Created: 12/28/1953

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My dear deVoejoli:

My friend, Leon Moore, sentopy of the attached curriculum vitae which he says ia the same one which he sent Edouard Heniot at the latter's requestear ago. This may be of interest to the Ambassador and yourself.

With very best wishes for the Newemain.



Allen W. Dulles Director


M. Philippe deVoejoli Embassy of France Washington, D. C.




Dear Alleni

Iopyhort biography of mine in my files,ent HJTdouard. -JprHnt at his requestear ago. This might be the Inform tion the French Embassy needs.

I hope that you will be in New York before the new year and that I'll have the pleasure to see you.


With my sincerest wishesrry Christmasappy New Year to you and your familyull and complete recovery for youremain


nJ Baecalaureat (Lycee do Pereaalar),

Ktudlo mux unlveroiteo da Klor ot Moacou (Licensie en Droit ot Ecodoboo) Lloooala da l'lnatitat da PTofesneuri poor l'Econonle Moadiale

ot Etudes Polltlquanana l'aruoo. Darniero poaltloni Sous-CosnuuxUnt

daa Forces fcoV^ffetl EusaJn. an SottI ce Diploantlque da 1'Union SorloUnua. Secretaire daaris 1

Sons-DlrBcteur politique du Conoissariat SoTietlque des ATfaims Etraofcarea en charge da latalla at doa pays1 Engage actireasnt dona la rapprochement Frarco-SoTlatlqua.doo d'inriter Hp. la Praaidant Edouard iiarriot do Tiaitar 1'On ion Sovietique. Doalgna par la Gourerneaent da recerolr Mr.on arriToo ot do l'accoapagner, dur ant son voyage et so JourR5S, ooosaa re pre senu Gouvamenent da l'URSS ot du Ccaad soar let daa Affaires Strange res.

Acconpagne Proa*outos laa oonferoncos et reunioneoaprio eollo avec Mr. Holotov et, flnalement. Jusqu'a la frontiara Polonaiaa lore du depart do Mr. HarOot do

Coosao l'AnDaaaada

Charge d'Affairea da. Egalaaant delogua da l'D-USS auprea do la LLguo doa Natione. Ropresente 1'Uniona Ligue daoa demiere ooanoa on9 quand alia fat axpulseo da laause da I'agroaeion contra la Finland*.

A la suite du pacta da Stalinier, das purgest d'autrae raloons, decide do ronpro avnc lo Begins dao Sorlet ot, enu lieu d'acceptor la nominationichy, partit areo oa fanile pour laa Etato-Unle. Put accordo des rlaaa diplcoaUquoe par la Cxnrrernement des Etata-Unls.

Dao lore oust Etato-Unia, engage prinolpaleaont dana laa affaires do nt tieeals res ot do narlgation. (Pre aidant do Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. ot President do Taapinax Oil Produeta,te.).

Par Acta Special do Congras oigno par la President dao EUto-feia dorint9 citcyonfyfl

M. Philippe deVoejoli Embassy of France Washington, D. C.

Dear M. deVoajoU:

With reference to your recent inquiry and alao with reference to the latter from Ambaaaador Bonnet datedave ascertained from Mr. Leon Moore that hia date and place of birth waa0 a7 Poltava. He advises ma that he waa naturalised aa an American citizen late He did not have the exact date at handelephoned him,an get thie If it is useful to yon.ave yourief description of my acquaintanceship with Mr. Leon Moore andnow of hia previous history. ave known Mr. Moore well for somewhat over tennddviaedigh regard for him. In case the Ambassador or you desire further specific details within myhall ba glad to communicate them to you.

Faithfully yours,

Allen W. Dulles Director

AWD:leb Dist:


lcc -DCIPers. File



Dear Allen:

I thank you for your letter ofoncerning 'jr. Leon UOORh'. He la indeed beingo red for the Legion of Honor,ave asked my services to proceed with an Inquiry, as is customary In such cases. It seems difficult, howevor, to gather procise Information about his past activities, both in this country and abroad.

In view ofhall be grateful for any details concerning Mr. Moore's career. Furthermore, if you should sohall always be happy to discuss the natter with you./.

Sincerely yours.

Mr. Allen Dulles



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