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flubjaoVe military record reflects hobove tb* average offtoervbo buo inspireof fall oxllo military aseeelatea oo tbat they will follow Mainaa eventual military attack against the currant Guatemalan fOTamaaot.

Subject le anU-Coanuoiat, pro-Dai lad Statea. aod apparently haa no exoeeelTely allltarlitlo or dictatorial aabltlona.

Subject ppasoasos an inadequately organlood aad trainedpparatus, vbioh, hovarer, ooold be usedasis for mounting larger fl operations against the currant Guatemalan

Subject'a PP apparatus, although now relatively Ineffective, oan serra aa frameworkarger PP effort against the current Guatemalan regime.

_ubject baa tba oonfldeaoe aad support of the Honduran Government, which provides the ant saint with aa PI and P? Head-cuartere and distribution base. '.

6. Subject seema prepared to oooperate with PBSUCCESS of-flolala. Es lodloated roadlnata to take fullest advantage of future CIA aid and assletaaee.

BraODBlQ of unfavorable,

Ho method Is now available to determine effeotlveaess of Subject's P? organisation.

Bo method is now available to determine the exact extent and effectiveness of SubJsot's fl nets or Informants.

r^leac* neoeeslty, eeourlty piootlces of Subject's group need to be ttghtaned up to control say possible Ccmanalat infiltration.

His same ooauoto nay reseat accounting for runoa peaa xor carrying out future PP'ocJR ajaignaaats.


Subjeot lacks experience to organiae, direct, and coordinate aa operation of tho Magnitude now planned.

Tha general popularity of Subject in Ouateaala and tha actual auBber of hia hard-oore flupportara ia uncertain. ubject's attfiaptad ooup vaa foiledceminiat penetration. Aaoording toL. Jon three Inter afforta, Subjaot pronUad success rcr hisbut vaa unable touccessful ooup against tha government beoauae of lack of support vithln tha country.

8. Us* of Subject nuit proceedIA operational olearanoo.

9- Subject haa littla Military field experience and naturally no unconventional warfare experleaoe.

10. le central oan be exercised orer Subjaot at tha preaent tine.

Atteobnent A.

ilitary leader, oonsaanda respect end diaoipllhe froa hia foUovere by hie einoere and reasonable awnnar. Subjaot does aotard, driving, ftery pereanality, hot hia erdara are obeyed without question, deeplte hia quiet and reserved altitude. Hia associates in Bonduraa dearly indicate that Subjeet ia the absolute leader. Be, hcvevW, It flexible In ocnaidarlng prcblaaa and haa deaonotrated an ability to oompromise.

Subjeet appears to be daliberete in hie aannar of ttMnJM and speaking. Ba ia not one vbo vould be oonaidered to ocaait raab aeta or laanohilitary operation without being fully prepared.

Subjaot. in of average physical appearanee, and in contrast to certain Latin Anerioan Military offiolalj, is netlouloua in hie drees and personal hahita.

3- IdSfllBfT Ihiejeet ia regarded aainoere enU-Cooauniet and prc-Calted Bereolaing nilitary oareerroUet against tha Coaaunist influence in the Arevalo OorensaVAt. Be epMtantly haa raamined aotive in plotting against the COBMBoUt donated Ouateaalan gorernxente. Bo information exiata regnrding-.fcie particular feelings aa to new eeeial refoxxa or nethodJ ofaeteaclan adainiatretics vhioh ba night

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Secunty Information



information lakvailable to India ate specificallyaubjeflt'BryrtoajyProm tho rooerd ithis dj.(ilika of Coggninlan la tho Guatemalanbio ajrt&vltiea sgainat Arevolo, but aubsaquantinoludod'-itho payment of large sums to him for hieUDd^tedly moat be considered. InaapVaotivsB of financial gain were

information ia aTsAlable regarding source ofthan amounts vhioh are being paid hln by "is nO'iafcrBation to iaiicate whother ha poesssBssr securities in aide or outside Ouateaala. Subject laemberealthy Guatemalan family.

Subject baa only mads doaanda froa CIA to sustain hisaad not for his personal redabursemeat.equesi hasor tho acoounting of money paid to hla by CIA. J_

6* Areaae lived la Central America, with brief exceptions of visits to united States aad exile periods In Colombia and Honduras. Subject le currently residing la BOQDuraa.

o oontrol aov exists over Subject. Possible ia the future, flraceial control can be exerted, since he isfor funding various PP sad PI organisations under hie oontrol.

3. overt name oheok has bean initiated on Subject, but aorasult* bava bean raoalved at ourreat dato. Acodrdlag to instructions from the DCI thla projeot is authorised to proooed withoutwith normal operational prooeduros because of tha urgency and sensitivity of tha PB80CCKSS operation.

Subjedl ^sonally is discreet and seaurlty conBoiouo. However, lacking formal socurity training aad adequate nesourceo, oertain operating practices have not been Buffieleatly secure. Hs has indicated willingness to Initiate new methods which will tighten up the security of his cparatioas.

Bis imediote family, who live with him, are cognizant of many of hla oparaUonal undertakings, '

Tba physical security of hla Honduras Headquarters is oon aidered adequate1. -Vf '

9. apcclfio laforaatioo is available regarding Subject's alUtaryor political contacts who could assure him military supportevolutionary effort.

Subject has stated hs has general support ia Guatemala, butio date haa not supplied the details of this olaimed support. He Is reputed to be aided byuatemalan exiles.


Secunty Informal/on


M.iBf?&ClOTfln^nt baa^peraitted Subject to organisefmfaoraa. The nature of the personal and political relationship between^ ^and Subjeet le confused.

10. ftlaUoaJ, attllSrr-Snbjeot hat held no political offices and baa not been entire^ ia any ChuteaolAn political party. Ho lirforaaUTO ia arailable regarding- thercoinontpartlea tovard bin. flubjectdasWlWlwly eaong the anti-CoiBmniet tJnlveraity

a statement of hie

POOft^fipMtiona for the future. Hie precise political eabitiona are not known.

^ubjeot haa

xperience* although ourrenUy hiedtouob do ^rtt!iueb ? haa indicated, however, he expeota to turn thie particular activity

adequateIf^^suniat book, ft ^

ite^ubjeot'e aUHtary record, (eeendicatea a^ rapid riae. Although reaaona for tbifl advanoeoent j? ^ Mt' Subjeot'a capacity for ecenuhd muat be

eonaideredesponsible fan tor. Ho information exiata regerdlng the opinion whloh other Guatemalan offioara hare for ST?!0 * lB Mavailable regerdlng U.ilitary offioiale' opinion of Subjeot'e nilitary judgment and command capacity.

*ilmaforaation that Subject baa worked with any intelligence aervioe, exeept CIA, Be ia. hovtvar, accented withrocedure*esult of hie anti. gwarjawnt activities while in exile. Be la in contact with nuDerouain Ouateaala with Central Ajoarloan Military Attache* stationed la Honduras. .

onducting weU-organieedortance and le willing to cooperate with OTA representatlvee in lapcering hie PI nets.

ubJ*ot appeera to be far above the level of hie etaff aaaietante, none of whom apparently are being considered aa an eventual replaeenant for RUTUS.

yes fihu,


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Security information


Tail Baaet RUTUS

Aliasr Julia HESTTCPO -

DataPlae* af4 la umtaaala Present Citiaenship. Ooateaalaa

Relative* aad frlaada la tha waited states 1 rater Voelson, Sea Antonio, Teams

uifsi emu

ulio rederleo PAIS,lso kaova aaPAH Barren, leader of aatl-coaaanlst studaat group,

Politioal aff lUatloea t Aa Araalsta. Opposed to the moral corruption of the Arheaa regime. At present, aatl-Coamuni*tie.

Travel outside Oil teas lei eft Bogota, Colombia for Paaaaa. Reportedlyrip through the Central Imarleeataojws to the U. B, aad laeported to be either ia MBxloo or Salvador.


ears of primary school

TVO years Industrial Toohaioal School of CuateesUa

Three years bsslo allltary studies at the Killtary Academy

Six nos, specialised training la Artillery at the Military Academy

Oas year basis course la oohool of Applied Tootles, Ouat*mala

Tars* Booth* at Oeaaral Staff coarsev*svorth, Tan eee

rearalfvio* Ooarse at Port Iaaveovorta, Kansas

Military Service 1

Entered Military lead say3 sad graduated6 Captain la9 Major la. Colonel ia f

Arraatad aa9 far failure to sand troops to th* oapital cn IB July

taolayaoat history.

Entered Military Academy la3 sad graduated In6 Captain ia9 Major in4 Lt, fillaaal In f

nwsaaanir of Artillery Unit, Ft.

Inatruotor of ArtlUery, Ft.

chief af Artniary of tba AtlaatloX94A

first Chief of Expedltiouary fares of the Defeaa* ef the Atlaatlo

Sector, Julyaf Artillery, Ft. Baa Joea,action, General Staff,aatlaa, Oeaaral Staff,ov

Bub-Clrector af Military IK7

af Tactics, niBeaaTPuiilBi Military Aoadeay,


Security information





-tbp secret

Security InformationOHtf

Director of Kllitarr7 until9

Ttaaarferiefl to OhiafHeon et Haaataoatngo,eeoondary poet

Detailed to Visit USKA 'la7

arrested9 by gqiciuaoijl police

adattack ea thee in

Ouateaala Olty, vWrndtd and inprieoned ea1 eeeapag frcn national Prison and granted eafe

ooaaaet te El Salvador

PtthHoatloaetook Xt aflftf 1

Record! Arreated by Oaateaaiaa Oovarnaent3 for politicallltoiMat


&ia fer=Z Ha.

eet. 5 Black

n.tofcttrnm Slender

Security Information t ZEC^ COPIES

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Security Information



Ssciii-itj hfcrrriatiorf

lira 8

part n

ft* Th* KOTIRI agent aonniji, OmtsamU. ia ourrenvly being bandied through two projects, these beingHOW projeete.

1) rojeot. Principal eeant. ISCuateaalan

^3be eerreo rox imm jaaii maeaeer oi vine Ouateaalan lecret poliee. Be le alto known to hare engaged in intelligence aotirititi for the Querela Judlolal or plainclothes polios of the Oueteaelan gorernaent end alao for the Suatenalftii nilitary Intelligence servioe. AUT0R) la believed to have identification doou-nenta ef these verioue lntelUgenoe organisations and lt le asauned that he uses them when neeesaary to obtain information. He le known te bave at laaat four nbHgeata*

a* uatemalan, sales sax-peddler,worked for tha sveret polloe ande by our 0ri*niaation. OWOI-2

aad MOtOCM are eleee friends end the latter allegedly believes that hell acting info mat Ion for indigenous enti^cnesunlat groups* The infomatton whieh he obtains oonoerna politicel matters, amy. government and oonaunirt activities. Be is also available for eurveillanoe aotlTitiee when lueh ere required*

b. , Has developed by WCcmsog-tt ]and Vd worked prerioualy in the information aeotion of the Guatemalan Quardia Judicial. Be le "Qby profeseion.

