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Future Federal Military Security and Intelligence Apeneiea

1, Several Bundestag deputies of the government coalition atated that now or in tho very near future the question will be raised by Chancellor ADSNAUSR and the High CommissionorB as to which security service will be at the disposal of the Federal Republic following the expected abolition of the occupation statute. It is almost.certain that Ministerial Director GIQBK? wlll.be the government's expert lb deal with these problems since it is known that GLOBXf is in very close, contact with QeneralG5KL3N'5 Intelligence apparatus, ayebrowa were raised over the news that these problems will not be handled by the kinistry of Interior in cooperation with the existing Federal Security Agency which, these Bundestag deputies feel, would be the logical agencies; also these same deputies would like to seeecisive voice should be given to the Bundestag in this important project.

2. At the present tine it is said thatLEN organisation will beart of the over-all German military contribution to the Suropean defense and that it will consequently be built into the structure of the 3uropean aria;'. It would thoa functionoubined Allied-German liaison to the BUNK office. Interior security, however, will be kept separated fromilitary intelligenceand will be handled exclusively by the Federal Security Agency which would be enabled and permitted closer cooperation with its land security agencies. These Bundestag deputies realize that the Allies cannot waive their claims for supervising external German security and Intelligence if it were only to safeguard the security of their own occupation troops. On the other hand one would like .to avoid tbe possibility that the GSHLSH group may at the same time be charged by the Allies with the interior security of Germany. These deputies have been suspicious of the GEHli'N apparatus and itsstatus within the American occupation forces for some time in the past. They claim, should theM organization beree hand under the general title of "German Military Intelligence" or similar that that organization would strive to take over any and all security natters within the German Federal Republic. In that oase countless internal struggles regarding priorities, competencies,and general poor cooperation would undoubtedly result. The Bundestag deputies pointed out that then they would prefer if presently existing Allied intelligence agencies such as the CIC, CIA, FSS, and Surets were maintained. They are perhaps not more palatable but at least more readily understandableecessity for the security of the Allied troops than the largelyGEffiSK apparatus. No doubt was left that the so-called -Auseenatellen" of the GSHLENwhich apparently are now covertly presentonsiderable


number of German government offices are felt to be annoying and unwanted. It was stated that General GEHLEN'S alleged representative In BONN is former Colonel in the General Staff, KLEYSER.


a. This is the first time that the GEHLEN group is receiving semi-official comment from Bundestag deputies, ato the knowledge of this writer. It is noteworthy that fears and doubts were expressed regarding present activities of the GEHLEN group to the effect that it concerns itselfot of problems which are probably none of its business and should logically and legitimately be left to the (internal) Federal Security Agency.


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