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Report Ro.Data of Boporti

Hovasber to v.b*r

Chief, WH

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Current^Politicalopdurea, C. A.

Tiburcio CARIAS Andino wd Praoldent Juan Manualtheir political differenceseeting beld on Deceabortha horn* of Vice-President Julio LOZAKO, w. The threatened split in

- * -

Oalvaa la not to run for re-election. Both Carfaa and Olives hare agreed. In tho intareato of party solidarity, to withdraw froo the presidential race and uniteossson candidate, who lo as yet unspecified,

Cartas ia still th* undisputed head of the National Party, as indicated by the following:

Sunday,h, in nation-wide electionsnayors. General Cartas' candidates wonvotes for his candidates were nearly four tla.esvotes for all othery Olives and those supported by theirect teat of strength between the supportersCartas and President Olivet.

National Assembly, opening Its annual mooting3rd elected severalas Don as leaderscurrent essslon.

C, The earlier report that theontribution from eachemploy* to Cartas had been stopped proved erroneous. As head of the National Party Cartas etlll receives the


U. General Abraham VIXJJAMS has been ensed out of the picture for the present. Just where Williams stands politically is not clear at the mceent, except that h* has been temporarily ehelved.

Mto exert political influence,Ottw and offering their eupport In heapingrer-ov. Carlos. They felled In this move.

' rivate secretary to rreeldent ARBEKZ of Guatemala, visited Calvesgdalgalp*nd offered himselfoenarooAao eandldate between General Cerfas and President Odlvex.

7* There la some fora of liaison between Francisco f'arazeh and General Willises, ths nature of which la not clear at this tiros. On hla recent trip to Honduras Koracaaruck-load of arms to the finoa of General Willi ana, near Choluteca. Tha arms are still there.

J ^aaaentt This does not necessarilyrue picture of popular Sentiment, since in many instances Carias' ben control od the local election machinery. Also many people voted tha Rational Party ticket


-olitical Parties- Flection Results

attaeraaentiot reoort ko. 21

supjfctt keating between presidentalves end oonersl

tiburcio carieso, deceirher- tegucigalpa, D. c


CALUOERIS, for paragraph 2.

general carina,es, and don -julio lo*ano (tice-preaident) set in the none of don julioeeding whichlasted twoalf hours. carlaa and qalvet agreed to drop out of th* picture, solidify the katleoal party, and work for don julie ea successor to oajrei. rsports indicate that general wiluanm, who wae not invited to the neetlnxt was not taken into consideration in any way aod willj. to shl,ft for^ k,

calves, during; his nesting with carias. included in his renarke the followingi ' '

the ouatemalan government through itsin kondurea had offered to helpcariaa, by assassination if necessary*:

both he and carias nust be very careful ofsecurity ln the future and uae bodyguards.

source cowentt tha guatemalans recognise in cartas th* major obstaole to their political aspirations in honduras, end they are prepared to employ any means to effect his elimination.

AtUernaenti "B*

Tot Beoort Ko.


SUBJtETi Politicalartldo Kacional and Parti doiHonduras, C. A.

Tha two traditional parties, and tha only ocas whichapparent strength, are the Kacional Party (Partido-the liberal Party (Partldo liberal). There are several lesser parties, such as the Honduran Democratic(Partldo Devocretico Revoluclonarlo Rondurend otherssubdivisions of the Rational or Liberal parties. However, atwe have no inforcatlon on these scalier groups and bene athen for ablator report. j j

2, alivc strength of each one of the parties depends on the leaders of sane and th* propaganda which each party Issues.

.here Is nothing In Honduran law which obliges the political parties to Inscribe themselves as such In any register. In order that they be considered legal political parties. All tha politicalwhich exist In the country are legal. The Rational Party lo the only one which has specifically reeuested recognitionegal entity. This was done to enable it to acquire property, to have coney deposits, and to exerclae any other faculty which only natural or legal persons ar* capable of exercising.

1. Ths political parties meet In conventions to designate their candidates. All the officers and party neebera or supporter* who can, attend thea* conventions. The rules of each party set forth thefor conventions, and it la th* Directory group of each party which eeta forth the date for ouch meetings according to th* political

5. In conformance with tha Political Constitution of Honduras, the next presidential election must take place the second Sunday of, and the President will take office the first of

Attecho-rnti "C"

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:. -


ShTVSCTt Kayoralty Election Results Coo^roDuior.s] Officials

SOURCE I Locel newspapere, Tegucigalpa,. A.

1. The following axe the official results of theelections, heldh. Jt. i

Rational Party group (General Carfaa)


"Mixed Group" (Dr. OaMvaa)

* 3


ew departments still have Bocae votes to report. This will in no way change the results of tho elections.

3- The IndlTiiroals chosenonrress on Doceiebero heed the legislative body this coning year are:

ngeniero Carrdloooes (depart awn to de Francisco Horasaa)

ie. Francisco SaloodnCastro

(departasento de Pranciaco KoratAh)

Seeretsrio. Q. Conrado Bonilla (departajeento de Cortes)

Socretarioeronlino Alcarro Castro (depsrterwnto da

Santaernando BustlUe (deportamento de

Francisco Koratah) Pro-Sec reeads Vlllala Vldal (departairento de


t. The voting on the above slate of officersn favor withpposed. Host of the above toon are considered Carlistaa.

6. The officer* of

Tlburcio Carlae indino Manuel RotMro L. Eduardo It. Coellota Caeco KorcoB Ramirez Fernando Zepeda Duron Gabriel R. Aguilar Cesar A. Raoos Cesar P. Katoaoroc Saloooh Jlnfaex Antonio B. Raqual J. Francisco Hartinei Kloacar T, Vargas Rafael Ldpex Kiguel A. Cruz Zcnbrano lols P. LardlsSbsl OcUvio ValleclUo Ellgio tlrlr QelKonei

Rational Party are the fall mint t

Presides in

ef omitteeoadta, " ioe-PreBident Supervieor (Fiscal) Vice-Treasurer Treasurer

ibsence ofP. (Vooal)

1st Socretary 2nd Socretary 1st Pro-Secretary

2nd Pro-SecretaryY *

7. The officers of the Liberal Party are the following:

Villeda Morales Pedro A.scar A. Flores

(anuel F. Earahona Alfonso Alvarado Juan Miguel Kejfn

" W

m ecretary Secretary

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