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Office Memorandumunit jidver nment

to iTor Operations, date3

^ft) hsyaon mow htcr, Contact Jlvision, co

iuejtCT. California Co vd lice for icucer Investigation

a aenbor of the Lr,** ffice he* occasion to hearKieiel tell southing of the activities of the California CoT-ltteeInvestigation (Col). His cccacnls,ollows, *iy be of Interest:

Model indicated he vea forcorlynigner at the GermanhocVet Center at Fcener.cnde. he has been In tbe bJor sooe years. Ho isroject engineer in the(Cuided .lisailoa) of thc_Korth,^er.Ucn .ivlcticn Cory, he gaveofompetent sclentat, especially krroVl'eogeabie on Healanced person, not given to fixations.

J, Cil ha3 been in operationears, composed of private Individuals Intrigued end scientifically interested in finding en explanation forphenomena. To date, they have rsceived0 letters relating tb reported sightings. Of tbia number, they have bean able to iwodHtelyicklys not worth Ihe great proportion ofave been discarded ucon further Investigation. bffMt was aaatwhat sur;rising to tbe writer was the exhaustivenoaa with vhlch those investigations are being no'lo. Kot only axe very careful calculations cade, if the data exists, to check ths possibility of the report being physically possiblen tcrss of lines ofut tbe Individual reporting the sighting Is Investigated privately at hla place residence toeneral background of reliability and credibility. Ofhapsr so sightings have been established asin the sense tbat no known existing explanation exists for thee. Apparently, xost of those hevo boon forwarded to bright Held, Dayton, Uilo, although there appears toeg of sooe duration while Cil is aakinj its own check end calculations, ur. hlcdel's dcicr lotion of one reported sightingilot and crew, and ths follov-up vith respect to It, waa inpraselvc to the writer in tho thought applied, the pains taken, and tho very careful application of scientific aethed.

I 4. ao aerioui is Cdl with raspect to its investigation that Or. Kledol Indi-/ cated that they arc going tolanned "hoax" over the los Angeles area, in order tc test the reaction and reliability of the public in central toerial phaaoaena. (The sighting* reportednan b) could possibly bo thisFrou thta cxyert:.cnl, they hojc to ascertain ( how aany people report-an aorlal visual phenomenon which haa been conducted so as lo bo clearly visiblearge nutber of people in the area. They will also, of course, bo able to teat the variation of rej-ort dctolla, etc. This experimentesigned taittcr backjro-nl against which future sl^htlrgj.canvsluated.

hief, Comsat ulvHion, CO

subject. California Co^-lttce for iaucer Inveslleatton

enbor of tha Loa Ancele* Office hed occasion to hoax lir.Meael tell aorothlng of the activities of the California Ccrjlteo for Saucer investigation (CJi). Hla ooaaents, aa follow, iriy bo of interest:

vr. Model Indicated ha vas forcerly Chief i* signer at the Ceraan Ex-perlaentcl hocket Center at Pcener-ende. He haa been In tho uJpeperelli" scientist for sooc years, lio isroject ifnginoor in thepartnent (Guide! .lis-lloa) of theHorthls>ien_Corf. he gave every iapreaaioo ofompetent acicntn, especially hnowleo^eabio on rocket jaattors. Haalanced person, not given to fixations.

j. Cal haa been ir. operation sons years, composed of private individuals Intrigued and scientifically interested in finding en explanation for "saucer" pbeno:cna. Vo date, they have received0elatin; tb reported sightings. Of thia nuabef, they have been ablo to Lwcilately or quicklys not worth follov-uj.. Vho great frovortloa ofave beer, discorded upon further investigation. Whet vaa soaeuhal surprialr^ to tha writer vas tbe exhtustlvcDoss with which these Investigation: are being node. Hot only are very careful calculations cade, if the date exists, to check tha possibility of tho report being physically possiblenf lines ofut the Individual roporting tha sighting Is Investigated privately ot hla placo tC residence toeneral background of reliability and credibility. Ofnvestigated, perhapsr so alghtlnga have been established as "reliable" in the sense that no known existing explanation exist* for then. Apparently, aost of these beve been forwarded to bright Held, bayton, Uiio, although there appears toire lag of sooc duration while Cil is .taking Its own check col calculations, ur. hlcdel'a description of one reports! sightingilot and crev, and the follov-vp vlth respect to It, vaa iru-rasslve to the writer in the thought applied, the pains taken, and the vary careful application of scientific aethod.

4. So serious is CSI tilth raapect to Ha investigation. Medalthat they ara going tolanned "hoax" over the Los angeles area, in order tc test tha reaction and reliability of the public in general to unusual aerial phenomena. (The sighting* reportedollbj in b7 could possibly be this hoax.)thla experiment, they hoje to ascertain bow ssatrr people reportaorlal visual phenoaenoo which haj been conducted so aa to bo clearly vlsiblolarge nutber of people in tho area. They will also, of courso, be able to tost the variation of report detollj, etc. This experiment la designed to givef/ background which futureluatcd.


4, Apparently, an cyo and interest aro ol-so directed toward the UJJu, Tor reactionsrctortcd_ln _the PX/.Wa arc observed. Thli interc TTalio evident In th'e'^eper entitledcfcet3 Behind'the*resented before the enr.ual convention of tho iicrican hockot .society in Kev Jork Cityy George r. iutton, aleo of *erophysics Depart-cent (liorlh American Aviation,ssociated with Cil.

6. Cf incidental interest nay be the feet that 1JAA (Nationalsoolation) suggested politely end perhaps indirectly to Dr. Ricdel tbat he disassociate himself fro* official neobirship on OH,'

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