. . Exaot identities are net elear. ISCCSSOW le believed torother of BSOOSSOS-g.

B) SSOBCe*paniard^

"IsiOBOT baaof great value whieh he haa obtained from hisooutacte in Guatemalan political Ufa. Be alao haaocnUota among Guatemalan oomuclete aad as leoonaidered our meet

valuable agent in

b. Of tbe agents mentioned above,e of outetanding value from the atox^oinj of psychological bercenresr work. In addition to BSCS Of. however, Station. la utilising the eervieae oft

1) KflOTROPi, who waa born in Ouateaala and. eitlsea following her marriage to SBOTBHIC, an Amerloan oltiien. At present SaOTROPB la being used toeyohologloel barometer report whloh oen be useduide for PP aotiTltiea.


V of cop":s

lUI1 uM.UIU-1,

Security Information


I0 la not being used at present exoeptitting informant. However, ha would be willing to engage in any activities which did not take up too auch of hie tlaa and which ba did not Oenaidor as possibly embarrassing to him, ESOTERIC originallyat asked to be relieved from this bsoanao it interfered with his comaaroial activities.

Aa exiledis referred to looally and signs receipts for payment aapresently being OJrrlsdavelopaantal basia. ueuot boon security olaared. Be has prepared an extsnaive study of the Guatemalan Ubcr aovenenta, union, confederations, Communist fronts, eto, sad'ha^cohtaots aaong tho lower ranking Cosnuniat eleaont slthooch hard core Goanunlsts dssplss and distrust him.

W BODIOetlroila

engaged la ootlyitlea whiflh permit himy without question to any part oft Is queotionnabla, however, as to whether be will undertakes oocalaaion which might compromise hla and hla decision on.thls matter would probably be based oa

tha judgment of his brother with whoa he oonaulta daily. ESODIC ls not believed totrong oharaoter. He is ^dt known to bava Toluateered Inforaatlcn to previous. Amy snd Air Attaches. Bis oontaota la ths preaent Ouatemalan government are limited to bis frlanda'aaong the military. eaks, roads and understands English as well as Spanish and haa travelled in the United States at various times. As pravioualy stated, however, ha is regarded as of lass importance than his brother, concerning

whoa biographical information has not been submitted toyet.

p BSCOIO's brothsr iaf lyeara older than ESODIC and IsBan or strong oharaoter and at one time a


is regarded as being ampe-wioua out prooaoiy amenable to reason if properly handled and oertainlyosition to know or to learn valuable information concerning the feelinga end activities Ot members of the Ouatemalan armod forces. It ls planned that Station Guatemala will submit biographical aod other information oehtfsrniag tha elder as wall as tha younger brotheriew to possible utilisation of their services.

SBmam is an American oitlaan presently under development ln the belief that he oan supply informaticn concerningand ocnmereial mattera in Guatemala. ESKIKCD was given

the view

toward having nim mounx mu rT AU jootemala and priasrlOy directed at the CoBnanista. It la not believed, howover, lhat ha aas successful la this attempt. Be la not at presentouros of laforaatlon although he was approached on one oeaaaicn and requested to setut-out. Be indicated hla ata^agass* to oooperate but showed an unusual securityfoar for personal Danger, and timidity with respect to possibly ooa^colslng hlaealf and hla oomaoroial aotlvitiea.lsto continue tha development of BSalMOID in tha belief that thla Individual may prove of value. The exact aarvioas which will bo requested of hla have not yot bean ascertained,



Security Information

BQS ^individual In when Station Guatemala la very IjUwated but with whoa ho dlreot contact haa bean established

J? fopuae though hla further uaaia contemplated. Ha lo known to have supplied valuable information czar the course of several ye era toT

jASat. Air Attache to thaaasy inoijy. Opoa th* departure ofduty iTSe

flattedrrsngemsnta were made zwGuatemala to

ut-out but thla never mteriBUiad. EJUBCS Is known to have complete and detailed iBttraatton concerning th* plaas and activities of the Caribbean

-St* 0hn9 exoellsnt ooanootions with Communist*fclatfl elements ia Guatemala and other Central American oountries. Station Guatemala plaas to utilise ESLABCN's services as soon as proper clearance oan be obtained.

0. In addition to the aforementionedtation Guatemala is alao Interested la obtaining th* collaboration of

Accordingoon most cooperative

la evary way, to the extent that he ha* revealed to GmocFthe


^controls or checks on th* movement of his oenpany's union and of

Is known toaid source of c

rnlnf teeConfederaoion General ca Trabajadoras Cmataaaltaeo*). It ia posaiblo that ho also report* on th. acUvltiss of tha Communist Party ofropaganda items? iaf creation concerning the identity

it af^JdlaSXuS

it la that oouatry. During reosnt months C Hhae oleimed to

exico and Coatralountrl**.


"KVXOOS,effort will ba made to

a, and prospective contributors

oatamplatod using the services of Arthurtrained eoatraot agent with an outstanding recordG. VAIVADA, aaAaorioan oitiaen,


Swunty Information

Security information


WGunty informant

part n

Tha general mission of intelligence organisation la certainly clear to Rufua. He aeema to be fully aware of the neceaolty of having technical and politioal Information available to hla, during the planning phaaea of hla nilitary operation. Tha natter of spooiflo missions for individual nets, however, io something that heretofore haa not arieen, alnoo all reporting aouroea have been acting on their own Initiative, reapondlng only ocoaaionally to apeclflo requirements levied on thea.

In aplt* of the leak of guidance, ea attaapt aeeaa to have been aade to oover aoat of the target* of primary Interest. Although very little haa been done to place or recruit agenta for specific targeta, RuTUS' friends and asaoolstea ln Guateaala and neighboring ecuntrles bave provided him oath contacts on whom be oan call for certain types of Information,

o. Porsormali

Agent net a

For purposea of eaaier assessment, the Rufua intelligeace structure can be divided Into two major oatagorleai nets operating inaide Guatemala,ids pendent agenta la neighboring countries.

The first group la controlledesident principalQ07H) who report* via courier* directly to Rufua and who actarincipal agent for the net* operating within Ouateaal*.

Tb* second cat*goryeries of witting informant* ln Hccduraa, San Salvador, and Managua who report either directly or indirectly to Rufua. Thla provides Rufuaery loose and informal reporting grouppass on by means of letters, notes, and oonvaraatlona, any bits of information that they feel may be of interest to hla. In addition to the above there are on* or two agenta that have been reorulted for epeolfio penetrations of the Communlat party ln Honduras and thearty (POT) in Guatemala OHy.

mmZ cowOP.ES


In conversetiene with Rufua and with the officer whom h* has designated aa hie IntelligenceTTLAR) every effort was msde to obtain full details on the acta operating la Guatemala. During th* entire debriefing Rufu* wa* moat cooperative, but lt became obviousime that only SBQGH had th* intimate knowlodg* of each of th* nets and agenta requiredroper evaluation. Sine*iving In Guateoala Olty and la unable to leave, and dao* th* brevity of Lugton'i trip did notlaita^temala,oraation given here la basad entirely on the debriefing of Rufu* aad SBTTaSB. Rufus himself frankly adults that hla knowledge of speaifio name* sad details la scanty aad went on to explain that because of the demands placed "on hi* tlaa by other duties be haa not been able to keep


h tha neehanlcs of hia lntalllraeoa network In Ooataaala.

S^SSS? RafQ- Intalllganoala Ooataaala la oon troll ad and run by atom mho haa Bafaa* full ocnfldencs and rani tha network at hia dlaoratlon. Eufua aaaiu quite content to receive tha reports whloh SBOpin forwards ta hi* without requiring SEQOTH to reveal bis eouroe or method.of operatic^ ola re aeon, many of the details whloh are not avalleble at tbla writing will have to be supplied when dlreot contact haa been aade with SBQUDi in Ouateaala Olty.

There followe,rief description of each of the note end agents ellegedly In operation in Ouateaala and Honduras,hart showing liaaa of responsibility and tha fid* of Information.

S'ete in Ouatemalai

agent,olonel inF ^section of the Guatemalan Army General Staff. SISTSDX was fomerlyT* of the Ouateaalan Army, end is considered qualified to submit accural reports on the Guatemalan Army at the policy level. Ho information is eveilable on the number of qulity of reports produced in the .peat by this source, ae they have been buried in letters written by SEQOTH to Rufus. SISTRUM passes hie reporteriend,ho in turn gives them to hie slater, who passes them directly to SEQOTH.

HatReporting agent,ea^gent ineotlon of the Guatemalan Army General Headquarters. SACHET is related to SEQUIN, end makee periodic vielte to SEQOTH'e hone to deliver hie reporte. Rnfue was not familiar with the number or type of reports furnished by this individual in the peat, but remarked that he felt the source might prove vary useful ln the future.

Betagent,ajor in the Guatemalan Air Force. Thia- officer llvee st home snd is on flight status as the preaent time. Be does not week in en office, but spends most of hie time st military air-fielde. According to Rufus SCARLET haa access to air order of bettle and taotical information. SCARLET ceramics tea with SEQ'JIN throughuatemalan doctor wto takes flying leason from SCARLET. Rufus states that he does not believe that this source has been fully developed as yet.

Netnet le controlled by SHIHQLB who allegedlyinformants in opposition political groups as well asgroups now in powor in Ouatemala. SHINGLE slaoa cooaaunist party penetretion agent, presently employed as aparty headquarters in Ouatemala City. SLSSKEH haa been passingon activities of the conounist party. Tnese reporteet thia time, due to the paucity of operationalat Heedquartera. SLEEKER appaers to haveno formalor training but he doe* receive instruction from SHINOLE whotime waa Chief of

SLEEKER communicatee withwu-ougn uuv-vuu,using

a rather fliaay open code. If this net can be brought under tighter control, it eppeare tootential worth further development. SHINOLE'a brother actaut-out between SKINOLE and SEQUIS.

Nets^-SEQUIH'e contact with his lnformanta In the various military districts ia maintained by SONNET, who under travelling salesmen cover,


Security Information

visits Uie Interior of the country at periodic Intervale and collects reports from inforaante In the military garrisons. Rufua ia not aware of the Identities of tho informants In each of these distriote, as they are mostly Individuals that have been selected by SEQUIN or SECANT. It is hopedareful study of the potential of this net will lead to the development of well placed agents throughouththo OuBtemalan military garrisons to provide an accurate ordor-of-battle reporting not.

