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I. Background

About old-year1 the existence of the Connittee of Anti-Communist University Students, (Comite de Estudlantes UnlversitariosEUA, became known to Station*,Guatemala ^Ity-. 1 one of the members of thlo organizationist of the groupembership to the U. S. Embassy in Guatemala City. Copy of this list is not presently available.

The CEUA group Initially engaged in sporadic propaganda efforts of the poster and gummed sticker variety, with Communism in Guatemala as the primary target. 2 several of the more militantof CEOA, in addition to ata^ping up their propaganda attacks on Cominunicm and the incumbent administration in Guatemala, began toln certain ill-conceived and abortive sabotage attempts. The Guatemalan govornneot took tho sabotage .attempts as an opportunity to otriko back at CEUA, and did so by first imprisoning, torturing and later >gf exiling several of the key figures in the CEUA. These exiled CEUA leaders subsequently appeared in Honduras and El Salvador/ uhere tbey reorganized in both countries under tho^name of Committee of Anti-Comounist| Guatemalan University Students in Exile (Comite de Estudlantes Universitarios Anticomunlstas Guatamaltocoe enEUAGE). 3 the CEOflflE group in El Salvador reorganized again under

the name of Anticomounist Front of Guatemalans in Exile (FRENTE Anti-

i i

coounieta de Cuatemaltecoa en Exillo? FACE), The exile groups CEUAGE in Honduras end PAGE in El Salvador remained related to the CEUAin Guatemala, but all threeEUA, CEUAGE, and FACE appear


to operate under the covert direction and/or control of

^nemo of. The CEUA group in-Guatemala iathe publication of, RBBBIDE: the exiledroup in El(FAGE) publishes COMBATE. These publications will be treatedpapers. This assessment deals with the publication.CEUAGE, which is published in Tegue galpa. Honduras, by thethere. Publication of this bulletin began in Junedate of this writing approximately (thirteen issues haveis, perhaps, signifies tn that one of the directors of tbein Hondurasrother-in-law jof Key

. A. leaders of CEUAGE group inf Honduras:

Federico Pata Herrera j- Secretary of Organization

Kario Quinonezecretary of Records


ffanuel Mdralesecretary of Finances

Lionel Slsgiegaecretary General

Roberto Gomes deecretary of Propaganda

Mario Lopez Villaublic Relations Secretary

figures on ataff ofel CEUAGEt

Cosme Viscovichirector

rfarlo Lopezrinting Chief

Lionel Sienlegadministrator

little detailed information is presentlyany of the above individuals, except as follows:

1. All are members of the CEUAGE group (CEUA, In exile) and thus, presumably, are ideologically anti-Communist, andin favor of replacement of the present Cuateoalan government

ro-Western, democratic government;

2. Lionel Sieniega Otero is,

Chief of Intelligence (Guatemala?) /

3- No security clearances have been obtained on any of For rnlagan biographic Information on Lionel Slsnlega Mario ijwz Villa to ro, and Cosmo Viscovich Palonao,


D. The business addressKof the Boletin, del, CEUAGEPostalable address of same-. Modus Operandi coP7 attached)

A, Preparation of

in El Salvador, andesident at

who approached thein San Salvador

the Boletin del CEUAGE Is published as follows:


material! is prepared in El Salvador.


The paper Is printed in TeJVclgalpa, Honduras, on the presses of Io Republlca.

The finished jrulletin is returned, after printing, to El Salvador for transmittxa; to Guatemala. Some oopies have been air-mailed directly from Tegucigalpa to Guatemala City.


B.Printing and publication*

1, Aaore, the actual printing la done in Tegucigalpa.

The paper presently appears weekly, although future plana for publication

call for BOtni-weekly, later thrice weekly, and, ultimately, daily issues.

Most of the Issues, to date, hare


igh quality, air-nail weight paper. The quality

the newsprint Is, in fact, superior to that used by mostnewspapers. The makeup of the paper was, initially,but this fault bas been largely remedied in the more recent Publication bas recently been increasedoper issue, aeain according to

who also told thein Sen Salvador tbat operating runes

are gathered by contribution iron persona interested in combatting Comnunl cm.

of printing and publication cannot bethe points noted above.


1. Accordingof Boletln

del CEUAGE are not cold on the streets or newstands, (of Honduras or El Salvador) but aro sent free to the press, university faculty members, the Church, Diplomatic Corps, eta. rfeat copies areto Guatemala for distribution there.

2* The most effective distribution within Guatemala is that carried on by clandestine means. Most of the copies going to Guatemala are transmitted from El Salvadorlandestine overland route. This is done In order to avoid confiscation by the Guatemalan government. ac Informed by ansource at the "Case de la Libertad", 4th Avenue North, Guatemala City (which houses tho CEUA andbat the Guatemalan government regularly confiscates all copies of the Boletln del CEUAGE that enter the country through normal channels. (See copy ofccording to the same source, copies of the bulletin available at the CEUA headquarters in Guatemala City had been brought into the country via the clandestine overland route, ould not elicit any information regarding the quantities received by moans of the indicated clandestine route. However, Station Guatemala City stated (inatedhat, "we do know that there has not been widespread distribution to dateGuateoala. Ve are unable to report any public reaction to the bulctin at this tine."

toOO, datedrticles appearing in the GuatemalanHora and El Eopactador ontated thatJudicial (judicial guards) hadopiesBoletln del CEUAGE from the offices of Pen AmericanGuatemala. This information was reported by Darlo SOTO,of CEUA of Guatemala, who added that thenewspapers arrived from Tegucigalpa, Honduras,hat they filled all legal requirements for printedbeen legally transported, and that his group wished toaction by government officials.



