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Col. Carlos CASTILLO Amss took no part in the revolt following the assassination of ARAHA one, CASriLLO, was removed frcei his post as commander of the Military Zone of Maaatenango on9 bv Col. ARBENZ. Onuly CASTILLO Amss went to Ouatenala City and entered civilian life. Ine waa arrested and charged with tho crime of illegal possession of arms. He was released ont the orders of ARBENZ.

Shortly thereafter, CASTILLO Indicated that he was in the initial stages of planning an aimed revolt to change the then government of Guatemala, and bringrue democracy. He planned, to use the same constitution and to hare free elections. He further indicated that hie plans were In the initial stage, and that lt might be months before any action took place.

Inol. CASTILLO said that he had been working quietly for several months perfecting his plans for the overthrow of the AREVALO Government. At this time, he claimed to have the military zones in the western part of the country already committed to him. He felt that, although there would probably be resistance, the main danger would come from intervention by Mexico and Cuba.

Again inASTILLO stated that he was slowly making contacts and building his organization for the revolt. He claimed that the police were under orders to arrest him, but did not look for bin very vigorously. He did, however, take the precaution of livingouse other than his own, and only went out at night. At this tine, he wasrip to Salvador to "make arrangements about arms." emonstration was scheduled inat this time. If this haa developederious one, CASTILLOtalcing advantage and starting his revolt.

According to CASTILLO'S own statements,0 heroup which attacked and tried to take the Military Base in Guatemala City. Ho attributed their failure to tho betrayalieutenant among then. CASTILLO wasrisoner and shot. He was only wounded, pretended doath, and was taken out of Jail with the bodies of his companions. When he was found to be alive, he was removedospital; thence to afrom which he eventually escaped. At that time he planned to storein Kl Salvador for another attempt.

Anong the leaders of the Sal aaa uprising were Col. Julio Pabloarcia and Col. Roberto BARRIOS Pena. GARCIA left Guatemala for Havana several days before the uprising and returned to El Salvador after it had taken place. Probably to justify his actions, heeeting of Ouatcmalsn refugees living in El Salvador, using BARRIOS Pena as anin arranging it. SOSA Crus appeared at the meeting to represent GARCIA. SOSA said that SIMONS, another loader, bad been offered assistance which had been obtained abroad, and that that was the purpose of GARCIA's trip. While still In Havana, SIMONS had sent word to GARCIA and SOSA that the action would take place on GoodJ). They had then

tried with no avail to dissuade him, and for this reason had communicated with some people in Ouatenala and with Carlos H.arcia in El Salvador. When SOSA was asked for proof of what he said about stopping the movement, ho showed copies of an enciphered message as follows:rogreso will attack Zacapa, Jutiapa and Maztonango, will rise, we need frontier assistance. Please hasten aid; if not all is possible, at least the part by air. If you can manage lt, communicate at once by radio; we await your advise?1* This message had been taken from Guatemala to San Salvador, and sent from there to Havana.

When BARRIOS Pens arrived in El Salvador, onarch, he claimed aaoag other things, that he had completed arrangements with the government of Salvador for frontier assistance and material aid if his movement would hold out forours. Late that seme day heoded cable by Tropical Radio to the Dominican Consul^in New York, and was cortaln he could count on assistance from that county.

During the month ofeneral TDIGORAS Fuentes, another of the leaders, asked Carlos SALAZAR,eader of one of TDIGORAS' parties in the last presidential campaign to obtain assistance from Mexicoevolt to be led by him on Goodarch). SALAZAR explained to TDIGORAS that he was committed to the organized opposition led by Col. Carlos CASTILLO Armas, and could not comply with TDIOORAS' request.



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