Keta retired Guatemalan Army Major presentlyGuatemala City, maintains numerous contacts

and infomanta among ma former associates In the armed forces. SECANT elso acta as SEQUIN's adviser on all matters pertaining to military Intelligence. According to Rufua, SECANT and SEQUrN exchange military information freely, although It lo not know how much SECANT actually knows of SEQUINS operations.

has one additional contaot, who, although he has not

been exploited in tho pastource of Information, may prove usefulfuture. This individualls the radio-technician for all thein the Guatemalanis also employed by

on their ecuipment. If brought under proper control, aubject is into provide much needed communications intelligence. In addition,for using this individual for sabotage operati one are

Nets In Honduras! Moralss

TOR (Ve* ds la Ouardla Civil) andoz de uuatemala) to handle maintenance

r*n 4hrtl *

Netsource in this net is an informant of Col. Luisthe Guatemalan Killtary Attaohe in Tegucigalpa. This informant is actually controlled by Rufua, who recruited himonths ago when subjeot was coerced into service of Col. Moroleo under the threat of being reported to the Honduran authorities and deported. Subject collects gossip and rumors for Col. Morales, and has also been assigned the task of reporting on the activities of the Rufus group In Honduras. Rufua has furniahed thla Informant with unimportant bits of Information which were passed on to Morales to allay any suspicions tha latter may have hsd concerning toe informant's true allegiance. On several occasions Rufus sources In Guatemala have reported that Information passed by this informant to Morales has been transmitted to the Guatemalan government. If this ls true, this net may provide an opportunity for an excellent deception program. In the meantiffo, subject passes occasional reports to Rufus on the operation of Guatemalan government agenta in Honduras.

Netnet represents nn attempt on Rufus' pert to penetrate the oowounist party In Honduras and eventually in Guatemala* oung Quatamelen atudent, exiled in Honduras, was recruited by Rufua and given tho task of establishing himself with the Communist student groups in Honduras. This haa been done, and at the present time this individual Is allegedly well accepted by his Communist associates. During tho past few months subject has pasaed several low-level reports on the activities of student groups in Honduras. Future plane for thla individual call for his5coaaunlst students, by the Honduran authorities for subversive activities, prosecttion, and eventual deportation- to Guatemala. At this time It le felt that oubjeot'o bona fides will be sufficiently well established with the Guatemalan CoBonunist party. In addition to this,

member of the Centra

^ommitiee or the Communist rariy in laiatemaaa. Subject cowaunlcates with Rufus through latter drops and cut-outs, and ia presentlyhorough asaessnent by the case officer.


Security Information



Security Information

Netin thia not le^ _Jof the Eire colon Qanaral da Pollole Subject fapurtedly haa atudled In the Stalled States, and attended couroee et. school. Although thia source has not been fully developed, he baa passed nuaerous reporte on subversive actlvitios ln Honduras. Rufus feels that es thia individual has not yet been brought under control, no heavy demands ehould be placed on hia.

Net Rufus haa one additional informant in theseat! on of the Direeoion Oeneral de Poll dp. This individual furnishes Rufueally list of all air travellers arriving in Teguclgelps, with their point of origin, nationality, end passport number. Source hae never been pressed for any eddltlonel informant Ion, although Rufue feels that hie aoceee to police fllee may facilitate local file end personality checks.

i oconn

Security Information

COPYOf ^L. CfjpiK

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Security Information












yam iamugnrcB


Security Information1



The earneom ln dealing with Rufus and member, ofis toot of ao American businessman with fornsr military Tho oas. offloor iaemberroupualneee and professional men who have joineddo ishatever peeolble to ooabat world oomaonlaa. Thla groupextremely Talaahla whea dealing with Rufus aad maabara or hlaItonalderabla latitude in the type and numberwho oan be brought la contact with the Rufus ctganleetion. uaa hare the names of th. Isadora of this group been mentionednor has hs or any of hla assistants inquired aa to theirpeople ere brought ln contact with Rufua,

ttelr particular interest oan be readily explained. It seems logical to Rufusroup of thla sort vould be composed of aen from various professions and, oonaoquently, hs sad his aen are not surprised when they sre brought la oootaot with advertising man, radio technicians, ex-military aen, etc. Moreover, the group concept Justifies the case officer's ablllV to procure technical equipment snd guidance. To date epeolflo Joatifloatloe has not been required bat in the future, if any teohnloal surveillance or TSS equipment la to beatlefactory explanationbe given Rufua oon earning our ability to procure theae Items. The case offloer has paved the way for thla by explaining to Rufus that the group has friends ln radio companies and photographic establishments who would be willing to provide necessary support.

The oase officer's oover aa aa advertising consultanturvey of Latin Amerlosn market potential for American consumer goods allows him oonalderabla mobility snd oan also bo uaed to explain to Rufua unexpected trips be aay aake la tha future.

There la ao oover problem lo dealings between Rufus and the members of his group, ell of whom have known hla for eoao tlaa and are well aware of his activities. Rufus is Uviag la Tegucigalpa aa aa exiled Guatemalan vith na evident meant of support sad Is pabllely knownevolutionary There la no problem either ln contact between Rufua end his principal agents or between theae principal agents and their sub-agent* siaoeall sra er have been mooters of oas or sootherovaaeat within Guatemala sad sre presently united under Rufus'

Agent8 no particular problem at thla time since moatagents have been recruited or developed after they were ln position. Host or toe agente and Informants ina and neighboring countrt ea operateoose commercial oover which la quite acceptable in Central Aaarioa since therereat number ofwho make their living by buying and selling throughout th. various cities. Thlo type of eovar is net particularly etrong, bat alnoe moot of tbe agents using it ara generally ajpaaking rather low-level, the oover ls adequate for their work.

aout# Problaaoover, particularly ln Honduras, will not

be that of tho principal agent and Individual agents in ths Rufua structure but rather that of the American oase officer's ceadngvln coataot with the group, Since the major cities of Honduras are small and tha number of Americans Halted, it la difficult for an American bu.ins.aman to sprats for an extended period ef tiae ia tbe area without detjbting some of his taa- to hie eovar job. For short,shot" rsl awial cover 1.

information r _j_ cor[fr.



adequate since tourist travel through Central America during the winterie oosncn.

However, for extended periede ofell developed but flexible commercial cover le necessary to afford the protection aad nobility needed by ease offlee re handling snd in dlreot oon taot with Rufus personnel or agents* staff Of floors under official cover Bust use cut-outs or other security precautions ln their dealings with staff or oon treat agents. Furthermore, staff offloere under official cover will not have dlreot contact with Rnfua personal.

Parsons! Seeurityi

or to be deveUped by JSince the element of time ea on all of the key individi

it will be necessary to rely on Headquarters and field filee cheeks.

At the present time, no Headquarters security ohsoka have been received on any of the principal agente, agente or informants utilised by Rufus. It le alao planned to independently" ehsok on ths principal agents and key

At the present time the Rufnj group has no internal CE setup. However,ew sambar is taken into the Rufus group bs is investigated through "trusted friends" of Rufus who oan report on hie pest ectivitlos, motivation, sad charaoter. If the results of this check are favorable, the Individual le taken anrial basiseriod of one to two months during whloh time his activities1 are carefully supervised, snd bs Is sssignad speolflo tasks te teat him. If after this trial period no darogatory information la developed, the individual reoslvee increasingly Important assignments snd ths fall confidence of the group.

f. Physical Saourltyt

Rufueroup of hia followers are installedwo-story bouse in downtown Tegucigalpa. This Installation is overt end le tbe recognised headquarters for Rnfua1 opposition activities in Honduras. The house bss no effective guard alarm However, there le et leest one armed member of the group In the house at all times, snd tbe first floor windows have been blocked out. At the present time Rufus is contemplating installing an alarm system ln ths house. Ho safe etorege exists within ths house| ell sensitive opeeational files are maintained on the ascend floor ln Rufus' bedroom. Since the house is known throughout Tegucigalpa aa Rufus' headquarters, it la never usedocation ttr operational oontaoto. For thia purpose, there ere aeveral safehouaas in or near the City. Two of theee ere hoass of followers of Rufus who permit the use of their houses at various times daring tits day. Rufus alsomail farm, locatedill Just outside of Tegucigalpa, which can be used for clandestine see tings. All three of theee locations are oon aidered relatively Secure from the standpoint of technical surveillance. However, they oan become easily contaminatedbort period cf time since two of them require the use of automobiles to visit them, end both ef the care used by Rufus are completely blown. At the case officer's ouggeetion Rofus le endeavoring to procure et leest two or three additional safehouses ln ths city and one some die tan os cut of town in order to provide several alternate spots for oon tao t. All the installations In use at the present have st least one ermed guard at all timee.

rTJI otbrrct-

Security Information


g. Contact and Caramnioaticmai

At tha preaent tina contact la maintained bat wean the caaa officer and Rofue through meetlnge et one of the eafehoueee described above* Meetings ere always pre*erranged, and no overt contacts either by telephone or letter are utilized. Emergency oon tact oan be established by the caee officer with Rofue by telephonere-arranged code. Although this system Is recognised aa Inefficient, It wee utillted during the preliminary assessments conversations with Rufue, since, ooneldersble personal contact was necessary during that period. In theecure system of letterdrcps and outoute will be eetabllshed to providerimary and alternate oceanmlcatlon channel.

Contact between Rufue and SXQDTH le maintained by courlere who fly between Queteaale City* Salvador,'end Tegucigalpa. These Individuals, whose movements are not suspect, are sterile and carry legitimate In addition to this, Come correspondence does reach Rufue fron friends ln Ouatemala, bat these people ere not Integral components of the nets controlled by SgQUTJU

ystem of radio communicetloc between Ouatemala City andbeen discussedinception depends on the

availability of trained radio operators. It le also oenteicplated that enink can be set up between SEQUIN snd the esse officer in Tegucigalpa.

Methods for contact with agents in Honduras vary with the individual. In acme cases outoute are utilised end In others the agents have been reporting to Rufue dlreotly. This letter praotice is being abolished. Stepe have been taken to provide eech of the reporting egente in Hondurasrimary and alternate eyetea of communication utilising the dead drops, cutouts, etc.

h. Coordinationi

There la no indication at the.present tine that the Rufue organlsstion receives financial aid from any nonvU.S. groups inside or outside of Ouateaala. Rufue claims to receive,reet deal of cooperation ln the form of Information from friendly diplomats in Honduras, Salvador, end Nicaragua, ee. well es from political friends ln Honduras and the group of Costa Rlcan exiles ln Tegucigalpa.

1. Timetable i

Unless Rufus'perations ere quickly tightened and expended, two unsatisfactory developments may occur. On tho one hand, there is the danger tbat penetration agente now uded by Rufue end those contemplated for future aotivitiee could be eompromiesd if*they were required to remain under deep cover for extended periods ofn the other hand, Rufue faela that If the entire operation le delayed too long (he did not elaborate on what he assnt by too long) that soas of hie agents sight becoae restless andre*possibly defset or beooae associated with another abortive ettempt such aa the Salaaa revolt.




entire finenolal picture of Rufus' intelligenoe operations lo still not clear. Tn support of tbs Qcataaalan nets, Rufus each month furnlehee SXqCIS funds for dlstrlbntlon st SEQDTM'S dlsorstlon to too sub-sgents snd InformanU whoa he oontrols. Tho exact ra whichaa as to SKQOTB is not known st this time.