4. AccordingeportUBARK staff agent recently returned froa Tegucigalpa ubere he was in touch with RUFUS and CEUAGEhe following information applies to the publication and distribution of Boletln del CEUAGEi

paper ls printed in the city of Tegucigalpathe Iapronta La Republics. The government does not interfereprinting, ss CEUAGE has promised no local distribution. CEUAGE

hasew copies of the Boletln del CEUAGE within Honduras, but not ln such numbers that the government of Honduras would object.OO copies per week are printedotal cost.

majority of the papers are distributed overInto Guatemala clandestinely. They are taken ln bags tode Copan. Fromrusted Honduran picks them up andinto small packages. These packages are passed over the borderto Chlquimula and from there in trucks to Guatanalathey are deliveredEUA safehouoe where they aro pickedlooal CEUA area chiefs and distributed by hand. OO copies

aro distributed in this manner,resentH* of M'S ewtanj

undred ceplea. which ars.-aj.wayi confiscated,lata Ouatenla by Ban American Airways air freight. Thlabeing Continued by CXUAQE, in spite ef the eenflscatlen, far 'er ens thing, the CEOtOZ staff lneela thatthe Guateealan government tearge ahipsentattention ia diverted from the much larger qeaatitles ef theare smuggled lnte Guatemala via the claadeetlDe overland

Secondly, It Is believed that the copies which are confiscatedare circulated throughout the higher aynhelene of the Guatemalan adwlntntratlan. and this le very desirable from the CEUaOS point of view.

IV. Character of Theses


1. The Boletin del CEUAGEabloid-type bulletin,such, consists in large part of the sonevhat sensational orof Journalism. It Is decidedly anU-Comnuniat and everyand feature deals with seate aspect of Communism,scope from news and features on international Cototrunicc, in latin America, down to the central theme of theand Government in present day Guatemala. Theof the CEUAGE group Isi Country, and liberty",paper exploits this theme wherever possible, not onlyand graphic illustration of the symbol-slogan, butframing attacks on Communism in Guatemala in tonus ofand contrasts with, tho ideals which are charaoterisod byelogan, symbolized by the Guatemalan flag, andthe abstract terms: labor, Individual Freedom, Equality,etc. CEUAGE attempts to define tho basic principles ofprogram which is ready to aid and materialize ln Accordingeditorials will focus on Com-

munist actions in oppositioneach of the symbols thatflag, and will, at the same time, intensify its presentcampaign based on the abstract thomca mentioned above. is extracted frommemorandum ofuly


will be convertedeed-weekly, increase ita circulation, and continue its attack, denouncing the drimee of the revolutionary governments of Guatemala and shoving that the laws decreed In eventsocial nature constitute political arms ln the bands of the Comounlst state, to destroy private Industry, create legions of unemployed and extend the misery of the diverse sections of the country. It {Boletin del CEUAGE) willectlon exposing the leading public officials, army officers, and labor and farm leaders, publishing their photographs and hlstorios on their political andlives.'1


American aad Pan American solidarity infight against Communism.


influence over, and Interference inaffairs.

Attacks on key officials ln prosesVGuatomelan


5. Praise of anU-CoraounlEtspecially anti-

Coraminiat Guatemalan leaders who haveimprisoned, tortured.

executed, and/or

5- ^cur^TnhrmzUon

studont eolldarity.

and corruption ln present

of agrarian reform In Guatemala.

day economic Ills in Guatennis blamedand administration.

Salama atrocities.

Guatemalans traveling to Soviet Russia and Satellites.

Anti-Caemmnlet cartoons and jokes.

of presentation

Aa mentioned previously, the presentation of CFTJAGE verges on the sensational, "tabloid" approach. This approach is manifest In many of the photographs which do not apere the reader from the gory details of atrocities. The same may be eald of oertain articles based on interviews with exiled Guatemalans who have undergone various tortures at the hands of Communist goon squads, and/or the Guatemalan police and security services,

In general, the language employed in the paper Isigher caliber than that to be found ln most tabloids. This Is to be expected, since most of the writers are presumably from intellectual aad university circles. However, lt would appear that the style and diction, the arguments themselves, would go over the heads of the masses of the Guatemalan population. If ve were to judge solely on the baals of style and content,of tho atrocity aspects, we would conclude that the paperappeal ohiafly to the llterato aiiti-Communlat middle class, professionalisgruntled landowners, students, intellectuals, and antl-Coneunist elements of the army.

of themes and presentation.

