Created: 10/11/1952

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KSMCRWfDLTH FOB: Chief, Western Heraisphere Division

Deputy Chief, Western Hemisphere Division

Central American Situation

1. are read the two memorandactober snddatedctober by Colonel King,

and unctoberthese memoranda sre returneeKing's memoranda appear to be adequate for theappears to be an accurate

report of the conversationeel that it should bethe purpose of sterilisation and that all copies of Uieshould be burned as too revealing. FurtherIlightin

too Language ox the last sentence on page 1. Instead of saying thatAgency is purely an executive organization of the Qovernnent which carries out the orders of the Statehink it would be much better to express these thoughts as follows!

FRANK G. WISNER Deputy Director (Plans)

"In the Director's view, the Agency ls purely an executive organization of the Government which carries out missions and conducts activities in support of the foreign policy objectives of the Government. The State Department has the primaryin the field of foreign policy and sccordingly, the Agency would do nothing that ls considered by the Stateto be contrary to its policy determinations. If the State Department disapproves of this particular project, the Agency will take isnediate steps to bringalt its participation in all phases of the matter deemed objectionable by the State Department.*

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