Tbsrs Is not present that ths money given to Rufus for his Intelligence operations is actually getting to ths souross. eilsTSd tbat considerable light oould be thrown on this subjeot by Stmt end SBDiaLB when they ere questioned in dstsil conosming thoir Operations.

At the present tine, no money Is being peld for rumor campaign

to Rufue, none ef his egente receive regular salaries or bonus payments,e has always consideredixed salary oreataa en obligation en the part of the pare on who gives it, snd if for sons rssaon these sslarias are not fortboosdng, the reolpient beooaes dleooureged. Payments, therefore, hare always been nade on the basis of "personal nsesssltlos" la sunswith ths agent's rec^ilrementa. This la tne of all lnforaants In Bendorae and lo believed to be true for scat of the egents operating In Guatemala.

When questioned es to bow he explains the large sums of money whlob he has in his poseesslon or passes on to agents, Rufue enewered that he oan readily attribute then to friends sympathetic with hia oauee In end out of Outaaala who ere supplying bin with funds. According to Rufus, tt* only people who are witting of D. S, flrjnoial aid erci SETTLER,

few people may imeglne thai mere is American finsndsl eupport, but he believee that they have no proof of thia. ^

Rnfae mentioned that he would eventually require supplies of Bondursn. Sloaraguan, snd Salvadoran currency, although he could not determine et the moment whet quanta ties ha would need.

a. Control and HotlTatlont


Controls over agents in therue tare ere virtually non existent. Rufus himself reoognlsca that this le net daeireble, but points out that, in the oass of his own followers, the necessity for oontrol le minimised by the existence of rather etrong motivation. Control over local lnf omenta, parUoularly thoee who are unemployed or cannot live from the proceedings of thslr cover occupation, is definitely financial. Lugton discussed at sons lenght with SETTLER and Rufoa tbe use of sere poeltive snd effeotive oontrols. Ihey both found nob concepts es coercion snd the threat of blackmail interesting, but admitted that they had never thought of using thee, en their own people. Ia boss) reepeote Lugton felt that their reeotlon was that theee methods were jest not

Motivation i

The primary motivation of the prtnolpal egente and agente appears to be ideologloal. The degree of motivation ranges from what Rufus and SETTLER

Tftnr rUJ DUJMLf



deBoribed aa "alamt fana tie*mah less violent but date rained belief on the part ef the majority of ths Individual* that Communist dead nation could mean the STantaal ruin of Guatemala. The Intensity of this motivation soeae to ba la most eaeeo to bo in direct proportion to tbe personal hardship! suffered under the present regime.

Financial motivation cannot be discounted, particularly ln the ease of local governs* nt officials ln Honduras, Nicaragua, and Salvador who are not actually employed by Rufua bat vbo pass on to hla Information that thay fsel may be ef interest to him or respond to specificho may sake. Although these Individual* do net receive any flxad reamnsration, thay do fool free to call upon Rufua for financial "help" vhen thay require it.


lo eoBBoaloatlon* equipment is presently In uaO by Rufus. reliminary study of tb* coaaunleatlons aethods presently ln us* between SSQOTJ andt ia contemplatedin* radio link Mill be eatebllahsd betaoea BZQuTJI and Rufua. Tale link vould be controlled la Honduras by aa American oas* officer and vouldapid channel for passing reports out of Guatemala aod Bending lo SRI'a.

It IS also contemplatedrlSS Of Clandestine radio stations b* set up ln ths vicinity of the headquarters of each of the Guatemalan military districts to servios thee* agent* who are) allegedly already la position la *aoh of tbes* districts. The report* from .these agents vould be paased to th* radio operator* and then sent directly to Rufus, providing hlaontinuous snd efficient order-of-battla rooor-tlag otruotur*.

Audio flnrvelllano* Boolpaanti

So audio *urv*lllanos equipmentresently being used byood possibility mate tbat audio surveillance can be mounted against

la Tegucigalpa either In the form of telephone tap* or microphone installation* la th* embassy proper. At the present Uaa Rufusr*tloo agent lo th*and be haa boeo requested tc submit as soon a*oaelete plan of the eabaaeyccurate diagram of the rooms, electric Hiringelephone Unas, eta.

In addition to tbls, Rufus feels tbat lt might be poeelbl* toagent la tb* Guatemalan embassy withportable

A definite need ezlete, partieulsrly la Tegucigalpa, for affacti'ra counter surveillance. Rufua' headquarters in Tegucigalpa is under pbyiioal surv*illaooa.tvaney-fouray, sad there Is every reason tot that the telephone lines into the house have been tapped. Since this house is ths focal point of aost of Rufua' activities it would he inhe best later-.ate ef all concerned to have this house ohecked periodically.

The poaalble need fcr forged doouaentetlon was alao discussedho did not so* soy iaaodlsts noed for davlcea of tola type, bat who fait that la tb* future forged Ooateaalan passport* could be very Qseful. Lugtoo agreed to investigate tbe possibilities of obtaining these, bat emphasised that due to th* sensitivity of such deouaeQte their tte* vould have to be fully Jus



il though It is difficult io prodlot ot thlot naypossible to supply SLOnXRdniatur* assort to facilitate his oopying docuBOoti extracted froo the files of Comsnniat Forty headquarters la OuatsaoOo City.


IflB Prrmrr


f copirs

Security Information







Security Information


COPY of .

Security Information


D 8

cguAETsas support

1. The fAllowing export arrmngBMRta amcompleted or are in program, All int*Hlg*co* and IntalllKenoe information reooived frca

to, atatlon of

PBSUCCESS, tha arrangements am

A. Frees clipping servicei Chief, CXI Library, haa agreed to supply dally praaa dippingeginning at once, from. periodicals.

Be Foreign prose covaragei Chief, FDD, ha* agreed to undertakeorny of arailable press samplings froa the area. onecember TDD will giveat ofewspapers published In th* area which FDD analyst* consider likely to gxr* fullest information bearing oa th* eubjeot under reference. Chief, OTA Library, ha* agreed to arrange for lxm*dl*U) acquisition of these foreign periodical*.

0, Foreign radio broadcast* i THIS ha* agreed to laoreaa* It*oa broadcast* originating In Latin Asorloa, beginning laraedlately. the amount of pertinent information llkaly to be obtained from FBT5 aonltoring probably can be handledthrough present facilities. Oor ourrey ao far auggeeta that it may not ba naoeasary tooe, if thla lapllaa, aa wa nndaretand It, direct tranamloaion of the FBIS total world take,

D. Contact DlTialoai Has alreadyummary of information at preaent available regarding the main scarce of rumore current ln Bev Organs, aboat roferooce subject, and will oontlnue to do *o, Contaot Dlviaiou alao ha* agreed to cobaltOIS forall incoming date oa referenceincluding data on arm* ship-aenta, before releasing It to other ouatoxera.

I* The Doputy aseletant Directcr/CIi haaurvey of C

bot not heretofore soreened andi we voluw and^rp* of data availabl* through thi* channel, no direct oorvlo* for transalsalon of

thla traffic to. station ofan be arrangedrouting through fj nCur preliminaryla that th*might outweigh th* value of th* information obtained in^ etudylog th* whol* problem and will report ahortly.

All apeoaax reports and oollaotlcna of all information on reference *abJ*ot baodlad In OCX will be referred to th* Deputy assistant Directorroject aad he will transmit theae material* personally by messenger frca hi* own offle*.

F. HGM/CIS direct Sapporti

bar* arranged for coordination of all supporta single channel In

ere servicing previously csUblishad requirement*on petroleum supply and atorag* faeilitieaj watertravel, eta,


Security Information



o.are prepared to proceed at onoa ea euoh special support undertaking's aa collection of materials for eoeteining programshe air.

are preparedeenble standby files of lndezeeand of reference materials likely to be requiredreference.

propose- to cheok potential oaeda and adequacy ofdata.

Security Informs'.^

of zS:i

Security Information



aecuntj In formation


ma b



Tho crlstonos of aa aati-oeaaaialat uaiTereity group bearing tho

thend abortlTtevolutionary attest, eoaaef the leading aenbers of tha CEOi soughtonduWaAd 3al-

iSSoperate report.

Uff agent assigned to Station Guatewla

oontaot with two isanbcra of the CSBA organisationatOTTfflmnL knewroup of America aad Guatemalan buslasss aaa who vera willing and araiouTtoattribute to aa anti riisssiaiet oaapaign la Ouateaala but withthat thalr ldaaUtiaa^oSdnot and could noTbT

rapreeentativea prorad

toacillating type with whom little oould be done but the other, who waa subsequently giTea the cryptcoyn ES8EXCE, has becose the naln-aprlag of ourinn Otutemla.

trt hia firet nee ting, ESSETC3 haa organisedentity knovn aa Orgsnisaclones Aatl-Ccrrunl-


* flosrila ttroro An^gaa-

flT It is alee

. ther grorrps will beooaa aseoolated with the OAUwill include the

baaTaUl, baa engaged la orertf aa etovedly anti-ocuaamiat and enU-govern-

eohanlaa coveringVithia the orert organisation, ESSENCE ie building up

. iftted ^rgaaiaation kaova ashieh will be

raStKB-S; ^hle organUtlon will engage jg. aatlblaok propaganda, willereona, and wiU includendho will be tha only ones aware of ESSIJCE's aetlrlUee.

. . W action group acv knownill be heeded byorking under the direct lnetruotlone of ESSEBCZ.


. iui jLbjltl

oecunty Information

ms mi



perating under the oontrol ofnd ES3EHCE-3,

- SSENCES, will appear

U ewolied by

E38BSQB^throughK6aTOS-o. Thi* newspaper or new* bulletin nao now come out under the nimJl Robjidjt. Bo faro known, tie on^ laauapubllanad todata^ainatofnd lan uaot aaad copies are believed to bave born published.

^adio prograa vblob will be

kaova ad will be handled by ESSENCE throught JU planned that thla radio program shall app*trTanoed by aoaaa of sArertieaeata solicited froa looal bualnessaen.

BEX PJBSpfftfflLj

t- ifffirst net by DonaldSDHJER, who oper-etsd tba olrvetlnnof tha Chief of Station, Guatemala, were ff^

Jaod tba Individual now known as ESSENCE.ategmMou oonoernlng ESSEBGE Is glveo ia Attaeh-

the first

fc %_ oe Aoooiaoxoa ae Estu-



in iwn niaaiintit etudeat aotivities la Guateaala. Subsequently, it vaa found that DIAZ-DUBABery vaoUlatlng Individual, weak, vltb little organising ability, aad osndlllng to do nothing which alght embarrass hla. Be vaa dropped aad, to data, there has been no repercussion.

