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folloviog courses of eetlen are recoanandeii l. To provide forori el froa HH stores to tbe aaere.

with eleared crew to fly

8 tonscable reel ox saterlel frcsi vh storesfrcsi Cubs ox JsssUcs). Tnis asterisl

to sniggled into target country startingays prior torlnlM of scran days aotloe sill beIn getting taa plane to WE stores, finfuj to get clearance for plane to land lx C J

b. chartered sUp* draft converted svbcbaeer or military cargo craft, fishing or cargo boat, vita our crev) to acre from our on pieronscable feet of antexiel to latenasedlatc joint to be rlrredby Itufua. Baxos to amae* infcsTaadlsta point and plek-vp*

To plan pv campaign to strengthen revolt and nevinvolve Soviet, and to aasare ao indication of. latereet Msetiog la Fenaas2rovea,

See attacnaents.



ddreosee cci CVH

r 3



bertad, vith cross and

ReLigiounom with Stalin In aheap'a clothing.

A conmnini at alert to the affect tbatay tbat an atteopted revolution will begin Saturday, toblllce all forces (Handbills)

Gtalln aPd taa local Ocoaminiat party stamping onnd the little people labeled "derechos'etc.

Provide eridaneaommie splinter grouposter, handbill, claJaJM this group toeal Batlonallatgroup such as tbe ancient Indian population had.

Foster ridiculing the CosBJonist alert of the 5th.

comsmlBt blame all trouble on tbe ignorance ofidicule the Virgin of Guadalupe and quote their leaders. (Handbill*)

of Conomlat Fronts which are rlolating art.f their very existence and support of CosisuniszB anfl the USSR.

Coanant on tha formation ofmail list splinter group.

Comminiats again point to Immediate dangers andhow of strength for the following day.

Foster showing fronts as backers of atheism and the destruction of Guatemalan liberty for the gloryotut solely for the USSR.

Conmwniflt request for funds to be sent to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico, or to the Guatemalan Treasury.


showing government dla-ngard for Art.nd ths be-trayal of the Guatemalan Constitution,

Poster ridiculing the alert of tha iota.

Communist Invitationsiesta--free food, drink and entertainment. All paid for by the Soviet EmhaaBy In Mexico, tbe local Cooaunlst Party end tho Guatemalan government.

Connanlata deny payment by the USSR Embassy. Claim money for fiesta la only froa local Party and Coat, Trees


andn ComaunlBt treatment of Catholics In all nations vhere they are In

cssaontlng on the use of funds froa the national Treasuryonsuaist fiesta.

Beaaelll naming leader* of CoRBnnlst fronts vho have betrayed Oeateansla and their religion. Seep simple and to

the point.

Poster calling attention to CoDsnunlet plans.

A copy of minuteseetingtop Communists In Guatemala Is discovered, these minutes should dealstebliehneotew national Communist church to worshiprbitraryof the population to destroy familyheofae Importing of Soviet teachore for batter education ofhe establishment of Buaelan as the first language la Ouatemala to be used In all officialhe destruction of all Misting churches, end the sumnery imprisonment of allhe ehollshmant ofegalhe constructiontatues honoring Stalin andew Guatemalan flagw constitution Modeled after that of the TTSSR. AHD AITTEDB BXBE VSXCB MOULD CHEATS AVJEB OtT TSB TABT OT THI OOATEMALU PUBLIC!.

Communists again call forforh. Communists deny "plan" even though such things say have happened la other CosBoniet nations, they say that these things could never happen in Oasteaela.

BpUntcrroup claims that all funds collected are going to high Communist Party members and the USSR. Hone for Guatemala.

wMMIl pointing out that tha Chatemelan Government baa done nothing to back up article 32

of tha Constitution nor any other article except those that better

the cause of the UBSB.

COBPunlstB report that funds ara not

being recelTad by the USSR Scfcassy In Mexico. That this vlU Bake the UBSB angry at Guatemala and to all

Guatemalans vho ahould owe allegianoe to the Soviet Union.

Bandblll denouncing all phases of the Ccssmmlet plans. leap brief, concise and play on all contlaonte of populace.

Invitationsoeting where the

Soviet Afflb. to Msxioo will speak. Al Losbardo Toledano, Xule Carlos Preste and Diego Rivera and any other Conaau-nlst who would be hard to get. Also prowl as the presence of certain high government officials of Guatemala,.

Poster shoving statues of Stalinoviet flags with caption! "If this la Guatemala, where are the OuatesaOanaT" or sccsethlng to that effect.


22. Poster casing Coeuunistapologise for other false

and their fealliei.

ln Ouateoala calling thea traitors alerts and aay that the reel danger to Quateaala, labor, their Church la on the- all workers excused

froa work to defend their hooas.

tating! "Wry areanonists afraid! What is there

that patriotic OoatewsUans will turn against the awn who would sail ua out to WjHcowf

Splinter group calls attention to the needs of the Guatemalans, but points

Don't support Counmiste or these aan &ubb leaders of the local party and Connie fronts.

