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1. Early in July Mr. Dulles, Mr.nd

myself Tisited the State Department where wea cumerence at which were preaent Assistant Secretary of State Miller, his Deputy, Mr. Mann, and Mr. Robert P. Joyce. The CIA delegation posed the following three questions: (as wellan remember)

Would the State Department like toifferent government in Guatemala?

Would the State Departmentovernment established by the use of forcer

3- Does the State Department wish CIA to take steps to bringhange of government!

The first question was answered positively. The second question was answered negatively. The third question was not answered clearly but by implication, positively.

Mr. Dulles asked me toemorandum of Conversation in long-haDd and deliver the one copy to him. id this and waited in his office while he showed it to the Director. ewas called into the Director's office, and it was soon clear that the Director was dissatisfied with the lackirect answer to the third question. He then telephoned to Mr. Bruce toeeting.

k. ater gathered from Mr. Dulles that the Director hadatisfactory answer from Mr. Bruce.




Distribution:: Addressee


Subject: The Abortive Coup against tbe Guatemalan ^aovornment0

Carlos CASTILLO Armas uas known toin hispolitical reporting officer in the Embassy, he saw no reason for refusing tcArmas when he called on bin two or three times at his home. CASTILLOthe changes in government he would like to see put into effect inhe disoussed the posslblityevolt, but in general terms*

Armas visited at bis home 'on Again

heoup against tho government in general terms, but never once mentioned

any date having been set. ASTILLO Armas and his companions made

their abortive attempt. It was first reported that CASTILLO Armas had been killed, but

later it was loamed that he had been wounded and was in the prison hospital. CASTILLO

at the Am. Embassy

Is supposed to have said that be could count on help from J

the American Embassy uas told that the recall of,

was going to be requested. {part in tbla story was not too pleasant).

with the Minister of Defense, Colonel Rafael C'Maany, uas arranged for sTwho presented himself0 p. m.ccompanied by

Major Jose Luis Cruz, Chief of the Guatemalan Army

as preaent. In the interview'fTqT*

Major CRUZ jsexbsg that onceknew CASTILLO Armas was

plotting, he ahould not have receivedny more. said that he muat understa<

that he know CCESX onlyeneral way that Castillo was plottingand that nothing

specific had over/ been told him. In general,came offlean bill of

ugh we recalled him soon after,believesad not

been aurvellling his house, but following CASTILLO Armas, and of course loamed of his viol'

onctober. He believes that thefirst interest ir. hir. began when they obtained

r i

the information about CASTILLO'S remarking that he could count on me in tha Embassy for

help. Major Cruz remarked in the course of the interview that he had known two daysvisitedhouse onctober that he was going there.said

that was good work on his port blnee he,certainly did not know it two aays


A Suzr-ation by L able la as follows! harge d'Affairea reporting incidentbut believes matter closed. He agrees baiss of charges completely unfoundedme on making approach to Minister of Defense. Was concerned aboutbecause of other intelligence activities but now reassured. Both he andto explain whydid not inform me or Embassyirst

mentioned me to him, and Charge has severely criticizedfor thia. m not

murxg making issue.


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