Co oa* aooaelon.att-conmuniatlabels, aad flyleaves were released in Guatemalap? ogtlyiag towns sad finoas. thes* propaganda items wer* preparedOT3 sad hi* group aad printed la looal shop*. CEBA aaaSers took th* lead la th* attribution ia Ouatoaalaa

4 Work*r* end bus driver* la th* ease of etoly^ town*. Of interest vaa thethat the best resoldachieved with flyleaflst* vbieh eould be plokod up, read, aad redistributed. Zeis success waa encountered in tha use of aUajcsrs. flyerseaflets are also cheaper to print and to dia-tribaja..

The first Issueabalde was printed In the Talleras g

nateaala Oity, sad the basis for sons ofwas supplied ESSENCE through BSDIQEH. Ths newspaper orappeared oa3 and ia sobe-

iwjfly oobUeaUon. th* first editionievuu tittle or nothing la known about the

diatributiea_exeept that ca* of the diatributlag osntere is located at As Av,, Guatemala City. Bl Rajjelde. Is sold for fiv. eeotavos par eopy sad, apparently, the^tributlon is notwith by the Guatemalan authorities. It la assumed, though not known, tbat distributionational scale will bo attempted

SecurityPF net; COPIES






If not already.

i retwrdad a* OBiontloI that tho> typo of thaaa ond kept at ft level ac reptable to too target atrtlolaeeboide aro probably far boycod of tha fttovaM Oaftt*aalaa alaoa tha Ural of *doo-ov*r,nrporta to ba the organ of

c atudoet organisation, It la regarded ea normal

to ba eapeeted tbat thla bulletin, at laaat ia Ita ahould obviously be aiaod at the eduoatad aad attadaat audience, Zt ao desired, later edlUoae dcwavurd to reaoh ft broader audience. Zt leudge vhethar orabelde iaarpe another or not it la having the desired offseta far ea ve kaov oaly eao issue has beaa pohllabed.

It is ftf latere at tbat tha) first leanstfSjejjaaoflldls of cava of tha atiaxers appareatly distributed oa This Is resorted aa unfortunate slaea lt vould bava bees better sot to have so obviously tied up tho aevewith tha distribution of pre^enund*. Ao aamtlooed previously, EoBHTCB intends or intend ad topecial group for tbeof blaek propaganda. In thla particular ease, ao great violation of fundMoentel principles voa coenlttad slaoe the propa-

SB3 carried the words Dios--Uoertadi thla beiag taa aotto sf XI Xebeloo aad of the say black prep*rand* distributed la the future bust bear as sooh elear indication of its origin,

Zt le ftlao obeervod that one of the lead articleso the university students of Qoateaala aad which appeared la the first iseao of El Rabeld* wa* eigaed with the initialshsie eentaeid* with the laltlala of the pseudonym Oscar H, CARTER,

tentatively aasigaed by fltatioa Ooatasala to attSEWJX.

Afr.epse tohrthW' "J? h* haa don. ao to date. be even more aaooeasful thaT

the nova bulletin ia reaching tho illiterate boss*a.

Zt ia anew that theebelde solicit* aid, both aoral aad financial, ia carrying out Its oaapalgn and there le reason to believe that flaaaeial support ia also beiag reeeived froa RuTOS a* well tl froa Station Zt is known that th* proposed field nrojoot Buhalttad by Station Guateaala, which has aot yetpprovedthough It has uaoffioiallyby Headquarters, 'aa aaoeaaiearea flaaaeial support toSSRCK projeot by Btation Guatenola. There is ao laforaatloa aa yeteamiBiiilin the aanasrt ef food* supplied by RDfUS froa th* faad* advanced hla through other ehaaaels by this orewnisatice..

Security Information

Qjny coa^sfc:pf sfe copies


flinoe tba greet majority of funda an supplied dinotly orby tbla ageney, tbe nrolt iaertain amount ofoan be exercised, Za the ease of tbe foods froa stationhowever, lt baa bees oleerly atatedEVCE tbatroup of American end.Ouate-alan businessmen vhosr. and an willing to contribute while remaining anonymoustbe understanding that isszkz wouldree agent end notpuppet* It was on thia ondentandlng that ba acceptedsupport from thiagroup". Then is nopreaentbe controlled although be oon be guided

by station Onatsxmla. It la equally obvious tbat the control over ESSraCE by HU7U3 will depend entirely upon the control this Agency sxerelaea over RDrTfl himself.

Blcgraphical Information oa ESSEBCE bee previously beento naeutqnerten hut thisct has not yet been pneeated for formal approval. The appropriate naadquartara deek la eur-rnstly preparing tba ES8EXCX project although biographical ln-fornaUeals stilling concerning the unidentified memben of tbe BSfiXflOB net,

a fk% MrTsCTintinr'

The ES31MC2 Project offers greet poesibUitieo ln oarrying out an effeotive anU-gcvcrgraat and anti Bcasunlst campaign ln Ouate-mala* It ia the writer's belief, hoveTar, thatafforte must be made toeana through which tbs ESSEKCE aotiwitiee will be able to reach and influence the great ease of Guatecmlana who, beoauss of illiteracy, eenaet be reachedeve bulletin which le writtenather high or 'intellectual" plane. It isbelieved that every effort meat be made to go from tbe generalba specif io In tbe sense of attacking speoifio incidents and, If necessary, people rather then keepingeneralised program. It will say be tbat tbla Is tba plan whloh KSSE5CE Intends to follow and it la Impossible at thia time to Judge accurately since we bave but tbe first issue ofebelde and no knowledge of bis future plans wltb reepeot to editorial policy.

Oa* point of great latereat Is tbat tbe KSEWJI Project is en excellent training ground and ehould result ln tbe formationadre of trained, capable young aaa who oan be counted on to carry on their satl-Onmrraist work In fubnre yean and after the US9EBCE Project itself haa bean

The Batter of financial control and of control In general le the greatest weaknessay must be found to check on suaeaad oa utHlaetion of funds supplies ao aa to Insun that tbs greatest possible advantage la achieved. If properly handled, lt la poeelbla that tbe proper administration of funds may alaothe wedge through vhlch lasting control oaa be attained over


Security Information

eyesl. OF -wjl COPIES

fflP UCOflfl

SEStKy Information




In eddUtloa to the rOOOW UNU previously mentioned, there are Guatemalan newspapers whichertain bat und*veloped niOOW potential. Basio Information oonoernlns sou of than newspapers io glvtn boloiri

Aooion Soelsl Orletjan*

A weekly newspaper pobliebod in Guatemala City withcirculation of.

Kay personnel! Iho owner it' Bot identified. Tba direotor la Juan Albarto Rosalee P. and tha aen* gar la Aotonlo R, Caldaron 0.

Modus Oparandii Unknown.

Oharaoter of Thaaai Tha general thaaa of the newspaper la rlsntlat and Oatholio and in opposition to the government.

Target Audioncei The paper oarrlsfl news of general interest and presumably la aimedathoUo audlenoa.

B. Aowi late

Baavgrouadi Tale monthly newspaper waa founded ln San Salvador1 and la estimated to have circulation of. The files do not refloat where It is published at the present tins.

ley Peraoauali The owner and direotor la Santoa Miguel idaa Boallla*

Oharaoter of Thaaa I Tha newspaper la antt-Ooaanmlst in charaoter.urora

Backgroundi the newspaper was founded2 and is oabllohed weekly in Qaesalteaango.

Bey Personnel! tha owner and direotorlls*nd th* eoninlatrator la Raedro San. for additional information regarding alia*be ae**assent oa Oorraro d* Oooloaat*.

Charaoter of Thcmai Thla publication la known only as an Independent. n. Oorrao d* Occident*

Backgrouadi Thi* newspaper waa founded0 in QuezalUnango andally with aa approzlaate oirculstien.

Ray Poreoaaoli Th*a owned by Xduardo A. Rodrlguaa the direotor la Jos* Alfredo Palmierl. Tha

SefiMdty Information


The Igjgjjm ia oppceed totbegovenmasmtbatetrongly rightist publication. It ia dedicated te tlaa ef central aeaa ;lteae.

Carresaooeel del Bar

Kay Psrsonneli The owner aad director la tiotor Kernel Zeaora.

las enoieatsd to tha publication of lteme of general lntereet.

t. te Spoca

Background! The newspaper vaa founded in Ouateaala City2 andeeklyirculation.

Key It le owed hy J. Antonio Gunmen Q. andOdron. Qnaaan le tbe Director. J. Fernando Jurat ythe editor aad Beamyoa la the anna

iack.pendent bet

fenerally edepta en entJ-Ciinainltt atand.

Qhombre de la Cello

Backgroundi The newspaper waa founded ia Guatemala City3 and la published eporadloally. Ita*ls3(alatlon is unknown.

Kay Personnel1 The owner snd director le Sduardo Arreola.

uIn orientation Mai

renaeto tba writings end pereonal opinions of tbe owner,

h. la Bern

'i?-" founded in Guatemala Cityh and has en approximate circulation.

_ The own-re moat reeently listed arentaaaita Karroeulnlaardo Dies, Ri go bar toand ethers. At tbe present tana it Is not known exactlyin charge of tbe management cf tbla impaper. Bothresigned snd recentlyew daily?*proudor- Rojae was the preaidentielte^k2 JPjf-itton parties Oonoordia Beolonel and Onionis enf leonomy satf Ubor and was an oppositionthe tine cf hie nomination in


pconsidered well prepared by an influential organ in Guatemalan daily life.

/to1 scqhtf

Security information

only sjsrnt^


TAP .nrfltrrT

Security Information


Lj Bora Poodnlcal

-?v1 S'f^Sl fooa,taan Qneteande City end Inweekly with en approrJaate circulation

. aty raraonneli The owner and director la OscarslsttT. of Clements Ksr^oqnln

Cosxsotar of Thecal Tbe newspaper Is anU-Coemunlat In character.

J. Iffipaoto

s*akgroundi Inpeoto wee sstebllshed1 In Oontemsla Cite end Isdallyirculation.

B^ Psrsonneli the owner snd director Is Clements HarroQUin Solas snd the editor la Leopoldo Gastsllenot Qarillo.

ot,tbmm1pposition orrsn with espheelo on

K. Bl Inpaoial

Bsokgrouadi Tbe newspaper was founded2 in Guatemala City end le aaUgb?irculation

Key Pereonneli The owner is identified as Herta Caeteoede viuda de Cordova. The alitor Is Derld Tola end the manager ia Raaon Blanco.

Character of thoaai The neiNpeper le sanerally antt-Coaamnlot.dent. le indicetad hy the olreulation, itidely read in the action andeneral Interest appeal.

