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SUBJECT: New Plans of CALLIOERIS as Result of Loss of Anns Support by the Group.

ctober SEEKFORD again outlined for CALLIGERIS the reasonsGroup was forced to withdraw its arms support, namely, thatState Department had withdraw* the export permitesultlndescret approaches to the Department by Generals Somoza and


:* -WmkMili

replied to this ssseacially as follows;

actiona of Generis Seaoza and Trujille were ill-considered.

I caa appreciate the reaction of. government on thisia view of its commitments and agreements. governs at could follow ae ether-course ef actios.

cannot, at this time, visit Somoza or TruJiilftb.Wcause.jofreasons,halletter to eaobjjby oaeoftrusted officers. Ia myhall;an" iexpltheir action and ask each to Indicate his degree ofsupport me under these new circumstances.

this moment we are watching many months of hard/swortt forced to rebuild almost froa the beginning.eel aboutustave suffered defeatmust continue fighting.

Before embarkingew course ef action lt will be necessary to review the entire problem. Hy most Immediate concern is my egrist-iag organization and the means byan maintain it entact. It is going toerious problem and will require mora than men-

A series of conferences among the leaders In my organization will ould ap redate lt axeatly If you (SEEKFORD)could meetMexico City within the next

week or so in order te begin the laying of new plans.

j f. In considering new sources of anas andannot, at this time, say what course of action ill take, other than write the Generals,avehance to study the matter.


I would prefer to continue working with the two Generals as they are already aware of ray general plana and for securityrefer not to bring new persons ln unless absolutely necessary. If however they will to the degree necessaryhall be oblidgedto develope other. Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico, in that order.

Zi Last week the f ^Military Attache in Mexico visited me here. .He expressed interest in my cause. Re stated, that herms were available in Mexico and that he would aid me in getting them.-1 He askedould have one of my officers call on him in Mexico City la the near future.

alled on me aad asked if

CALLIGERIS didnot go into tdo greaLdetail on this. athered however thit 7MA would be instrumental in helping him locate and secure arms and nothing'Wore.

outline for him my general' financial and arms, requirements' $in 'a report: Nhich he.could carry back to C e atated; thathe believedt'he report.would be well received. ,tfbe ambassador isdune .to return toL7 "Jbout.the 1st of November,


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