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SUBJECT: PW Conference In

Presentfacilities io the Ceotralerlcan ares;

means of PW support for themovement; and the -

and means of Central Americanof aoy possible activity of RUFUS.

t was concluded that, with proper support with specialists and money from Headquarters a, indicated In pro-

will be able to give PW support to any PW campaign or mcXlo^

or. Ihe part of RUFUS and/or any other Guatemalan antl-Communis,.

J) Our contact with RUFUS reported the following;

- RUFUS has read and rewritten0 day plan' including all (he major themes (ace attachment);

aterial for tbeplan' will be printed in Guatemala. -Ml faculties are ready for Immediate use. Thecoat of production will

is presentlyeek

uatemalan inti-Communist bulletin

c-penses are being borne out oi toe

personal funds of RUFUS.

i*v7and arranging ford.sscmin..tion ofay planl' PWany latter propaganda to be used in combat and


possible propaganda will be printed as soon asmade available to insure better di.semin-tion when

the time is ripe.

he following chart la an illustration of the meansthe widest dissemination of PW themes. It wasas the most efficient and secure means of accomplishing

rufus I

Raw PW material, photos and press re'leases via courier or air mall


Raw PW material, etc. via courier, mail, cables or newspapers

clippings via pouch

PW material and clippings via cable and pouch



vailable PW material via cable and pouch




photos via anti-Communist press service




stated that they are able to support any future RUFUS PW on the following themes:

forcesopular uprising;

forces arc acting lo defence ofConatitution;

Guatemalan Communists weresubjugation of Guatemala;

government arms have beenthe Soviet orbit countries;

government isool of the USSR;

of the other Central Americanin the uprisingigher prcatigcfor Guatemala under RUFUS;

army atrocity stories and picturea;and

material on RUFUS snd supportera and their aims.

Initiate the following actions if feasible:

populace will be ordered lo arrest

any fleeing Guatemalan Communist agents, who finding themselves unable to operate any longer in Guatemala, are attem pting to re-establish themselves in neighbor countries; and

h. In the event that escapespress

release will be sent to thenewspapers,

alledgedly from Arbcna. slating that he waarisoner by the Communists. Newspapers will check this slory. He will have to accept or deny his Communist affiliations. Either way therelory. Any further action againstbenc will depend on bis own attitude.

be responsible for the following actions;

A. Mert ellii any high Guatemalan official

hides out in the Soviet Embassy' '



Rot. 1

Hov. 1

poster shoeing Stalin I lag cn the flag and Constitution of Custeejada.

Clraulcte leaflets, slyned by any Ccesunist cell Inhlohational rellf^or.. These should be distributedcnl-anonyBous Banner andnail quantity.


The texttloleremier of it* complete fulfilment.


Poetere with patrlctlc end reliflcus thomco.



sttcox on th**esr, radlc bad leafl'to.

A Ccearunlst alert calling together all their followers for the defense ofrevolution" treinsta<cnent planned by the reactionaries for the

nlrht ofovember.

An appeal to ell th*s tc unit* Infight Ccort-lsi, end idirected tcee-bers of otherur- sects.




Security info

Accuee the Christiana cf plottinggainst the rcvernaiont end eocus*lergyaen of participating In notional politicsevision of the peralesione granted to the nuns and Jesuits and prohibiting the veerlnc of their rcbee on Abe street*.





Publication cf tbo first-draft of tbe minutescanomnlst session, thus:

Establishmentational Church.

Colonization of new lands as a

iceans of political domination -end the dissociation of family and social ties necessary for the complete establishmentoeaEuniBt regime.

official establishment ofpolice to colaborato Inof the regime.

L. tudy of the possibility ofumber of Eusslan teachers, for the schools. The establishment of 'the Russian longuu{rceans of coasunlca-tlon, both Inside and outside of the Party.

ElInlnation of the clergymen who oppose the realizationational Church.

Collection of fun-is among the affiliates and sympathizers of th? Party for tho erectionomment to the rreetest lenders of the workers of the world.

tudy for the change in the

patrioticational anthem and Coat of Arms) S- Toaw for urban refore, with an equal distribution of dwellings. 1C. Free f sceeiod-



poster depicting Russian dominance over the Guatemalan fovcrnacnt.

Poster denying Uw veracity of the meeinj; and accusing the Catholics of forgery, and of plotting against the government of Col. Arbenz, and, in addition, presenting Catholcisrg as ant: Nationalist 'ltd Idolatrous.


Answer to the anti-religious posterequest for the union of all tbe Christiansight against Communism.

ahti cokkukist

Sot. 11


petition to the people that they ahov thalr repudiation oflam and their loyalty to tbalrand Country by placing poatara la their bamaa and bualneaaaa. (Poster*m-CCHMUXISTS FOR CCD ABD FCR

ocr ccoftki)

Not. 12

Tba placing and dissemination of anti-Ccmmunlat posters.