L, Hondo Libre

Background! anode Libre wee founded9 In Onatanala City endeakly pubUcatlon^^nknown olreulation.

ley Psrsonneli The owner end director le Joeeiranda.

Chersoter of Theoaii Thia organ Is in opposition to the government and Is etrongly rightist. It has given active support to Oenaral Tdlgoraa roentee.

N. Prensa Libre

Background! Rreaaa Ubra ws, founded1 in Guatemala City andailytreuTJuon of

Key Personnel! The newspaper le owned by Pedro Julio Oaroia sod others. The dlreotor is Garcia. The editor la Alvaro Centre rat Teles snd the manager ia Isidoro Zeros.

ensracter of Tbaaei The newapeper le regarded aa en independentjen-relly enti-Cemmunlet atend. It Isell prepared daily end prints news ef wide appeal.

Security Information



B. jfabgll d* la Tardad

Thisstablished inndeakly of unknown circulation.

la said to be owned by the Comite

Antt^oamniate de Looatarisa de los Mercedes de le Capital. The direotor is Horeolo Cordova Monaco.

S^SfLf! *JBstrongly anti-Commanist and le the publicity organ of the asrket women's snU-Communiet committee,

0, EL Sspeotmdor

,Buajjwas published on

Vi^t'iTe daily, however,circulation has not yat been estimated.

Beltasar Morales is the Direotor end Jose Alfredohe manager and oolinmlct. Other personnel of tha newapeper

ditor, German Puerto, Miguel Albanee, Hector Qnlnone.,Prnnolsco Beau,and Higoberto Bran Assdtla, reportors.

Moralee and Palsderi resigned from the daily, La Bore, to found thia paper. They are considered vaty capable newspapermen and are OBtepokan orittoa of ths present government. Palsderi. Morales, and Leranega era known to beo-Amerlosn.

Security Information

_ Chereoter of Theme. The policy of the peper will be anU-Communist. it ia expooted to furnish militsnt opposition to the government.



eyes only;

imn b

fast xn

8. HQKDUBifl


1. Background,

tfd-*eer1 too existence of tho Committee of Anti-

KA, becamet- uta loo

glgi*Hote group's

Tho Om group Initially engaged lapropaganda efforts ofrjciamniaa iVGolteSlathe acre militant eaters of Cm.


trlke baokid ao by first laprisoning, torturing sad later exiling aeToral of the leer

Ippearld in

rKsniaed in both countries undeTGnatemalsn unlYorsity Student, in * Antioomuniataa Guatemaltecoa an 3 the CEOAQK group inSalvador

teooe enAGE)Hoaaawa snd PAGE in jfl. Salrador remain related^ three groups, cm, raXS and

tUXmpvuT to operate under the corert direction and/or control ofofuly The OBOA group in Guatemala is

respcnsxoie xur the Dubllc.Uon of ttRggngj tt9tui9RtB<

hes. publications MXB M * Tagucigalpa, Hondure. bybegan int

thirteen lasues hare appeared It

H^ondurasT. .aaW oTa^rf

H. gay Paraonnal

Ae Xntdero of CSDAGE group la Honduras 1

of Organisation 2. Jario QDIBOHEZsoretary of Records

ecretary ofecretary Oeneral

fUoa "of Propaganda to IOPSZublic Relations Secretary


Security Information

m (May

B. Key fifures on staff of Boletin dag CEOAQSr

1* Qosme YIBQ07ICHireotor

Hflrlo LOHBrinting Chief

Lionel Biamoidministrator

ary little date!lad information la presently available on any of the above indlvidaala, except aa follows!

1* ill are asabere of ths CSDAOB group (CEOA. in exile) end thus, pro suaably, are ldeologlaally anti-Comnmnlat, snd poll-tlosily In favor of replaoenent of the preaent Ouatemelen goreruaentro-Western, dsmocratio governaenti

3. Io eeeurlty clearancea have been obtained on any of the ebove. For biographic information on T

nnarlo Lopes TlUatoro, snd Cosne viscuvich Pajomoieeo Attaofamanto a, b,

D. The bualnsss address ef the Boletin del CBUAOB lei


The oshls sddreee of aaae 1st

OBJ. Honduraa, OUa

IH. Hodaa Operendl , oopy attached) A. Freperetlon Of material


FAQS group ln Bl Seivaaor ana preaeawy resident miV

Senho approached tbe USIA officerovaaberheBPAOB is published ss followei

1. The aatarlal Is prepared In El Salvador,

8* The paper le printed ln Tegucigalpa, Honduraa, on the praaaeeapublioa.

3* The finished bulletin Is returned, after printing,alvador for transmittal to Ouateaala. Some ooples bave been airmailed directly froa Tegucigalpa to Ouateaala City.

B. Printing and pah Ideation.

I* ia at*tad above, tho actual printing Is dons in Tegucigalpa. The paper presently appeara weekly, although future pins for publication sell for seal-weekly, later thrice weekly, anddaily iasues. Moat of the issues to date have bean


I till Tl'wliin'T

tui rdrei

Security Information


printedigh quality, air-mail weight paper. The quality of the nelntprlnt ia, in fact, superior to that need by nest Latin inert oan neinrpepere. The makeup of the paper aaa, initially, rather poor, but thia fault baa beeja largely remedied ln the aore recent leenaa. Publication baa recently been Increased0 copies par issue, again according

Jj who also told the DSTXof ricer n sen Salvador that operating funds ere gathered by contribution froa persons lntareetad ln combatting

2* Efficiency of printing and publication cannot be judged beyond the points noted above.

0. Distribution

according tocopies of Boletin del CBJAQE are not sold on ue streete orends, To? Rondures or ii Salvador) but are eent free to the press, university faculty Bmabers, the Church, Diplometio Corps, etc. Host oopies are dispatched to Ouatemala for distribution there.

The moat effective distribution within Guatemala la that carried on by elands sties means. Host of the copies going to Oca tecs la 'are transmitted from SI Salvador via

ains overland route. Thia is done in orderconfiscation by the GuatemalanI was Informed by an unidentified source"Case de la Libertad", Uth AvenueCity (vhlch houeesytha OBOA sndhat ths Ouatanalanoonfiaoatae all oopies of ths Bole tinthat enter the eountry through normalcopy ofW attached). Aooording to thecopies of tha bullstin available at theIn Guatemala City had been brought intovie the clandestine overland route. not elicit any Information regarding theby means of the Indicated clsndestinsSUtlon Ouateaala City stateddated

bat, "ae do know tbat there haa not been widespread distribution to data within Ouateaala. We are unable to report any public reaction to the bulletin at tbla time.*

Si aooording toOO, datedoopyrticles op peering in the QUatemalan papers, La Hera and- Kl lapectador ontatedcia Judicial (judicial guards) hadopies of the Boletin del CEGAOE fron tba offices of ran American Airways ln Ouateaala. This Information was reported by DeriOepresentative of GSUA of Ouatemala, who added tbat the shipment ofarrived from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, onhat tbay filled ell legal requirements for printed natter, bad bean legally transported, and tbat bis group wisbsd to protest such action by govanvnent offlelala.




k. AccordingeportUBARK staff agent recently returned froa Tegucigalpa Where ba was ln tough with RtTFDS and CaUAUK leodere, tbe following lnforaatlon applies to tb* publication end distribution of Bolatln dal CSOAQZi

a* The paper la printed in the city of Tegucigalpa overtly at the Xaprent* Lahe gevsrnm*nt doea not latarfera with local printing, a* CROAQR ha*o local distribution, aaewf the Bolatln dal CEUACg wibhin Bondurae, bat not ia auoh nowhere ihat iho" gorrnmnt ofould object. er week are printedotal eoet.

b. Th* majority ef the paper* are dlatrlbutad over tha border into uaataaal*ins ly. They are taken io tags to Bant* Rot* da Copaa. Froarusted Honduran picks tbaa op and breaks then into Saall package*. Those psokages ar* passed over th* border a* contraband to Chlqulmnla and firm there in trucks toity. There they sre deliveredBUA aafoheuse where they are ploked up by looal OBUA are* chiefs end dlatrlbutad by hand. oples are distributed ln thla manner. (Th* present statue of this overland rout* is in doubt due to recently tightened Guatemalan border controls).

o. undred copies, which ara always oonfloestod, ar* sent Into Oostsaals by Pan American Airways air freight. This practiceeing continued by CSUAGS, ln spits of the eonflsoatlon, for variousor one thing, the OKOACB staff in Teguolgalna feela that by allowing the Guatemalan governmenta large shipment every week, attention la diverted froa tSe auch larger Quantities of the paper which ar* aanggled Intoala via th* clandestine overland rout*. Secondly,hat th* ooplee which are confiscated eventually are circulated throughout th* higher echelons of th*an administration^and thisery desirable from the OBUAOR point of view.

Oharaoter of Thom**

A. General Deaorlpticn

1. The Bole tin col CBCAQKabloid-type bull* tin, and, atonHat* in large part of th* *onovhat sensational er expose type of Journal!at. It ls deolooly entl-Gotnmunint and every article, editorial, snd feature deals with soao aspect ef Communism, ranging ln soope froa news aad features on international Oomanmism, through Oomanoiaa in Latin Aaerloa, down to tha oentral th*a* of the papernd Government in present day Guatemala. Th* symbol-slogan of the GIUAOZ group lot "Ood, Country, sndad the pepsr exploit* this theme wherever passable, not only through repetition mod graphicof the symbol-slogan, but also by framing attacks

Tfln rrTiM'T

101 uToTCT"

on Coonunlsn In Guatemala In term of violationstd*<lla *loh ara characterised

by too uZGAQB slogsa, symbolised by tha Ouatsmalanrepresented by tea abstract Labor,aroallty, Jos ties, Truth, ato. CSOAGEdsfina th* baaio principlesolitioalla ready to aid and notarial!a* in Quatotals. editorials will focus on

Ooewoniet actioiw oppoaitlon to eaoh of thoconstitute the flag, and will, at tho sanelte present idoologioel carpalgn based onthaaei manttontd above. Th* following ioof3i

"CZOACE will bo convertedeml-weskly, increase It* oirculatlon, end oontinu* It* attack, danounoing th* crimes of tha revolutionaryteofa and showing that the laws decreed la eventsocial nature constitute politioal arms in the hands of the Coaaunlat atato, to destroy private induatry, create lsgions of uneaployed snd extend the adsery of tha diverse seotlons of the country. It (Bolatln dal OfflUQB) willaoUon exposing the loading puolxo officials, amy of floors, and labor and fsra leadars, publishing thoir ehoto-eraphs endn their political and oro-feaaioDal lives,"

Major thexoa

1. Central Aaerican aad Pan American solidarity in tho fight agalnat Ooaounisa.

2. Soviet laperiallsa.

oviat lnflusno* over, and interferenoe in Guatemalan internal affairs.

