Created: 3/30/1953

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(or DCI from WH

Ship ts ready for caching run and can sail on four hour notice.

Training pattern has been well established and all preparations made and precautions taken to insure safe, secure caching.

i. Full and accurate reconnaissance of excellent caching andsites, complete with photos, has been made by well-qualified Seekford team.

4. Outbound run will require between twenty and thirty-six hours and caching between twelve and thirty-six hours.

Thecomplishfnents have only been possible because ofsuper-human efforfs ofnglneer onTDY from

from Panama)bis staff

at ROBAL-O. These people have worked up to twenty hours each day. seven days each week, sinceebruary. They have been faced by every possible adversity, but through outstanding effort and ingenuity have accomplished the mission, without unduly Interfering with the orderly operation of the already complicated ROBALO, or arousing suspicion of unusual activity at the installation.

Upon completion of caching the ship may be returned to ROBALO for complete rehabilitation. Work remaining in order to bring the ship to perfect condition includes dry docking to clean hull and pull propeller shafts; complete overhaul of five engines and entire electrical system; further work on refrigeration system; and further scraping and painting. All this work can be done in time withlcca)"jfucilities and personnel.

When ship Is registered. flag as

be necessary toicensed Captain and Chief EnglneefT keleton crew which can be filled out by station personnel should also be provided for If the ship is to remain at ROBAL-O.

It may be desirable for someone from the Air Maritime Division to visit ROBALO in order to make recommendations as to finaland disposition.




All requests for support from DTROBALO have been met. Including:

cleared marine diesel operator will arrivearweeks TDY.

Sterile scotch tape and banding clips were airmailedeb.

Charts were pouchedeb.

C eportedeb that the deal would be closed byreb and the craft In place betweenebart and that ^would handle details.

lefteb to make final inspection of craft and to

arrange final details of purchase and transport.

cwae alerted oneb to be prepared for caching runar and to make training run to vicinity with dummy boxes prior to that date.

DTROBALO was instructed oneb to repack boxes and break# boxesite.

eft for L 3l9 Feb to arrangend planes and expected to be at DTROBALOreb after conferring with Rufus.

c go to DTROBALOeb for up toays TDY to assist with repacking, selection and training of crew, and all final details preparatory to caching run; and to stand by for Instructions from Hq on actual run.

o direct all policy cables EYES ONLY ASCHAM; all cables requesting normal support PBFORTUNE.

JCK to ar unless emergencypresence earlier. JCK now scheduled




This paper discussed wilh ASCHAM0 oneb and concurred in hy him. ASCHAM has lhe original.

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