Created: 1/9/1953

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Director of Central

Dejwty Director (Intolli&crce)

Ass* Director, Solenti'fio Intelligence

for Advisory Fuel on Unidentified Flying; Objects

To obtain the services ofts H. Alvarea and Dr. Thornton Fage ss ad hoc consultants toT Advisory Fanel onFlyingc'cedyled toasanry

It is assvned that Dr. AlvarezDr. Page will accept ooploy-nent as consultants.


3 of the HflMM of Xsfl Keetlrg,eceabertha-.i "Thewill erAist ths services ofto reviewraxse tho available evidenceflying

Luis U, Alvarea is an eutstanding scientist Jnof radar oparatlcn,rd anonaUcs.

0. Dr. Thornton b', racearticularly cw-petcnt astrenoner end as'.ro-arslcist. Moreover, ho his given considerable thought to the aubject of "unidentified flying objects".


a. Every effort has been rado to consider tho nest conpotent seler.tlstsdtsrosltlens are suitable to this corcplox otudy. It is believed tiiat the above nen would be eminently satisfactory for the teat.

t*. heck of tha CoTioultsnta' Registry disclosed that co "cm it ants presently employed. eltiier eld not lava tat proper qualifications or were currently unavailable


PilAJTXjlI FOft: Director of Central JctolllRer.ce


Aiaietant Director, Solent.flc Tntolllseoce

Consultants for Advisory Paiel on Unidentified

Flying Objects

To obtain tbe services of Dr. Luis U. Alvares end Dr. Thornton Fage as ad bee consultants toI Advisory Fans! onFlyingcheduled to cinvene

It is assvned that Dr. Alvaresr. Page will accept enploy-nent as consultants.


3 of the KUtrUa of IACeeeaberthati "Tba (Agency) uill enlist the scrvicea of selected

sclentlits to reviewtrralsc the available evidence (offlying

Luis U. Al7*res Is an outstanding scieatiat inof rsiar operation, characteristics ard ano-nlics.

Thornton V, Pacearticularly competentaatrerayalctet. loreover, ho bis given considerablethe subject of "unidentified flying objects".

h. Didsussic;.1

effort has beeno consider tbese dispositions are suitable to this complexis calleved ti^at tbe above nen vould bo eminentlytba tas!;.

clicek of tho Consultants' Registry disclosedpresently oaployedltiier did not Javaqualifications or vere currently unavailable.

o. At thist Is desired to utilize tho services of theao non In thisanel only rather than iroccss then aa rcrular CA co-.sultants.

rate of condensation Is expected toCOeach consultant.

of uso of these nen on ratters through 8BJBBobtained fron

It is concluded that Dr. Alvarca nnl Dr. Pago ero particularly yell suited to serve onI Advisory i'acel on "Unidentified ilyias Objects".

That eerrdsslon ts ;ranted to approach Dr. Luis m. AlvaroaBrSrotoo ST. Far- uUh re^vd to service as ad hoctba subject of "urlieatlflei flyirc objects" and to initiatepersonnel action.



irector Dato

actio" lit AFmOVEtt AUTKCilTOfl

Approved (caeeffveved^ staject ta cocurity clearoaco.

Director ar



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