As mentioned previously, the physical make-up of CEUAGE could be Improved. Tbe newsprint is of such superior quality whan compared to most latin American papers as to cause speculation on the boletin's source of funds. The caliber and style of presentation are above average for papers of this type. The themes and iBsuoa are one-sided, but CEUAGE makes no attempt to be anything but anti-Coamninlstj therefore,ropaganda mod turn, it is not expected to bo completely objectlvo Inita

It is difficult to assess or critique the themes and presentation of CEUAGE from the target audience point of view.

Tn terms of similiar media to which the audience has been exposed it is the opinion of ths writer that CEUAGE Is above average for Its kind, not without faults, butignificant increase in publication and distribution facilities, would be adequate for the audience previously referenced.

V. Target Audience

eek of available and authoritativethis subject any discussion of the target group and the impacton that group oust be restricted to the category of

is not known by the writer what tho intent of thele in regard to the target audience. However,of the intended audience, whatever it may be, the paperbe aimed at the groups mentioned in paragraph IV,he fact that the paper is sent free to the press, thefaculties, diplomatic officials, little is knownrecipients of the clandestine distribution within Guatemala,of such distribution, or the impact, Influence, and/orthe medium's output on the target. If tbe target audiencefact, consist primarily of the groups mentioned in IV,hen the writer is of the opinion that the paper Isfor such an audience. As has been pointed out, CEUAGEdeemed an appropriate medium for reaching the lowerand strictly agrarian segments of tho populace. rom Amembassy, Tegucigalpa (copythe following information on CEUAGE;

"The bulletin of CEUAGE of3hotostatic copylipping taken from DIE TAT of Switerzerlandranslation of the item thattho statement that 'Guatemala is todayisolated from tho policy of the Centralcountries and its foreign policy is directedto instructions from the Kremlin.'

rom time to tine bits of evidence that the circulation of CEUAGE in Honduras is arousing public interest coma to the Embassy's attention."

C. Reaction to CEUAGE on the part of the Guatemalanhas been expressed by means of denunciations of tbe bulletin in tho pro-Communist ano/orpress,of CEUA leaders in Guatemala, attempts at suppression of the overt and covert distribution, as well as the previouslyregular confiscation of those copies sent into Guatemala from Tegucigalpa via Pan American Air "Express.

elation to Other Media

A. Again according thothe ceuage group in El Salvador(nov calledadio program through San Salvador station ISI, Of interest in this respect is the further information contained ln Foreign Service, from Tegucigalpa, as follows:



7. Secueify Information

The Embassy has learned that the Honduran Mini8tar of Government Informed the editorial ataff of fiBjflErogram sponsored by CEUAGE cannot be broadcastonduran radio station as it would likely offend Guatemala.

CCrWENTi It ifl understood that the Ministertho scriptroposed prograa. Theobjection una reportedly baaedeluctance to give official sanction to Guatemalan political exiles to attack their government by innuendo frons Honduran soil."

on the part of the Minister of Government toto sponsor an anti-Guatemalan administration programfrom Honduras may, in fact,egitimatethe Honduran government toja party to such broadcasts. Onhand, the Minister's refusal may be due to his ownand as such would seem to at least substantiatereports In our files to tho effect that the Honduranof Goveraent Is sympathetic towards the Guatemalannot actually in their pay.

played up In CEO AGE willwith articles appearing in the otherCOHUATK In El Salvador, and KKgBLDE In Guatemala.

CHI ACE ond othor olementii of the RIIFUS group claim that tlwyspace innewspapers such as ELIHTAHCIAL. LA HCUA, pBSKSA LIBRE. TKPACTO. etc. InCEUAGE ccmeplgn will also be coordinated with, and playrole in the over-all, concerted PW program, under theRUFUS.

thr-C n San Saivaoordo money contributionA, but did requestmaterials for both newspapers and radio programs. opies attached).

VII. Support of CEUAGE

clalma that It rocelves overt support ln thomoney contributions from individuals and groups intorostodCommunism. Tho extent ond exact nature of suchcannot be determined ot the time of this writing.

also recolves covert support from the fundsby KUBARK to RUFUS. What part of these funds hasthe support of thla particular medium Is not know* to


Secutfy Information


audience intended, reached, and impact


of medium-overt and covert. Control over medium.

writer recommendot

That information he collected to fill in the present gaps in order to makeore definitive appraisal of Boletin del CEUAGE.

That present support of the paper be continued on the basis of presently available data.

That exploitation of this medium be continued andconcurrently with the development of other aspects of

U. Tbat detailed accountings be submitted to RUFUS by the CEUAGE group, and turned over by RUFUS to us.

5. That control of the CKUAGE group be determinedof extent of direction byand RUFUS and direction

of the latter by

value of Boletin del CEUAGEBSUCCESSchiefly on the medium's ability to reach theaudience and to influence that audience in the We cannot now gauge this paper's capabilitiesthose two objectives, but wo can conclude thatexists today, and merits any support necessarycontrol, develop, and exploit tho Boletin delour purposes.

List of Attachmentst (copies)

data on Idonel Sisniega Otero Barrios

Mario Lopoz Villatoro

" Cosmo Viscovich Palcmo



Tegucigalpa, dated3


G., from Tegucigalpa, dated3

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