I. Attacks on key officials ln preaent Guatemalan


raise of antl-Communlst martyrs, eapeolally sntl-CosaamUt Ouataaalsn loaders who hav* been Imprisoned, tortured, executed, and/or szllsd.

Pan-Aaorlosn student solidarity.

Balfeassnoe and corruption in present Guatemalan sdadnlstraUon.

Abuse* of agrarian reform ln Quatamsla.

Preaent day economic Ills ln Guatemala blasted oa Ceaanslsta and adainistraUon.

10. Salama atrooities.

U. Ouatamalan* traveling to Soviet Russia andtoons and Jokes.



raj sDKI V

Security Information

eyes m-

of presentation

mentioned previously, the presentation coton tho sensational,approach. la nanifeat ln many of tba photographs whloh

do not spare the reader from the gory detaile of atrocities The same may be said of certsin articles based onwith exiled Guatemalans who here undergone various tortures at the hands of Communist goon squads, and/or ths Guatemalan police snd security services.

general, tha language employed ln tha paper lahigher caliber than that to be found In mostla to be expected, since most of the writersfrom intnllactnal snd universityit would appear that tbe style and diotion,themselves, would go over the heads ofof the Guatemalan population. If we ware toon the basis of style and content, exclusiveetrooity aspecte, wa would conclude that theappeal chiefly to tha literate entt^canuMetprofessional people, disgruntledIntellectuals, end snU-Conaiunist elementssrmy.

of themes snd presentation.

Ae mentioned prerioualy, the physical maka-up of CHUGS could be improved. The newsprint la of such superior quality whan oomperad to most Lstin American pepcra as to cause speculation on the buletin's source of funds. Ths caliber end style of presentation are above average for papers of this type. The themes snd issues are ono-eided, but CSOfig asues no attempt to be ezortbing but antt-Oonamlati therefore,ropaganda medium, it is not axpeoted to be completely objective in approaching its targets.

It la difficult to aaaeee or oritdque the themee and praaentgUon of CKUAQB froa the target audience point of view. Jn tens of Similar media to wblcb the audience has been exposed It la tha opinion of tbe writerJB Is shove average for Ita kind, not without faults, butignificant Increase in publication andfacilities, vould bs adequate for the audience previously referenced.

V. Target Audience

a. Owingack of available and authoritative information on tbla subjeot any discussion of the target group end tba Impact of CBUAQB on tbat group must be restricted to the category of speculation. .

t is not known by the writer what the Intent of

publiahers la In regard to the target audience. However,

rogardlsss of the intended audience, whatever it may be, tbe

paper appears to be aimed et tbe groups mentioned in

i m

Security Information


broadcasts. On tho othar band, tho Minister's refusal may be due to his ova personal attitude, and as such vould soan to at least substantiate various other reports ln our files to tha affect that tho Honduran Minister of Government is sTBpathetlo towards tha Guatemalan Comnunists, If not actually In their pay*

ccordinathemes played upGA as will

be coordinated vlth artioxaa appearing in tha othernewspapers, OOWBATR In SI Salvador, andQuatsnala. 0EUAOB and1 'other elements of tha ROFUSthat they can purchaao spaee in "indopenoent11suoh asB0TAP0R, EL IHPARCIAL, LA HORA,IKPA0TO,"eto. In aidlgon, the CEUACffeaapalKnbe coordinatedndajor role ip theoonoerted PW program, under the guidance

and ROFUS.

C. the OSIA

of floor an Sane

asked for no money contribution froa USXA, but aid1 raquvtfT/ antd-Octssamlst mata'-iels for both nawspapera and radio programs. (See[2 , copies attached).

VU. Support of CBUAQB

claims that It ra calves overt support in thsmoney contributions froa individuals and groupscombatting Caaaunlsa. Ths extent and exact nature ofsupport cannot be determined at tho time of this writing.

EGA OK also reoeivsB covert support froa the fundsby KUBARK tohat part of those funda hasths support of this particular medium ia not knownwriter. However, Meordlngsuatc be allotted to OBOAffit zor ueia newspaperpropaganda, during the first phase of pbsxcess. previously, tha oost of publication of Bolatinlaar week.

Vm. Oontrol of CEUA OR

A. As stated previously, tho CRUAQE group in Honduras isdly controlled byt least insofar ass dependant upon RUFUS foroffset than, tha paper is controlled byagain, only to tU extent that RUFUS

controlled by KUBARK. Xa tha absence of detailea iniormatlon, including aoooantings froa RUFUS and his subordinates, the aatter of control lends itself mors to speculation than to accurate determination and evaluation.

XX* Security

A. Bo security clsarancoi have bean requested on any of the OBUAOB or Bolatln dal CEUAOR personnel. Appraisal of the security of tho publication and distribution of the paper must be deferred until more information beccewa avallabla. This aubjaot becomes an integral part of the security of PBSUCCESShola and will be treated aa auoh.

Security Information


Sunaary.nd Bnoomaondatlon*

, above,nfomatton on Bolatln dol GSUAQ2to thay opinToVthla informationInadaquat*asis fop an aoourata andof th* bulletin aa aa effective PW instrument for

0-rUinoonolnolona any bo drawn oo tha basi. of th* information contalnad har*in7


*aa at loaat

pofntlal, and perhapshao it in projeot PBSUCCESS. Wo ar* not now abl* to aoourataly Jadg* auoh faotora aat

1* Acount, method, and offiolanoy of dlatributlon.

Method and afflclanoy of printing ond publication, or coata of

forgot audiano*int*nd*d, reaohod, and impactna.

U. Support of raadium-overt and aovort. 5, Control over madiux.

writer reocaowmcal

That information b*o fill in th* preasnt gaxa in ordor to makeora dafiniUv* appraiaal of Bolatln dal

Thataupport of th* paper bo continued on th* baeia of preaantly available data*

That sxploitattoo- of thia medium be continued and orPPo4oWa^CUrr*nU7 P"*8

ic ceountinga be aubmittod to SUFUS by tbe CEOAOB group, and turned overo ua.

5* That control of th* CKUAQE group bo determinedof extant of direction byrufds and

direotloa of the latter by

0. Th* valu* of Bolatln dal OEOAGSBSUCCSSS aaaet depend* chiefly on the medTun'a ability to reach thatarget audience and to lnflueno* that audience ln th* wired direction. We cannot now gaug* thlroaper'*o accomplish thee* two objeottves, but wo can oonoluda that the potential exiata today, and merite any aupport

Wontrol, develop, and exploit theCHOafg for our purposea.



Security Information

EYES only

Uat of XtUohmsatsi (coplei)

Biogrephlo data

b. Biographic data co Mario Lope* Villa toro a. Biographic data on Cone Vlaoorich Palceio


, froai TagueigBlne, dated3


roa Tegucigalpa, dated3

datedoranber 3

daUd 20 wss


1. dipping froa Prenee Ubre, daUdith attachment.




mi m


Security Information


I. Background

background of tha AnU-Ccx=unUt Front ofErlla (Frente Antleomuntfta do Ouatemalteoos on Exllo -aubatanWally tba aaaa aa tbat of tbo CEUAGE group Intba CSBA laadaro vbo find to Honduraa reorganised undarof CECAGE, those anU-Ooaanmlat atudant Isadora, membersIn Qnntexale City, ano fled to SI Salvador reorganised on

13 coder tba aaaa of TAOS. Thua botb CSBAOS andooaaon origins, alna, and work undar an Interlockingunder the over-all guidance end control of Rufue

Just ea tba CSUAQE group ln Honduras publishes the newapeperel CSBAOS, the FAQS group In SI Salvador bee aa Ita propaganda organ the newapeper El Combat*, Aa baa been mentioned in the CSOAPS assessment, the original CEUA group ln Ouateaala publlahes thehBHILDK, whloh le tha subjeoteparate paper.

we have aeon, thereefinite relationshipGuatemalan tr sanitation CEUA, the Ouatemalan exilend the Ouatemalan exile group in El Salvadorrelationehip may be extended to tbe respective organs ofRSBSLDB, Boletin del CSPAOB, and El COMBATS. Inpropaa^ndaefIorw oftbaap three croups are, aooording to {_

Jooordinated throughnd era to bo eoneldered aa xarwm outlets working togetherommon program, rather than as three separate and dlstlnot madia working at Bares purposes. Tbs exaot relationship between theee three groups end their organss not preeently clear. We do know however tbat whet baa been aald of Boletin del CStTAOB as regards key personnel, modus operandi, character ef thanes, target audience, relation to other media, eapport, oontrol, and seearity, may ln large part be applied to BL COMBATE, snd perhaps to RSBSLDB as well. In assessing SI COMBATB we ara faced with tbe same dearth of detailed Information, operational and otherwise, whlob vaa tbe ease wltb Boletin del CgPAOE.

IX. Key Personnel

A. Board of Directors of FAOZi


Carlos Bala tar (hijo)

Luis Ooronado Lira

Antolln Qonseley

Bans Fernandey Alfaro

Secretary! Prof. Federioo Pais Herrora

Sduardo Taracena da la Oerda

'TOP OCOflLTecurity Information

. information

B. Staff of Bl Oosbatci

Ittl^owri Lioendiado Luis Goronado Lira

PHniiaf .Ohlaft Br.Fadarfoo Psls Herrera

Adadnis.tratori Br. Sdnnrdo Taraoana de la Oerda

0, Balattonahlp betaatnl gpjbata and CBOaOB -

Boletin dal Oooafot

, 1. According tefj; 2 (copyduardo TAHA-OEHA da la Oarda la Secretary of OBUAGS, in addition to being Treasurer of FAQS, and Administrator of tba FAOS organ, Bl Com-

TinCBKA vaa Hatad aa being tbe SacretexyTSHeral of theGuatemalan university Studenta in Exile ln(Comite da Betadianteealvador). Fron tola it may be eaen

tbat the ouatemalan atudente ln exile ln Honduraa and Bl Salvador originally organised under the nana OEQAQE in both oountrlea.3 the CBUAQS group in El Salvador reorganisedxof El CombateBBAOB and FAQS are basically ths same organisation. (Seettached).

2. Br. Fedcrico Pais Herrara is ths Seoretary ofof the CBTJAQS group in Honduras. Bs Is also Chief ofof BlOottbate for the FAQS group ln El Salvador. Professor Fedsrioo Pala Horrsra, (father d" above or same ase Secretary of the FAQS group.

S. The business eddreseaf Bl Combate iai

Apartado PoBteTuol "

Salvador* sU Salvador,.

S Oowfaate ia printed in San Salvador on tbe presses of La Haolon.