Bor. 13

A pouter depleting tho torturea that thee used In Guatemala.

Her. U

Point out, by sruti of pamphlets, the principle Cccacinleta of Guatemala and the poaltlona that they occupy ln the government.



nationalist end propaganda.

Nor. 16

Mockery cf the Peers of th* Corirun'sts.

A general appeal to tha rrcletariat for the defense of the October revolution, endangered by the projects of the reaction-eries, who, clotting with MM of the unrecornlted officials and members of the Party within the Country will try to undermine the constitutional order on the morning of thef November.

Kov. 16

Posters blar-lng the opposition fcr national restlessness, secualnr the pardoned politicians of havlrv orfsninnt'ene, "Biting the hand that gerehe bread ofsking the rerernaent fcr ct'on gainst these cril patriots who bondleap the rreat social purpeeea cf the Beroluticn.


A defense of the pardoned membersamphlet deny in, the Intention


AHTI (XMflJSlST Nov. 17

to overthrow the powroBcnt by forcej ridiculing the fear of the Cosraunlets.



I notice en tbe creation of aof Concur.late who refused to be guided by Ruaaia andational Communistesembling the APRA.

Nov. 19

Rationalist propaganda ridiculing tho idea oftatue, to the groat leaders of the worker* of the world.

Kot. 20

Rational and antl-Ccecuniet propaganda, shewinv the crires ooEjnitted by the Ccsanuiista.

Hot. 19

A furious denial of any speculationthe disscntion within the Cotasunist ranks and re-affirming their strength, preparation and unity to be used against the enemies of the Revolution.

Nov. 20

A petition to the people so tbat with their assistance, the Ccosuniat Party mayreater number ofic Congress and may comply with whatuggretcd by their followers during the campaigns and presidencies of Dr. Arcvalo and Cel. Arbens.


Petition so that theill not be able toemain in the Rational Ccngreo!..

Rev. 22

Petition for the local exccaecunicatlon of Comnunists.

h'ev. 2>

boyce: t* cf all Ccnrr.ur.ista.


Nor. 25

Denounce Um Terrorist flan of the Ceenunlstsogotaso) ready to be afrouted.


In appeal to the surrounding people tc Integrate the Committees of Defense In their districts.

Not. 26

An enraged denial of the Torroriat Plan and an accusation attacking the clergy and theccusing them of conspiring vith hiilitary officials for the orerthrov of tht gore recent -for thla reason the President is asked to fill the positions of greatest responsibility vith military men of known loyalty to tht Ootober cause.


An offer eade b the Cooclttee of the Districts to the authorities to maintain order ln any el rousts tancea.

Novi ?e

the Ccaaeunlst Party of possessing anas and explosives andclaimour mf Inspection -pointier cot cne cf the deposits.

Nov. 2$

a petition tc th- people es'.in, then to refrain rrcmj;cing out cf their hewea at night except for worthy reasons. (SleknesE and Wort)

Kct. 29

AcUrs of the Ptrty tc remain alert for an opposition ett*ck cn the govern*.ent with their phoneyltUea of Defensef offering tbe ovr-rnment their unconditicnal aid, adding tl'.Lt elthcvgh many of them are disarmed, they will bt reedy tc defend thcnselves Sr th* districts wh*r, tfc mcBjent i designated.



lbertad, with cross and

statement following line of hov Guatemalan Communist love Catholicism. (Handbill)

The ArchBiehops statement on CoQ&tmieQ (Handbills).

li. Explanation ofnd get rid of Corooiniam in Guatemala. (Poster)

Religiousne with Stalin in sheep's clothing.

A Communist alert to the effect that restore say that an attempted revolution will begin Saturday. Mobilize all forces (Handbills)

Stalin and. the local Communist party standing onnd the little people lab ledetc.

Provide evidenceonnie splinter grouposter, handbill, claiming tbis group toeal Rationalist "comauoal-letlcB group such as the ancient Indian population had.

Poster ridiculing tbe Coaiiunist alert of the Sth.

Communist blame aU trouble on the ignorance ofidicule the Virgin of Ouadelupe and quote their leaders. (Handbills)

List of Coionuniet Fronts which are violating Art.f their very existence and support of Coraaunlac and the GSSR.

Corarent on the formation of the Coiatuniat splinter group.

Communltte again point to immediate dangers audhow of strength for the following day.

showing fronts as backers of aetheism and the destruction of Guatemalan liberty for the gloryotut solely for the USSR.

Poster showing governmentfor Art.nd theof the Guatemalan


request for funds to be sent to tbe Soviet embassy in Mexicc, or to the Guatemalan Treasury.

