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Soviet Strategy staff Of floe of Current Intallicenee2


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Subjecti Briefing of Oonornl52

departed froa -ashington national AirporttG7od oror night InTork. Zmocal train tothe following morning and awaited Oeneral Elsenhower'swhich arrived at5 hour*.

boarded Generalaapaign train whUe it aaa

in SlAraon Station, Hew Tork and accoapolned hiai to Grand Central Station,

arranged for ne to meet the General

5 hours and ths briefing lasted until

, Cenaral Haoenhower commented that tha briefings hod bean Tory helpful jut that ha datednformation, which he said woe essentialomplete understanding of the -itnation.

General Eiaenhower raad tbe briaflng material ha commented

that if ha 'got the Job" some other arrangement would have to be node for tho oriefinge. He mentioned cutting clearance for acne of his staff ao they could also benefit from than.

I informed him that this was the last ocheduled briefing prior to tho election anises there wes same particular phase of the situation which be would like emplifiod. He replied that he did not think that would be necessary.

o quest lone raised by the General remained mxmswered and the sarins of four briefin,ro which beran enugust was completed without any untoward iaoldonta.

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