapted to tho wing's profile. To esslot us with aoredynanio probleas, the Cottlhgen University cent us Professor Pnuvltl, The exporlronts turned out to bo extremely difficult and Involved nony casualties. Tho purely tecinical question of the cpocdy upliftong cyllnltr of light construction could not bo oolved at that tlra. Inoxplirjbl* vibrations and axle breakages occurred tins after tiro which Professor Juaiars ordered us to Investigate, and with vhich u* wore occupied for wn'ha Pot less than four oen, all exporleoced and trlod pilots of the firstr and outstanding engineers, died in these experiments. It vac clear to us thatt-tuMiM could produce tho direct uplift of tbo cylinder. However, since wn-vhile rore pro so log problems awaited solution, oxporinents vith this typo of oir-craft were interrupted,

Iteanvhilo the Aerodynanio ranwrfnentol Institute of Cottlngon Bad* new and enlightening discoveries. Professor Ectr found that supersonic speeds, such as are produced by quickly rotating propallore, created entirely new conditions. ?hl3 investigation, howver, needed tho furnishingind tuacol for supersonic speeds wtitoh could only be built nany years later, and vbieh after tbo var vas forwarded to tho Baited States where it greatly nnaecd all scientists.

How light vaa shed on may things. It was found tint the tearing ofetraten at eupersanle speeds Involved nueh greater rosistsnoe, coohjoet with full atoocpborlc pressure proctloallyfroapparair, and theoretically experiences there tho sano uplift as an object ofsurface In the water. The converting of the revelations found Inreality, however, needed th* solution of tho starting fore* through aor another equivalent mchina or

Ifany herotofor* ucerplalnod phonoooca now fourfl* on explanation. For ewmple it had often boon obcorvod that tbo rongo of qua*cUy rotatingas rjucli greater than could bo explained acoording to th* lav* of ballistics. Parvtadeal explanations were sought for thla ruch ss that the air roBistencooc vlth growing creeds. Today vo know that thoso quickly rotating missiles ryln' in the surrounding layers of oir end therefore lose port of their weight. Pull clarification was brought ate'it onlyupersonic speeds, which were obtained inorircnte with roefcetand varo arrived at br nights of onny bund re do and thousands of klloneters, and which can only bo tap laired by tho vay In which those tUesllea literally "hang'* In tho air. The eurprico of tho spociallted scientists tho world over otastounding results of tho Coas not lass than that which is produced today by the appearanoo of tho nystorlouo

?" Flottncr jrovod Oat thoa routine object are einilar to those which appear ia a Thus tnlnd tho

of thejnU known airplane works in Dessau, vhohl* ^thbrenSnc roteot oa the ono-piococroup, vhlch wasad by Prof.csar Dr. feck,tatoB*ate to vhat carte at the uplift oFa

J* looreased through the attachmentlettner-Sotor in the share of

wo-thirds oftansh^f

"fit could best UetpUd

0 es^ctthe Oottingen

" '7 Professor Preadtl. The erport-onts turned out to Le esrerely res^mim XT? Tha portly technical question ofjiti f )ichtcould Mt jj^ iro after tiro vhlchxs vera occupied for ronth ou^wi^s KD"1 nd tried pilots of the It vaso us thatas-turbine could produce the direct uplift of the cylinder. Power.

craft6 vereof st

Aerodynonie larperinental Institute of Cottingon aide nev and

Ml ^rsonlcouting propellers, created entirelyind tunnel for suwrcoale

ftV ^are later^ and vbich after ttaorvanlcd to the Caiwd States wtwro it greatly nnowd all ecicntiste.

u found that the tearinr ofrcs^jicvolvcdcreator resistance*,Id Practically "bangs- froa the upperexperiences there the saoa uplift as an object ofof th* revelations found in resesret

Into reality, however, needed th* solutioD or the stertte* force throw* aor another equivalent aachine or ^

it?wm novpl^aation. Per eaanplc it had often been observed that tho range of quickly rotating nissilea

thelavi o?

Zl, . aradoxical explanations wore fought for this rueh ss that the air

h85 r^ that Ihoce quickly "utlng wjjhl ska?voro ofhereforet of [beir velcht. Pull olarlficition vos brought atO'jt onlyurorejalc soeedt rtfjs

^can onlyned by

tthe air. The surprise of tM

Uss^thaa that vhlch is produced today by tho apjearanoe of tho ay^rlous h,ch the inconious dlsconvaant of Professor JurJcsre

Wtors can easily to achieved through tho oblique position of th* entire olrplaae


rnmjtrxnt lam


O AttncVent I

ositive start log one la In cotnoetico vith tbo oaoraously high storting opood. Tbo attaching of speedily rotating tope assures ai'lo stability, There le olso the possibility of attaching horiiontaly propollere of lha holicopter typo. And what about tho question of tho starting force? Tba safety of such on aircraft stands and falls on tho starting foros of the cylinders, and only too volloaeabor tho oocualtles Inflicted by the lack of it. eationod before, only Wo devolopnonturbine can bring the solution, since it consists only of rotating parte ond vorks vith tbo dependabilitytean engine.

There is only ore sore Question to bo answered, could euch an aircraft carry onough fuel for vorld-uido Journoye? Tbie question is easily answered in tbe offirmtlvB. In tho first place such an aircraftroDJodouj carrying cepceity, os we have alreadynd lo the eecondeal col ncaarcb has code aetourviing devoloprosts In this respect, orootonicof energy of unsuspected payor and duration.should le ro->enb*red tiiat tha nissiles of Goman anti-tank vwapons wore coated vith cheatcal eubstoneo's vhleh roltcd up toats, of stool platos within fractionsergy carriers of thia type, if applicableas-turbine, should oaks an oC-ton-radius pocslblo which far ourpasses that of gaeolloo engines.

Tho future will show vbetber the "Plying Discs'1 are only tbe predicts of inaginatlon or vhethor thoy ere tho resultsar-advanced Cerran eoience which possibly, as voll as the nearlyones, nay have fallen Into tha hands of the Russians.

pent! oforo, only tho fovolopnontps-tuxblno can bring tho solution, eince it consists only of rotating parts and works vith tbo dependabilitytoaa onglcOi

There is only ore euro question to bo aneuerodi oould such an aircraft carry enough fuel for vorld-'jido ^urneys? Tbie euootioo is easily answered1 in tho affinitive. In tho first place such on aircraftreajodous oarr/Log eapaoity, as ve havo already ooen} and in tho second place cheaieal research has node astounding developments in this respoot.e Iciouapcrteal oof energy of uoewToeted povor and duration. Qt should hs rcjcabirod that tha aisslleo of Cornan anti-tank weapons vere coated with ehealcal substance's which neltcd up toats, of steel plates within fractionsccotriri-Borgy carriers of this type, if applicableurMno, eh-sold ruko anradius possible which for surpasses that of gasoline entires.

The future will show whether tho "Flying Discs" are only the predxte of imagination or whether they are tbo resultsar-advanced Con an selenoe which, possibly, ao well as the nearly finished atonic bonbo, may hove fallen late tho hands of tho Russians.

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