CoDDsmistB invite public to pay aomag to the new President of Guatemala, Marshal Stalls.

Handbill reacting to Ccotmmist desire to pay homage to Stalin. Suggest people pay homage to aanalnc Guatemalans and get rid of people who pay nonageoreign ruler, aame Ccaode leaders In the Guatemalan governatant.

Poster calling attention toagain call for an alert

statement of the Guatemalan Archbishop.

26. Foster Illustrating sou* of tbe CQBssmiot plana.

Comaanallst splinter groups attacks the senseless alerts, but suggests that It mightood thing for Guatemala If the people arose and got rid of the people who areao anaraoured with the USSR.

Poster ridiculing thealerts which obviously are. acre expressionsuilty conscience of those who have so brazenly sold out Ouateaala to the TJSSR. name the prime targets with evidence.

Prom thia day on try to issuaorders on government latter heeds, via thehrough smlls, handbills, etc. to saw as sjsjam conruslon and unrest as poaolbl

the traitors sad their backgrounds.

Save on request action.

30. all to arms to protect the Constitution end Guatemala.

In taa event of action it will be advisable to publish the names of those who are on the side ofpread rumors to the effect that Coananists have fled Ouat. enda<Mg in the USSR Embassy inpread the word that other Coatnunists have used Party funds to build fortunes in other countries end have alreadyor are preparing for immediate departuregala control of the radio and cite control of various locales -loudspeakers andhould reiterate the CotamnxLstnd plants In labor and the Communist part of the armed forces should spread conflicting orders! via every available means. Rumors to the effect that acme army unit carry the Soviet flag rather than the Guatemalan one, but that the USSR has withdrawn moral and financial support of tha local party for bungling the Guatemalan situation. Rumors should be spread that the Comaunlsts outside of Ouatemala have denounced their comrades end any other rumors which would affect the morale of the troops such as saying that thereoat waiting for all officers who hare partyroops will be deserted, etc.

-opKi pegr Rbfaawcg


I. The availability or theto fully expolltay plan" prior to the initiation of any hostilities.

I. Tlie plaasability and the Deansollowing thanes during act-al coooati

opular uprlsinrj

revolution is really in support of the Constitution;

Cooeamlsta were planning completeiven date;

used foruprising ca/ic from stolen ambyK to the Qua teas ion Goveriuwnt;

tho only forces npporting the present novernnent are

thoac in the pay of the DBfllJ

several of the government leaders are hidingt last showinc their true colors|

forces of revolution ore backwd by all freedoain the area (rather thano thateedcapepoet, neither us nor UfCOthe full brunt of ouch accusations;

said revolt will, because of the support ofAmerican republics, increaoe thc prestige ofGovernment and add to the prosperity "of

(Para,hould be used with extreme caution because of the necessity to protect tne Doninican Republic and Nicaragua)

for all people to stay outside of certain areasthet fighting may take place -deception devices;

saw rnmmam

J. An siipoal Tor all citizens oficr than ti>oae In the retailoroout of the nay lii specific towns, or tJiroutfi ccrtoijihemo in desire not to kiU Innocent people;

("liwissioii In re Guatemalan

k. The i'orces of revolution have overwhelming strength and that to resist said forces is useless.

1. That the current Guatemalan OoTemoent has executed numbers of innocent people In other aroaa or towns. (Thome is

pat out of such andown or area before the Rovem-ment troops cjt yon down too)j

a. That allarts ol the old nciae will be retained*

n. That no "reactionary*uch asill

ro into effect.

o. Where feasible, and where defection is lnportant enough, the followinc two theoesi

Ko political revenre after the revolution.

Currant government supportera are asked to ooae over to our aide andill be treated with the utmost consideration;

p. Lists of prominent and/or wall thought of national ond local loaders who are on the side of the revolution.

(Care will be taken that names of leaders will not be released prior to assurance of victory in that area. It is possiblo that lists of Communists oay be released as aupportera of the revolution in the early stages of said revolution in order to provoke their dlamia sal with the Ouatemalan Government.)

q. That all confusion devises in tho last paragraph ofay plan" aro carried Into effect.

III.It will be necessarynto the ponsibility ofew comoat PI teama and equipplnr. thea with field P* equipment such an le used by the any.

IV. It should be attempted to infiltrateundles of PI materials aloo; with any personnel infiltratod into the area. The material shoiild concern the themes Mentioned in paragraph II and should bo de3iiried to confuse eleutut oi -iven towns or small areas. In other words, we iavt -ot to pir.-poi.it our propaganda bomi>3.

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