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Chief of Station,perational

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has advised that ESQUIRE waa ln contaot with himnd during the courae of their conversations he learned that ESQUIRE had recently arrived froa QXCIOARctober) and that hia principal interest in contacting hia was to determine ifad, ineans of communicating with Bob JACSSOH. ESQUIRE furnishedhe telephone Of JAGESOH.

2. ESQUTRX advised ESCOHSONtimetable for action" waa to be sent to him fay Bob JACKSON some timectober. ESCOH&OW ascertained that aSQTJJRE'a principal preoccupation haa been the fusing of the opposition groups which he Identified by oode names which are apparently those used within the groups but are herein referred to by eryptonyaa used in UIC LAIR ccBanunie have recorded ln our files the referred to oode namea.

One ia th* "novmnp group headed by RHDIHDLE and the other the group leadJohn H. CALLIOERIS, the latter atated by ESQUIRE to be

flreaently in WSHOOFS. ESQUIRE explained to ESCORSOB that

CALLIGERIS group oliiaa considerably more men and arwa than the RnTJIHIiLE group, but all or almost all of their support la outside the country, whereasIKOLE group has its awn and awterlale lnalde the country.

He said that the principal difference between the two groups la that the RNDIXDLE group cannot accept CAIilOERIS aa the future president and the l ALLIOKRIS group ia instating that CAIXIOERIS ahould have sole power after the revolution takes place. He aaid that both recognize the advantages of working together, but the RNDINDLE groupuntaan. ESQUIRE mentioned that the groups hare been talking over their differences since RRDITCDLK returned frcat hia trip to KaPAJAWA snd QKCIOAR, but beoauae of the insistence by both groups on having their way it appears that in the immediate future neither group will strike singly or in concert.

ESQUIRE mentioned to ESCOKSOH that part of the strategy of the

CALLIOERIS group is the landing at and taking by force of the principal east



- SECDBITT informatiob*

age 2

coast port of WSBORJrT. ESQCIBS sold that insofar as ho knows nothing has boon dona to got support from tho WSBQUT Army or froa DTPHOOSj that tha groups cannot trust amy officers.

3. ESQUIRE said that thegroup has plana for bringing in arms by aeans of sn air lift and that thia group olalas to have an air strip whioh oould be used, but its wbaresbouts is unknown to ESQOIRE.

Ii. ESQOIRE aantloned that HlOIHDLS's rooent trip to KM?AJAMA and qkc10ar waa tha result of an arrangement aadeTBS and hia brother Ino diseuss plans for the movement; that hia brother had previously besn In oontaot with the Dosrtnlcan Consul inlthough he, ESQUIRE, bad nerar net the Consul. He said that when he, ESQUIRE, recently went to QXCIQAR he disoorerod that he was on tho same plane with the Dominican Consul by reason of the Consul'sshown hia his passport) that they did not talk in Hew Orleans beeanae ef the pro so nos of dtlsens of WSBURKT but they laterhat in the airport in abbilo, Alabama. ESQUIRE mentioned visiting tho consul's offtoe in BGPWH whioh he sayaew floors above the ISBTJRhT Consulate.

He said that RJDIKDI2 want to QLPAJAMA first andrcuiM man who referred hiaritish agent and the purpose of RKDIKDIX's visit to KM-PiJAMA was to arrange for trigger menj that apparently suoh ean be supplied at the appropriate tine.

BSQUIttE stated that the Dosdnican Consul said his governaent waa willing to giveillion dollars in eras or In cash to oust the ISBUHHT government. It ia ESCOKSOS's impression from bio conversation with KSfUlBZ that theConsul told SHuTMDU the sasa thing. ESQUIRE said that tho Consul'stoward RSDIKDLR was favorable at ths outset but when ESQOIRE lastthe Dominican Consul, just before leaving BOTCajw, the Consul wasand said he would support anyone whoatisfactory plan and would wove first.

5. ESQUIRE further stated that tha BrflTTTCifE group has arms foren oaohed close to the principal city of WSHTSaTecure place. ESQOIBE indicated that he was considerably concerned for hia personal securityesult of bishaving been in contaot with the Dominican Consul and beesass of sn article appearing in the DIARIO DE CENTRO AMERICA, pro-government Guatemala City newspaper,ctober, relating to an interview with Enrique C.rother-in-law of ox-President PRIO Socarras of Cuba.

Air travel lists reflect that Enrique C. HBfBIQUEZ arrived in Ouatemaland the lists do not reflect that he has as yet departed.

ESQOIRE stated that he and RNDINDLB were not to be in contact in the laaodiatelet things coolhat he, ESQUIRE, wasgoing to hie farmctober and would return aboutctober and oontaot ESCONSOH onctober.

e 3

further mentioned to ESCONSON that he personally had giveno tho RRDINDLB group and the total aaount of contributions to that group has been.

ESCOHSON aaaurea ae that he did not ao licit the above information and that ESQUTRX revealed it to him voluntarily. ES00HSOH advised that, in accordance with my instructions, he told ESQUIRE that he, ESCOHSON, waswo-waye was to receive what ESQUIRE desired to transmit and that he waa to deliver to ESQUIRE whatever we*sage he waa instructed to

ESQUIRE mentioned that an associate of the RKDIRDLE groupSBURNT woman employed at the BSCOKSOM known of this woman as being of an old WS3URRT really otweans. Thle woman was previously suggested by RRDINDLEutout between him and abraan YALKNZAKNZA waa initially setting up the TPREDDCE project.

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