Communist invitationslesta--frec food, drink and eaterteinneot. All paid for by tba Soviet Embassy

in Mexico, the local Communist Party and the Guatemalan government.

13. Poster ridiculing the alert ofh.

Cowouniete deny payment by the ISSB Embassy. Claim coney for fiesta io only from local Party and Guat. Treae.

Poster and handbill-en Coccoanist treatment of Catholics in all nations where they are in

Handbill consenting on the use of funds froa the National Treasuryocroniet fiesta.

16. Handbill naming leaders of Coswuniet fronts who have betrayed Guatemala and their religion. Eeep simple and to the point.

A copy of minuteseetingtop Coeassniats In Guatemala is discovered. These minutes should dealstablishmentew national CoDrconiet church to worshiprbitrary re-

the population to

deotroy familyhaof Oast. MVD; (li) Tha inporting of Soviet teachers for better education ofhe establishment of Russian as the first language in Guatemala to' be used in all officialbe destruction of all existing churches, aod tbe summary Imprisonment of allha abolishment of Sundayegalhe construction of IOC statues honoring Stalin andew Guatemalan flagev constltetlon modeled after that of tbe USSR. AND ANTTHING ELSE WHICH WOULD CREATE ANOEB ON THE PART OP ti THE OUATEKALAN PUBLIC.

Coi-munlf-ts again call for aoblli-Mtlor. forh. Connunlste deny "plan* even though such things may have happened la other Coamainisthey say that thete thinga could neverp in GuttecalA.

Poster calling attaotlon to Coraiuciat plane.

18. Handbill pointing out that the Ouatemalan Government has done nothing tc back up articlef t'e Constitution nor any other article except tboae that better tbe canee of the USSR.

Splinter Communal let group dales that all fende collected are going to high Common! ft Party meaner* and the USSR. None for Guatemala.

CocriTuniste report that funds are not being received by tbe USSR Embassy In Kexico. That thit will make the USSR angry at Guatemala and to all Gu eternal ana who should owe allegiance the the Soviet Union.

Handbill denouncing all phases of the Communist plans. Keep brief, concise and play on all sentiments of populace.

Invitationsceting where the Soviet Amb. to Mexico will speak. Also Lombardo Tolcdano, Luis Carlos Prestes and Diego Rivera and any otherwho would be hard to get. Also promise the presence of certain high government officials of Guatemala.

showing statues of Stalinoviet flags with caption: "If Ibis Is Guatemala, where are ther something to that effect.


their families.

Handbills stating: "Why are the Communists afraid? What is there to be afraid of? Are they afraid that patriotic Guatemalan* will turn against the men who would sell us out to Moscow?

from work to defend their homes.

Splinter group calls attention to the needs of the Guatemalans, but points out lhat funds arc going tc the USSR. Don't support Communist or these men. Name leaders of the local partv and Conr-ie fronts.

Conmunist invite public to pay nonage to the new President of Guatemala, Marshall Stalin.

reacting todesire to pay hofnage to Stalin. Suggest people pay homage to genuine Guatemalans and get rid of people who pay homageoreign ruler. Nane Comie leaders in the Guatemalan government.


Poster calltnc attention to the statement of therch Birhop.

26. Poster illustratingf the ComnuMsl nlana.

Communists again call for an alert of people and especially the later groups who have bOM armed by the government.

Co-wjnaliet splinterttacks the senselessut suggests that itood linfi forhe people arcse anc got rid of thec art-sc enamoured -ith the uSSft.


ridiculingicr obviously are more expressionsuilty conscience of those uho have so brazenly sold out Guatemala to the USSB. Voe the prime targets with evidence.

Bane the traitors and their backgrounds.

Sane on request action.

From this day on try to issueorders on governmentvia the telephones, through mails, handbills, etc. to sew as much confusion and unrest as possible,

all to arms to protect the Constitution and Guatemala.

In the event of action it will be advisable tonames of those who are on the side ofpread to the effect that Communists have fled

and are hiding in the USSR Embassy inpread the word that other Communists have used Party funds to build fortunes in other countries and have alreadyor are preparing for immediateain control of the radio and cite control of various locales-loudspeakers and leaflets should reiterate the Communistnd plants in labor and the Coamunist part of the armed forces should spread conflicting orders via every available means. Rumors to the effect that some army unit carry the Soviet flag rathere Guatemalan one, but that the USSR has withdrawn moral and financial support of the local party for bungleing the Cua'.eTalar. situation. Rumors should be spread that theaidc of Guatemala nave denounced their comrades and any other rumors which would affect the rorale of the troops such as saying that thereoat waiting for all Officers who have oartyrocps will be deserted, etc.

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