Created: 10/30/1952

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1 Apr.


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participatediA coup and spoke in favor of insurgents

Subject sougfatUU. S. aid in his activities.

Guatemalan propaganda introduced into HI Salvadoreterioration in relations between the two countries, to joy of subject.

CASTUJA) Armos was reported planning on uniting with subject, who is supposedly financed by TRUJILLO of the Dominican Republic.

Subjects sent representatives to Washington.

Of the three groups preparingevolution in CuateiiMla, that led by the Asociacion General de agricultores reportedly has the best chance for success. Subject is leader of another group composed of the old UBICO Liberal Party. One Ovidio PIVARAL reportedly haso the group and itirplanes.

ettee writtenuspected Corartunist, subject was described as representing pure tradition, the UBfflCO group, the Catholic Church, colonial tradition, the hegemony of millionaire and aristocratic families.

Subject and Guillermo PUTVEYS wrote RENON of Panamaaid in Overthrowing the present Guetocalan government.

Subject sent list ofuatemalan Coonunists to the 1'inister of Foreign Relations of Panama.

Subject described aa an extreme rightist, who is cooperating with BUFUS, who desires to utilize his assistance, but to maintain himeutral category.

Subject in conversation. bmbassy employeePSH'TZ of Chile,whom he met once in London. He is believed identical with Frof. Mcjandro LIPSCHUtZadiologist and ardent Communist of Chile.

0 the above conversation occurred. Subject stated he met LI?SC'1)T2oviet Embassy reception in London LIPSCHUTZ assuraed that subject was inith theL0 regime and greetedth clenched fist salute and stated that helose friend of ARL'YAlO.

lan among Carlos CASTILLO Armas, Juan

ulyCerra and subject.

defeated presidential candidate, left Guatemala for

29'DocSalvador on

alleged to be involvud in plot to overthrow the Guate-


as reported to have sent agents to El Salvador

Aovcheck on possible subversive activities ofAD0 Lira.

u agent of General PINEDA of Honduras mas stationed in El

ctto report on the revolutionary activities of subject.

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