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ecent trip frcn I'anasM,

f ^ f^ stfly ofours. JnATmnch Jsni hln .araily hava teentwdin* personalest while in Sen


3. It was at fiis timet.Vt Im?t

receivim; lupportia Juiced .'tato* in in Central 'merle*. Jtiore continuingreal crrort tout that tnis swilii :iot be nksi.iterorctei. mlSalvador ralatloaa were notacaosairsve nictate, rte carried the jtolnt firtAtr in&



However, he said that he wa? more concerned withaid and material support to help rightmerica, art's that this ?oa3'3 not be accomplishedthat!"utyre anti-

Corrnunist action decided upon must he carried cut cov&rWybecause that is the only approach thatn this connection it was abated thatimportant current target for the anti-Communist factionAmerica is the finflnciny irxS govertlytint' ofin Quatonal a. rie 3aid bhpt he was certain thisnut an ^nJ to of all 'woiununist activities andCentral America, and eni ,'J.S. worries in thishe above contention by further sitting tact .no GenialIso he continually sending agents, arms ond Money(b) financiallyhe

candidate of Costs Kica; (cj attempting to penetrate Salvadorthe country with awnnbs in th" of refugees,is bhe propaganda center and tafpco^trj* for allin Central and South

-by stating that Guatemala is reportedlycandidate, Mr. Jose flGUSRES, to the extent ofa. Accordingin Costa

Riea, Mr. FIGUERE5ery good chance oi winning If this happens, it is believed that because ofleftist tendencies and anti-flmerican leanings, lie wouldturn to his financial sponsors and become easy prey forCommunist benefactors.believes that

Honduras, although very much anti-Communist, will probably have little choice and nay likewise go the same wayhort time should FIG'JEIES become president. It was further stated that it is difficult to know what would eventually happen in San Salvador and the rest of Central America if the trend should spread. He wa3 very worried and extremely emphatic in his contention that the only way to wipe oub the danger of growing Communism in Central Anerica is to help the anti-Communist movement, with all tho money and arms needed, to overthrow the present Guatemalan regime before it is too late. With reference to Guabemalan Communist agents coming intoSalvador, it was further mentioned that "at one time tnere were as manyurned back in one month." Some of these wereo nave re-entered the country with diplomatic passports only to be returned to Guatemalaersona non grata statuseriod of time.

that ne would be willing to personally

make tnc necessary covort contacts with tne Guatemalanoi.u'V joist underground cadre both in Salvador and Uuatemala in setting up an illegal support structure, for the above action, if he could be assured of receiving substantial aid from tne United States, i'he above statement was made in spito of tlie fact that his life was severely threatened in early3 by six Communist assassins

jT rnroRMATioN


imported from Ouatemala for this purpose. These assassins arein jaileventufllly disappear.

With reference to the coming conference of the Organization of Central American States to be held inhe theme will again be anti-Communist unity. Accordingalthough Guatemalaember and in this case tne (wst ccuicry, every move is so carefully watched and scrutinized by tne rest of tne countries represented tnat there is vary little chance of any harm being causod by Guatemala. He mentioned that tne only reason Guatemalaart of tha conference is the desire for complete unity as part of tne overall Central American States. With reference to Panama's recent request to Join the Union it was stated.that action for admittance will probablyart of the agenda at thid meeting.

It was also reported that tnere i3 toran/ Columbian Conference to be held in Panama,3 for the purpose of encouraging some of the South American countries to Join with the Organization of Central American States in its anti-Communist activity. These will probably include Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. There seems to be some question as to whether or not Venezuela and Honduras will attend. In addition to the theme of anti-Communist unity thc conference will also be dedicated to furthering cooperation with. and possibly. to giving further material aid to Latin and South America. Accordingis believed that much background intrigue is taking place in tne preparation for the Columbiananama is arranging for one of the other member nations toesolution that. should accept Panama's demands for new and revised pacts affecting the two countries. C 6 that the "general undertone" in that the other countries of the urand Columbian Conference will probably follow Panama's example with their respective requests. shortly afterwards.

Juring theindicated tno existencepecial liaison arrangement DcoweenSalvador's Military Intelligence and. (Panama Secret Police) in the exchange of mutual information concerning International Comm mists active in their respective countries. It is hoped tnat this liaison will be extended to effect the other members of the organization of Central States except Guatemala; this has not been an overt official liaison but will probably be so in the future.

Before ending thehis willingness to cooperate and askedQ "Tio please, if possible, pass the above information on to the proper authoritiesashinf-ton.

C Onade no commitments in any way but did say that he would try to pass on the contents of their conversation to some Interested party.

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HOTE: tiith reference to the above visitis

pointed out that the stop-over in al Salvadorpurely For social reasons and was not encouraged or suggested by any member of the Panama Mission, Ft. Amador C. z.


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