Translation from q eport



XI. Additional information, such aa la presently available, may be found la tha attached trensUtietfeport

f attaohmnntai

h. Clipping from first IssueombateovemberV" , datedovember

rnnrr -ropv IUI JLUIILI

security information

Translation of Reportattached)

Oonwrnlag Aotivltiea In SI Salvador53

Onhere vaa founded in Saa Salvador too

" TrwUdexiloo

ereat&^S*0 for


minimum pointa for toe strugglei

atlOuataaala ea


^he writ of

t! ^toaalsae residing In Salvador to

hey are or are not politioal exllea and to receive than with open anas.

ewspaper, the organ cf toe association,

r^Uoal, acoUl, cultural, and new. lteaa. mis newspaper to ba called SI Qopbate.

0. It waa agreed to pay toe expenses of this newspaper through subscriptions or donations node by the members, while accepting monetary aid from outoides who sympathize or favor tbe ends sought by tbls aesooietlon,

d. All doateaalans residing la or out of El Salvador wore requested tc give thoir collaboration to the newspaper lssng articles, news Items, photographs, cartoons, idess/end ao forth!


Iu accord with toe resolution^ adopted by the PAGE, on too

toitooina fZZlVtfiP'eing ln tabloid foraages of olooo-apaesd reasons"

material ecncarolng political and social problama in Ouatamala!

ombats for ths tlaa beiag will be bi-aonthly, though it may

and whea FAGS io^bl. to organl.aits


of El Ooahats and after It appeared, expressed their congratulations.

The Salvadoran press saluted P. Combat* after thaappeared. Thla vaa trtto in thef patrla5SProna* Qrafioa. aad Dlarlo Latino*:

People of aoolal and political rank la Salvador hav* requestedDSnd the asms is true of aoao naSbsrs of tha diplomatic oorpa. Thay have alao aoat their eoagratulatlona.

^ramv Iapaoto of Qoateaala reprinted the M. Combat* ariaoia titled "Una Conopiraolon In XI Cariba" in Itaofovaaber but withny comment. Co the other hand the newspaper La Bora of thla eaaa city bad soae words of eenaor.

Part ir-^Badlo

* can count on radio station TBI, which for the tlae being only broadcast* tnlcng-wav.0 kJlocyelaa. They are toying to arrangeifor^ahort-eav. broad casta0 kllooyolaa. These prograaaj wlU ba of general Inforaattca, Oaatenslan music, and reeding; cf tha principal arUolea of CTOAQS and SI Combat*.

the radio bre*dc**tiaghich hare oca* Into JLLWE" fit dn necessary to be carafol to not atop orar th* lino ln th* politicaloa campaign snd especially whan starting thi* work.

Clandestine radio broadcasts would bo Tory effeetire andconsidered that th* author!Uaa would not *arlouslylocate any suoh

"OPT or 3-



r 3

Of th* KDQCVSfl

considered that Projeot UCtTTZSR alone* eirect oeanng On ProjeotLXOBIZBR anpports andoomltteotha liberation of uuat*aala froa tho proaant Projeot LICSIZSR, threat* th* email group ofexiles Composing thlalaeriodicand anti-goTamaent conic bocks, aad aoa* poatore Saaajof th* material prodnoad by Project UCaTEXR ha*by clandestine maana Into Ooatemal* bat nothing la knownefficiency of'dlatrlbuttor. norjhs raault* obtained withinhandling the LICSIZSR Project ia

belle-red tonited Statea rapport of thi* project, and alao* thajra^SrS. lndlcationo that tho LIONIZER group say b* penetrated by th* tnasty, it la conelderod that th*SR Project oan only be otlllssd fcr purpeeae of dlviralon atags.

vmizZL of -iJ. cop'f^

ittlnw/*lAtta Potential P. Washington ft HsnisphBre Support

Chief, XUOOKJf WHD, will provide rapport coordination of oilliio the mb Diviaico. WH xtjqovstations to originate and obtain plaoeaant ofropaganda which will later be forwardod to UHCGLH for uaa in pb30ccsss soala. Ccnvsrtely propaganda ortgin*ting In UVCOll and appearing lnrgans will b* relayed to appropriate WH station for replay In local newspapers snd radios. This two way sbtlon will foeas attention of Latin America on Guatemala andth* feeling of nationalanion tba Cosasxalot lesdsra will b* held reaponslble. ialtad basis, WB KOGOWN oan provide special propaganda materiel* and supplies too* used at xjjoou. Aloe assistance in obtaining naoessary equipment for tbe field oan be glTon by wb kuoowh.

Special reeoeste far particularly qualified Latin American XWXm peraoncol to be need byt LIS COLS can ba ohannoled froa WH KOOOWa to Its field statlona.

nrflnrT JLUntI

Security Information

eyes only



Sewing Information

eyes <m



tin ii

WW* Information

akbez 3

ait i? mmoox assets

I. Indigenous Personnel A*

a-^MW pwcnnel expected to be available for tho creation end expansion of the plannedpare-silitary type aotlon le the rufus-lTouate^aW exile group dos looeted ln Honduraa. This group has alleged

eported supportWthlsere scattered throughout Ouatenala

Uiaa titration of eaoh military command dlatriot ln Guatemala,

B. Heed ef Primary Oronpi


Motlvationi BU declared oppoeitlon to tbe policies and fT'SJ1 otA K Guatemalan government, ee erldsnoed by hie pest snd present efforts to ore,-threw the onrrent Ouatemalan

e derivedneeessfnl revotaticoary aevsment. Constant reaseessment of this

as an integral pert of Project

been submittedecurity

aback but the results have not yst been received. Hiaiecurity la decreased by tbe fact tbat hia revolutionary Intentions arV mall the preeent Ouatemalan government aa well aa to any othar interested intelligence service.

La scoreeei Me bave no oone rate evidence to support RUFUS'

tarn, after his knowledge of the true nature of unconventional

warfare baa been assured, is necessary before wa oan make a

raeaonaWy accurate estimate. His olaimed assets, .rich have not

yet been confirmed are aa followsi




II hO men

Jbeaa men era mostly^solitary but sons are businessmen, profssaionel men, laocrers, snd clarks. Their reported motivation, whloh has not been checked, Is an allegiance to RUFUS and disoontent with tba preeent Guatemalan government.

n. CXi Personnel

soaabe? ltfjfff' "success wsince

bet end

8. Jacob S. caaaTOHD, oontraot agent with orthodox military experience Who hasto-, yJS. Thie

oloee association withay hare led to dla closure tof SBESJOKD'a Oil connections.

ontrsat agent with military, and field experience in Kurope. Be ie now receiving tyideeraft training in tha united states and will be the headX training for Project PBSUCCSS3.

n. Physical Assets

Ae raining alto of fared byalto

needs lmprovemente ln order to become aoaae.

Fifteen tons of arms and axmunltion la now storedaw fork warehouse. The material oonelsts ofi

Boviet2 aa, Hodelsixed,rounds2 saasxaAtioni

hadaso SKO'e,m, with0 roundsa saonnltioaj

3* olothurnm machine cannons j

U. 2 aa light machine guna with spare pertsj

sod 5. w, mixed Italian Lahtls, Oermaa Lugoro, and Polish Hsdsms but In poor, unusable condition.

Security Information

Security Information

eves mt


IUI -JLUhlll -


eyes mar

Security Information

1. Commication Aesete Arallable to th* RUFUS Organization


rained radio operntore,

r^TlS.STl'n!! operations. are

to tha organlsatioe

scat, caat ta)a ferttaf np naajsanlM,iaas aetwrts.

wfPWtora of unknown ability aad trala-

CSiffVSjaaay unknown factor.

taaolTad, it la doubtful If any of tbaaa oparatora bar. any potential yalaa totbe organisation other tbea ee poeeibleVtnimT ing ai radio operators.

tjblle tba BD7D8 organisation la ceroid of eoaaaioatious asaeta.


ia extremely deeiroaa of obtaining teohaloal aeeiatanoe.

*iT" V9herorS-Xaa.^E- General

BOTW atated tbat ba oould recruit ea aaay aaa for training^

2. Propaganda Breadoaa te

rrfelLt "Mt!hergaaleatioa !H! ftodiad to determine vfaat la currently being accomplished la th^aid aad what poteatial exist. forlxpenelSn SSS ehould ba

& additloa, tbe radio broadcast eaeete of Mexico, ml BalTador,Biearagua, aad Paaaaa bare beea studied to debars!no tbe beet possible locationrcedoast transmitter to be need for

i* teonaleally poaaibla toro-

jjgg daily boradcaVt

oust be poll-

: * utilising existingtationa and the possibilities tt using olandeatlne broadcast faoiUtles vera studied.

'Ill' aluUl!->

Securjty Information




graa io onlynited audience. Mftttli of th*ladtitioo.

tlr^oTor at bestha border late uoateaeU for ealy aail...

stationsalrsdor, aoadara* aad ttearego* hat tha ltadtatioaatha uaathaaa aaaUeawd abora.

Slanted prograa* oaa ba praiaatad oror oaa Guatemalan atatioa bat vaa ttrppropagsada broad oa at* la lapoaalbla.

Brood cub to froa oeatrel-aojrtoo, Moaragua, aad Panama usingilitleahnl**lly feasiblearyiag^groe. tbw^ara no *xi*ting broadcast faoilitlsa ln ear of th. lilted* fallof tha target are* during

ooadoartl froa aay of poUUcaUy oafaailblong either axlatlag or oland.etln. feellltl**,

J. Iataral Staff Coaaoalaatlaaa for Operation PBSUCCESS

f exiatlng eo*msaU**tieo*vaa aod. to deteralae gMflgggg Jjo fnralah adequate, secure, aad rapid toaff ooaaamlaatloaa for operation PBSTOCEflS.

"tattooed ia

C awtallatdaai la Guateaala

MSB iaetalUtien. lnf; >ad la th. rtdaltr of

ftiralab ataff ooaaoalootloae between agency^ haddquarterehlngton and PBSUCCM3 headouarteri in Lincoln batamao ettlTCCSM headenert*r* aad aaaaay lUtlcai ia Ouato-

between PMDCC5SS

haedooarters Saata fe,

botveeoJrWXJM aaadoaartora aade* a, between pbsoCCess headqaarten aad ease officer with IDTCBi and lateral eoxaaicatian. between Tariena agwsey atatloas Involved la the PBSTCCrdS eperation.

. or ataff ecoeranioaticna outlined abora, it will be aaoeaaarj tolgnal eentor la th.eadaoartore la Lincolnireet teletype oeeawotion vlth the Bomalgnal center la Vaehingtcn. ddition, it will be

fpoaitiOB radio stationaeola eafeprobably la aafe hoaae which la need aa pro-oootloa Btadloj, for ocaanmloatioai with the PBSTOCESS broadcast unit,

Security hr^rmntion


Bdditteaal radiotlllslag each ooror aa la aoat anltable, must be aislgaod to various stations and areaa aa the need for auoh assignments arlaaa.



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